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Chapter 2

Harry was tired and nearly out of options. It had been a long day and he already had seen a lot of his friends die. There had been Dean Thomas who had been hit by an Avada Kedavra that was meant for him and so many more. He hoped that there were others still fighting elsewhere and that Hermione, Neville, Luna, Tonks and he weren't the last surviving warriors for the light. Because then all hope was lost. The day had been long already and they were all tired and were fighting for their lives against twice their number of Death Eaters. But sadly that wasn't all. Old 'Snakeface' had joined his men as well a few seconds ago.

"P o t t e r," Voldemort hissed. „It seems like your time has run out and it is finally time for you to die. But first you will witness how the laughable rest of your friends will die."

Laughing Voldemort raised his want and pointed it at Neville. "Avada Ke...," but before he could finish the spell he was interrupted by the explosion of the head of his pet snake Nagini. Stunned at this they all watched as a greenish vapor rose out of the dead body and vanished with a painful "NNOOOOO!"

Voldemort stumbled and before he got his balance back he saw two bolts of light rush at them and two of his Death Eaters fell down to the ground, one with a

smoking hole in the chest where his heart had been and the other with the right side of his head missing.

Both the Death Eaters and the Warriors of Light turned into the direction from where the light had emanated and saw a group of six come running at them, all dressed in some kind of armor. Before any of them could do anything, they saw how two of the group stopped 20 meters away from them, knelt down, raised something and then two more bolts of light rushed at them. The other four kept running.

One of the bolts of light only grazed one of the Death Eaters on the right arm, but the other on hit the same one in the forehead. Smoking, the Death Eater fell down to the ground, dead.

"How dare you?" Voldemort screamed and yelled, "Avada Kedavra!" The spell rushed at one of the four still coming at them. One of the armored beings stopped, raised one of the two strange light blades in his hands and waited.

"Duck," Harry yelled at the being and then made use of the general distraction to point his wand at one of the Death Eaters and whisper, "Confringo."

While the being used his blade to bat the AK away, Harry's spell hit the man he aimed at right in the chest, which exploded and killed the man in an instant.

Hermione, overcoming her shook as well, looked at the being in the black armor and muttered, "You have to be kidding me, our cavalry is Darth Vader."


As the small group ran to join the fight Riley and Rona gave of some shots from their blasters, which proved they knew how to handle them. Two of the ones fighting against the small group of children fell down with holes in their bodies and the head of a gigantic snake exploded. A few meters ahead both stopped and gave off some more shots which killed another of the enemy group while the others ran ahead.

Suddenly Xander saw a green light rushing towards him at great speed. He stopped as well, raised one of his lightsabers and used it to direct the spell away from him. To his astonishment the lightsaber did its job and he could direct the energy away, but right after that black smoke came out of the handle of his saber, the blade flickered and went dead. Xander only looked at his blade in astonishment before he opened a com channel to the group while watching Dawn and Anakin engage the Death Eaters in close combat. "Dawn, Anakin, use your lightsaber to block a green colored spell only as a last resort, it will kill the blade. Try to dodge." Then he grabbed his other blade and ran to the group to join the fight.


Hermione still couldn't believe what she saw, one of the group blocked an Avada Kedavra with his lightblade and the other two with similar blades engaged the Death Eaters in close combat. Before the two Death Eaters who were their targets could cast a spell, the two used their blades and two wand arms fell to the ground quickly followed by their owners who were screaming loudly in pain. Hermione was a bit shocked at that, but quickly gathered her wits again and yelled, "Incendio!" aiming the spell at one of the remaining followers of the Dark Lord. The Dead Eater tried to raise a shield to block the spell, but wasn't fast enough and so his robes started to burn. He threw himself to the ground, screaming.

"Enough," Voldemort yelled in anger. "You' will pay for daring to attack me!" He pointed his wand on the armored being who Hermione had thought of as Darth Vader and yelled, "Reducto!"

The spell hit the armored arm which held the strange blade and the armor exploded.

Anakin felt a disturbance in the Force and he tried to dodge, but wasn't quick enough. The spell hit his right arm and suddenly the armor protecting him exploded and shards of it were ripped away, cutting his arm, which caused him to drop his lightsaber.

Lexa, who was a bit away and had seen this, quickly grabbed those shards and hurled them at the snake like man with her telekinesis. The man only waved his wand and the shards were blown away. One of them hit Luna in the back and with a cry of pain she fell to the ground.

Two more Death Eaters quickly fell to spells from Tonks and Neville and the last two dropped screaming to the ground as Xander reached the group and disarmed them - literally.

This left only Voldemort staring at the group before him in anger. "Potter...," he said, enraged, and then continued, "You may have taken down my Death Eaters, but you can't defeat me. I'm Immortal and now you will die."

As Lexa saw the guy raise his wooden stick on the boy he called Potter, she used her telekinesis again and ripped the stick out of his hand, catching it her own. Sadly no one could see her smile under her helmet.

Harry, who saw this, smiled at Voldemort. "Really Tom? Let me ask you a simple question in regards of your immortality. What is the result of 7 minus 6?" he said, while pointing with his wand at the dead body of Nagini.

Voldemort followed the direction in which Harry pointed and as he saw what Harry meant, his face lost all color. "No...," he said. He stumbled for a moment and then his hand went to a medallion he had around his neck.

Dawn watched the scene and being a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, she guessed that the medallion wasn't a good thing, and acted.

Everyone watched in astonishment at the scene unfolding before them. At one moment Voldemort tried to grab the medallion around his neck, which the wizards in the group guessed to be a portkey, and in the next moment the being in the golden armor raised the blade in her hands. With a quick stroke Voldemort's hand fell to the ground, quickly followed by the medallion and only a moment later the severed head of the Dark Lord Voldemort, aka Tom M. Riddle, went bouncing along the ground.

Everyone watched this in disbelief and for a few moments, there was total silence until the golden armored being quickly pulled the helmet off and started to puke all over the ground before her.


Harry couldn't quite believe it. Only a moment before it looked like Voldemort would get away, but now he lay on the ground dead, minus a hand and a head. How could that happen? The prophecy said only he could kill Tom, but now he was dead. There was no way you could survive with your head severed from your body.

After a moment he turned around to the being in the golden armor, just in time to see that the being was quickly ripping the helmet off and then started to puke on the ground.

Harry stared in disbelief for a moment as he saw that the being in the armor was a girl around their age. Before he could act he saw the being in the black armor rip his helmet off as well, yelling "Dawn!" The young man who looked to be their age as well ran to the girl.

While this happened Tonks overcame her surprise and knelt down beside the unconscious Luna. She quickly looked her over and said, "Neville, come over here, I need your help." She waited until Neville was beside her and then continued, "When I say so, you pull that shard out." Neville gulped but only nodded in reply.

Tonks took a deep breath and then said, "Pull." As soon as Neville had pulled the shard out she said, "Episkey." Slowly the wound on Luna's back closed and the blood flow stopped. "That will hold for a while, but she will need professional help soon."

After that she looked around and saw how one of their rescuers was comforting the young girl who had beheaded the Dark Lord. He had now been joined by the others, who had taken of their helmets as well. In surprise she noted that they all were young. Two of the others turned out to be males in her age group and two more girls in Harry's age group. She stood up and went to the older male who had used one of his blades to deflect the Dark Lord's killing curse. "Thank you for helping us. I'm Auror Tonks and you're...?" she said.

Xander ripped his gaze from Dawn, who was currently being comforted by Anakin, and turned to the woman who thanked him. "I'm Jedi Master Xander Harris, but I think we should introduce each other later. Let's look to the wounded first and then we can talk."

Tonks nodded and so they looked everyone who had survived over. As they reached Luna Xander quickly looked her over as well and said, "Looks like your First Aid saved her from blood loss, but she needs help immediately. I have a doctor on my ship and we can help her, if you allow."

"Ship?" Tonks asked, confused, but then shook her head. "Later. If you can help, please do."

Xander nodded, took out a com from his pockets and said, "Danni? We have a heavily wounded person down here. Female around sixteen, shrapnel wound in the back. Please beam her up and help her." He then put the com on Luna's body and the small group of Harry's friends watched in surprise as Luna's body vanished in a small glow of white light.

"What happened?" Hermione asked.

"My brother asked his wife to beam your friend to our ship so that she can be treated," the young girl who had ripped the Dark Lord's wand out of his hand replied.

"Ohh of course...You're Jedi so you must have a ship around," Hermione replied.

"You know about us?" the young man who was comforting Dawn asked.

"Of course, I saw the movies with my father," Hermione replied.

"And yet you don't look surprised," the third young girl said.

"Nope, If you turn eleven and get a letter that invites you to a school to learn about magic, nothing really surprises you anymore," Hermione replied with a small smile.

Harry looked around took a deep breath and then said, "Thank you from me as well for helping us and Luna, but now we should check Hogsmeade and the castle to look for survivors."

Xander nodded and replied, "Good idea. We'll help." He then turned to Anakin. "Anakin, take Dawn and return to the ship."

Anakin nodded and after he quickly spoke in his com, he and Dawn vanished.