Luke exhaled nervously. Here he stood, in the center of the church, full of the people who obviously mattered most to him, well all except one, but she'd be arriving soon. He looked at the occupants of the pews and gleamed. Pops winked at him, while Bo appeared to shed a tear. Luke's expression turned somber, he a grown man of twenty four was nearly reduced to tears of joy at the very thought of marrying the nineteen year old love of his life. He turned to the pews holding the bride's family and friends. Takeru and Akari sat, looking sour, and then a mass of Makuda's remaining members of the clan, and finally sitting alone in the back corner was the Wizard. Luke nodded to him, and the Wizard nodded back. Their eyes both glistened with tears for the same girl, but different reasons.

The church doors opened, and bright morning light shone through, and Hikari's silhouette emerged, her brother on her arm in the act of their late father. They entered the church together, and Luke's mouth fell to the floor. She walked, her face shadowed by the lace of the white veil, her gloved hand clutching a bouquet of red roses, and the other linked through Yuuki's arm. Luke extended his hand to her, symbolizing him leading her away from her single past, to their future together.

"Take care of my sister, Castellano". Yuuki said to him.

"Wouldn't dream of treating her like anything else like the queen she is". From beneath her veil Hikari blushed and made the final step onto the alter.

"Do you, Hikari Makuda take Luke Castellano to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till deaths do you part"?

"I do".

"And do you Luke, take Hikari Makuda to have and to hold in sickness and in health till death do you part"?

"I do". Those two simple words rolled off his tongue without any hesitation and Wizard felt his world collapse. Hamilton declared that Luke could kiss the bride, and claimed the two as husband and wife, Luke did just that and Wizard knew he'd lost Hikari for good.


When their first daughter Celty was born Hikari and Luke's worlds were turned upside down. The two had experienced a new form of love they'd never thought as existing. When Hikari had been pregnant with Celty, Luke had taken care of the crops while Hikari did the light work of feeding and caring for the animals. They didn't want to endanger their young child within her stomach. One particular morning Hikari had been carrying a bowl of milk, she had decided to make a new cheese pie dish she had read about and was bumbling in the kitchen, when she was overcome with a pain that made her drop the bowel, shattering it into many blue fragments across the kitchen floor. Their daughter had decided it was time to be born.

Celty came into the world angry and stayed like that till she was out of Doctor Jin's arms and into her mothers.

"Look at those pretty brown eyes and that blue hair. You're a real beauty Celty, daddies sure proud". Luke whispered over his wife's shoulder and to the baby girl in her arms who was blinking her wide brown eyes at her parents.

"She's going to be a real heartbreaker, isn't she Luke"? Hikari murmured her voice was soft and warm.

"That she is my dear wife. But those boys won't lay a finger on her, so long as I've got my axe".

After bringing Celty home Hikari stayed with her constantly the next few days. Craig from Marimba farm came over with his wife Ruth and helped keep the farm's agriculture in perfection, also giving a few parental tips. Celty would gargle angered when Hikari would make any indication of setting her down that is until Wizard came.

After the wedding Wizard had severed communication with anyone for a period of time, which is until Hikari flew open his door, tears pouring down her face and her sobbing horrendously on why he hadn't spoken to her in so long. His response was

"My heart…Is to…Fragile"… Though she came back every day, crying till Wizard spoke to her like he used to. When he heard the news Hikari had finally birthed her daughter, he waited a week before inviting her and the infant over for a lunch. Luke had decided on going to Fugue forest that day, so she packed him a lunch and set off for Wizards.

"May… I hold…Your baby"?

"Of course Wizard, her name is Celty". Hikari gently set the cooing bundle of vanilla smelling fabric in the cradle of his arms and he looked down at her.

It felt as if the fabrics of his time were slowly starting to life again, and suddenly it wasn't eternal stillness, but it had always been moving but he hadn't realized it until he looked into the daughter Celty's eyes. They were just like her mothers, but slight golden flecks danced throughout her iris. She peered up at him, through long sapphire bangs she'd inherited from her father and did something strange. Celty smiled a huge, pink gummed smile that made Wizard's knees tremble.

"Wizard, are you alright? Do you need me to take her?" Hikari asked, her maternal instincts clicked in at the thought of her friend dropping her newborn.

"Yes I'm fine… Hikari, when your daughter is older, may I give her… Lessons in magic"?

_Ten years later_

"Come on Axel, you're going to be late"! Celty Makuda was holding hands with her seven year old brother dragging to him to his first day at school.

"It's not fair Celty! You get to go to school with Wizard because you're good at magic"!

"I'm not just learning magic; I'm learning Alchemy and Astronomy".

The siblings were halted for a moment as a firm calloused hand was set on their shoulders. They glanced up to see the handsome grin of their father.

Axel was a mirror image of his father, both physically and personality wise. Axel was loud, rambunctious, excited and always smiling. His sister was quiet and a dreamer. She read anything she could get her hands on, that was probably because she had spent her childhood free time in the comforts of the immortal wizard's small library. She was so smart that instead of enrolling her in the islands school, her mother Hikari walked herself to Wizard's and asked him if it would be any trouble if he teach her daughter studies besides magic because otherwise she'll be teaching the class instead of the teacher. Wizard took her in with open arms. Celty idolized Wizard more then she'd like to admit, he was not quite a father figure to her, but something much more. He'd always been, since she could remember.

After waving goodbye to her brother, her father scooped her up in his muscular arms. Despite being ten, Celty was thin and small, though she was extremely beautiful for her age; she was mistaken as a young adult by newcomers and tourists. With her vast vocabulary and maturity, it was difficult not to. Though Celty still had her childish moments, like the one she was having now as she sat on her father's broad shoulders and he carried her to Wizard's house for her daily lesson. She fumbled with the knot of his flame bandanna and grinned as his hair felt out. Celty was fascinated by her father's hair, it was a sapphire blue, much like her own, but his fell to his elbows when he took it from its holder. Her own hair only reached her mid back, though she often wore it braided, much like her tutors.

Admiration was clear in his emeralds and hazel eyes as he watched his young student sort out a series of alchemidic theories.

"Imagine, Wizard, that if I could figure this out, I could be the best doctor on the island, even the mainland"! Celty had inherited her mother's wise ways of medicine, and combining it with magic and the alchemy theory he had produced, she very well could be the best doctor to ever have existed. When he watched her, he saw her mother, but he also saw her. The budding young medical genius, who loved him in a way people her age even with her level of brilliance, could not figure out. She was simply Celty; the daughter of what he thought was the love of his never ending life. He loved her for that, not being Hikari's daughter, but for being Celty and that was worth being immortal and endless. At least he'd get to see her grow up…

"Wizard, hello are you listening"? She waved her small hand in front of his face after getting up from her studies.

"Of course… I am… Now back to your theories, I know you're on to something"… She nodded, returning to her wooden chair at the table and her eyes begin to trace the lines penned in fading ink.

"And…Celty"? He asked hesitantly.

"What is it, Wizard"? Her eyes, not Hikari's blinked, her eyelashes were thick frames against them.

"Call me… Gale from… Now on"…

They sat together in the forest, she in her thirties, and he in his forties, but their love was still the same.

"Do you think that they'll be alright Luke"? Hikari asked while stroking the side of his hand with her finger.

"Hikari, they're our kids, they'll be the best at everything". Luke smiled; he was still the young man that knocked her into the grass so many years ago that she'd fallen in love with. She slowly pressed her lips to his, and her mouth formed a smile to match his.

I've built you a house my love, but you have built me a home.


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