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So what basically is going on is Velma has a new boyfriend, and he's a jock. Daphne, Fred and Shaggy thought he wasn't right for her in the first place. And Scooby Doo knows how to smell out a dog. When Velma starts leaving the gang to hang out more with Jonathan and starts to become more distance, they notice. One night she spends a night at Daphne's house, Daphne notices slight bruises.

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P.S. - this is set after the Curse of thee Lake Monster. Those frogs were worse than the Ninja Turtles, which I'm a fan of. = )

Such A Holy Fool

The promises turn to words. The words turn to cold lingering questions. The questions get answered and they always seem to leave a mark.

The water burns like hell on Velma's back. She cant really feel it though. It's all to numb to react to something that's healing her a little. The bruise covers about her whole shoulder and lower back. It turns purple, because its swollen. Fresh.

She thinks that she'll have to cover herself in long sleeves because the red finger prints on her forearms aren't ready for exposure.

She's been in the bathroom for about thirty minutes, or more. Her hair sticks to whatever it can cling to. Her body is getting wrinkled because it's too wet. She needs to get out but its hard to stand. Her body aches when she lifts up her arms. He's done worse, she thinks as she gets over herself. Velma finds the strength to sit on the edge of the tub.

Ugh! is the sound she makes when she is prompt up all the way. She lifts her left hand to her mouth to shut herself up. She's too strong to call for help. She's also not stupid. Well maybe that's what he says to her. She remembers tonight again and another shriek crawls up her throat, out her mouth, to be smuggled in her palm.


Velma sits patiently in the passengers seat. She's not one to rush. Velma is blind, not because she has to wear glasses. But because she thinks she love him. Well, she doesn't think. She knows.

He slides back in the drivers seat after he gets his jacket from the back. She told him she was cold. She smiles and say's thank you, he's too sweet.

They arrive at the movies and she has to wait again. Velma stands randomly while he goes buy the movie tickets. She's hot now and takes off his jacket. Her shoulders are exposed and she feels free. The dress she is wearing is orange (of course) and just about knew length. Her black flats keep her at her short height.

Public places and beautiful girls are common sense. Two plus two. He should be less jealous because she is pretty and will have more guys trying to hit on her, than him.

The guy comments on her hair and she thanks him. He's trying to be nice and say something about a feature above her exposed chest. Then he comes over. Jonathan of course, and he's not happy. He tells her its time to go before she can even ask what movie they are going to see.

He takes her into an alley and slams he against the wall. She winces a bit. He talks to her like she's a stupid child. He says things like, you are mine and no one can ever have you. She tells him the grip on her arms hurts her and he seems to realize what he is doing.

I'm sorry. He says, "I didn't mean to hurt you."



"Velma out the bathroom now!" She hears her mother scream from down the hall. Velma shakes and quickly pulls herself up. Her hand still on her mouth. She grabs her towel and wraps it around her shoulder. He mouth is not covered and she uses her right arm to hold the towel together. The other hand is on the doorknob.

Twist and click.

Cold air, almost as cold as his voice. Velma thinks to herself. Tip-toed fast steps so no one can stop her in her tracks. Another doorknob. Twist and click.

Then safely inside her room she lets out a breath. One she didn't know she was holding in. The wind is loud for a night like this. It might rain, just perfect for her mood. Velma moves quickly, trying to just get in bed.

She puts on a short sleeves that reads: something scientific and a pair of orange pajama pants. It covers enough so she doesn't have to worry. She doesn't have an excuse for when they see her bruises. Not yet.

He means it, she thinks to herself. When he tells you sorry, he means it.

Her window stays open. Which is good because she buries herself in her think comforters and settles down. The air that blows in is on her already scorching face. She drifts into midnight and falls in cotton candy like clouds. And her arms don't hurt and her face is fresh feeling. And she wonders just how she comes to this.

After all she is Velma. Smart enough for everyone one to use her brains as something useful. And she loves herself again. She's free.

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