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So this is the end, and I liked doing this story and Scooby Doo fanfic fans are just AWESOME so I'm going to be writing more for Scooby Doo. And I hope you guys enjoy this short, awful chapter.

But, if you saw the Hunger Games scream NIGHTLOCK! (Me: NIGHTLOCK!)


Everything happens all at once. The fact that all the things she's scared of in this world is surrounding her in a large circle is unbearable. But her worst fear, the one that keeps her up all night because she knows to close her eyes she'll dream of nightmares that contain him, stands in front of her face. Taunting in all he is.

It doesn't take much for her to want to give in, to throw in everything she's been trying to get rid of. Velma just wishes she was stronger, wishes she didn't have to be so scrawny her whole life. If this is the way she's destined to die, she'll allow it. She'll let the hits come because no matter how much she tries, she won't pull throw this time.

But before the words he's angrily whispers to her can get through her barrier of thoughts, he's pushed off of her. The wind that comes after is so strong it interrupts her breathing. The tears are extra salty in her mouth when she realizes them. There are arms clutch tightly around her waist because she's thrashing and yelling all kinds of incoherent words.

She then realizes its Fred on top of Jonathan and it's Shaggy with the vice grip. And the flash of blue are cops, rather city police or the ones for the school, she doesn't know. Velma keeps wishing her brain would comply with her thoughts so she could comprehend what right now is a blur to her. Then, everything goes black.


You got wires, going in.

You got wires coming out of your skin.

You got tears making tracks,

I got tears that are scared of the fact.

She's dying, and what Velma hears all day. She's making her way to the gate way of heaven. But all she knows as a four year old is she's leaving and never coming back.

Unless by some type of miracle, some source of hope will save her. And Velma can't help but feel responsible, even though she wasn't even around for the accident.

Sharp nails run up and down her arms, making her thrash and wail out in pain. She's clutching her teddy bear close to her chest as she screams.

Running down corridors

Through automatic doors

Got to get to you

Got to see this through


I see hope is there,

In a plastic box

I see Christmas lights,

Reflect in your eyes

Velma shifts on the rubber beneath her. The smell of pills and medical gloves fill her nostrils and she knows she must be laying in the nurses office.

You've must have blacked out. She tells herself. No collateral damage, you're fine.

She stands up, vision a little jaded. But makes it to the door of her room before someone else is pushing her back to get in. Her eyes fuzz before focusing on the scruffy image of Shaggy in front of her.

She smiles but it's blocked out by the tears streaming down her face. His arms wraps around her so good, she knows she's the one.

Six Months Later –

Moments still come where she second guest herself on making the right decision. And nights where she stays awake because she's heard Jonathan's cold voice so close to her ears, she has to remember he's never going to take over her again.

Her scars fade slowly, though. And the urges come at random times that she can't control just yet. But then she'll see Daphne's smile and hear Fred's laugh. She'll feels Scooby's messy kisses and get that reassuring squeeze from Shaggy that says it's OK. You're broken but it will take time, you will be whole again.

And she loves that his hands bring her so much comfort. That she isn't afraid of him. She would be a liar if she said she didn't flinch at times when she did something wrong or when he raised his hands to do the simplest gestures.

She'll somehow learn and she can be at her happiest again.

The End:)