Finally got around to redoing this! Sorry btw if the language I use is a bit…current, but it wouldn't be understandable if I used Shakespeare language.

February 15, 1787

Um…hi, I guess. My name is Kaito Shion. Wait, why would I introduce myself? This is pointless. I don'sgsfgnwrsfgnwrgn hg asgfnawlenxrinsfgnaaasdfk. Excuse that, my servant Yuma just attacked me, and I'm WRITING THIS ALL IN INK! Well, this was all his idea anyway. He thinks that writing in a diary journal would be helpful to find out what in my life I'm consecutively doing wrong. He's such a kind person…

Well now that he's not looking over my shoulder, I can stop… but you only live once, so why not? Well today I woke up again so that means I did something right. Of course I did trip walking up some stairs right after that. Then I got dressed and messed around with Yuma whose five years younger than me, I'm nineteen by the way, but is basically my only friend in the Shion Estates. It's the size of an endless pit to put it simply. Full of maids and random girls my father takes home from ball's…that's another entry, can't waste it all on the first, my life isn't that interesting.

But I did get an invitation to some girls seventeenth birthday, or rather my father did, but none the less I'm not going. Honestly, I'm never good around girls, they make me all nervous, and I don't know what to say…I become paralyzed from the neck down is what happens, and my head develops Can't Speak syndrome. Not to mention someone controls my feet and causes me to fall into things such as water fountains. And if that isn't enough Yuma, along with my father, are contently thrusting girls open me to court.

Their great around girls…and large crowds in general, me not so much; my brain doesn't make the sort of connection. I play the violin a lot though, so I have that going for me. I play it a lot actually, anytime I have free time. If not the violin, I hang out in our endlessly large indoor garden. It's full of trees and plenty of flowers I've been growing since I was young! And then there's this one tree that creates the loveliest white blooms!

Oh look at me, getting all excited about plants. Now that I think about it, I'm kinda strange. Playing the violin and hanging out in a garden all day…all I need is a hunchback and a bell tower, and poof! They'll write a book about me. Honestly, a book about me would be considered a tragic comedy. The Clumsy Teen with No Lady to Hold. I try to practice on the maids all the time but now… with many hopeless attempts gone bad, many involving water, even more involving sharp things and immediate rejection, I have no chance. Let's see, rather too tall, on the skinny side, not to mention my hair clashes with a lot of colors. I don't see how my whole family is made up of smooth cool looking guys, while I'm just that awkward son. I'm not smooth, I'm the opposite, I'm bumpy is what I am. Well, not physically bumpy, that would be weird, unless there is one growing on my back!

I just checked, there isn't. The only time I can remember not making a complete fool out of myself in front if a lady was when I was real young. She's never left my mind, all this time…

I won't go into detail about that either. At the moment, I have to go take archery lessons. Yeah, as if that would make me cooler. Um, bye I guess. Write in you later?