February 18, 1787

Dear journal,

Here I am…again. It's not pathetic if you come back to something twice in one day right? Right? I'm still okay, right? Oh, whatever. I don't even care.

I'm currently hiding in a chest as I'm writing this. And I have a very good reason! As soon as I set foot in the ball room, girls after countless girls kept coming at me. I kept hearing:

"Dance with me!"

"You're so mysterious, I love it!"

"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! But here's my address, a letter maybe?"

"Want to dance, I have till' midnight!"

"Dance with me or die."

The last one is what got me really. Though I did meet a nice girl who was looking for someone named Romeo. Funny thing though, the midnight girl from earlier was talking to him when I was running away leaving the area.

From what I can gather, if I am quiet enough, I can sneak past my father into the carriage and wait until this thing is over. I mean, I want to be confident, I really do! But I just can't talk to girls, what if they think I'm weird or childish? I just don't think I could- a;kdfjbq;k'jbaalklkaodjkfbv'akjd fqer


(The middle of the page seemed to be burned through with a candle)

Yo! This is Yuma here, Master Kaito's super sexy pimp of a servant. Kaito won't be writing anymore tonight due to the fact I'm making him socialize. Oh no!

I told him to just wear the mask like he was supposed to, and don't do much of the talking. It's a party, and more importantly, no one will know who he is, so it's okay to be a total player/heart breaker/lady killer. I mean he's offspring of Master Akaito, it should come pretty naturally.