(AUTHORS NOTE: Just a story idea I wanted to try out by writing the introduction or prelude or whatever. Let me know what you guys think, and if you want me to continue it.

Ps. I know Jesse is in Vocal Adrenaline, but for the purpose of the story, he belongs to the Warblers)

Rachel Berry was always the type to get revenge, of course, she was above people, but nobody was above getting good revenge. She had called a meeting in the Glee room

"What in the hell do you want, Berry?" Mercedes snapped "Me and Kurt are goin shoppin." Rachel waved her comment away

"This is more important. You remember Jesse St. James?" she asked (completely unnecessarily considering he had just egged her in the parking lot the day before)

"You mean Jesse St. Sucks?" Kurt quipped, earning a smile from Mercedes

"Yes, him. Well, I know where they're rehearsing today and…" she dramatically pulled what looked like drapes off of the table to reveal several cartons of eggs. Brittany clapped

"Are we gonna hatch baby chickens?" she asked excitedly

"No, honey, we're gonna throw them at Jesse." Santana said, patting Brittany's knee, Brittany looked slightly disappointed.

"We're gonna throw them at Jesse's whole group." Rachel smiled and Puck thrust his fist in the air

"Let's do this!"

They drove to the building Rachel had found they were practicing in, somewhere closer to Lima than their school. They carefully emptied the eggs into small bags Rachel had gotten and made their way inside. The group barely noticed them come in, and spread themselves throughout the theatre. Once they were done, the New Directions kids began clapping, and Jesse looked shocked. They closed in around the stage

"Kurt Hummel," Rachel whispered "you find a Warbler and you throw that egg so hard it gives him a concussion." Kurt smiled

"With pleasure." He replied as they all took out one of their eggs, the Warblers seemed to get the point, but had no time to escape as New Directions hurled the eggs at them, Rachel hit Jesse in the back of the head, while Puck let two more fly at him. Kurt let his go, not aiming for anyone particular, but as he watched it fly, he saw where it was headed. The egg Kurt threw was headed directly for the nose of a boy; he had dark curly hair that was slicked back, and hazel eyes. The look in those eyes made Kurt regret what he'd just done.