Blaine woke up to the most breathtaking sight, Kurt was sitting upright, his head turned so the sun streaming in from the window shown on the back of his head, illuminating tiny hints of red in his chestnut hair. He felt Blaine shift and turned to look at him, the sun illuminated his blue-gray eyes and Blaine forgot to breathe, his heart skipped a beat and all he could do was smile. Kurt smiled back as Blaine sat up next to him and pulled him close. Kurt laid his head on Blaine's shoulder. Blaine took a deep breath, his heart raced as he tilted Kurt's chin up softly so he was looking up at him. Blaine leaned down so their foreheads were touching, but then stopped, giving Kurt the chance to pull away, when he didn't move, Blaine tilted his head to the left and pressed his lips softly to Kurt's. He brought his hand up to cup Kurt's face as Kurt put his hand on Blaine's chest. They each opened their mouths slightly to take a breath, and they pulled apart, only to look each other in the eyes and swiftly press their lips back together. Now that Blaine knew this is what Kurt wanted, he flicked his tongue out across Kurt's bottom lip and felt him shiver. When they were both breathing hard, and going any longer would lead to trouble, they pulled away and Kurt giggled.

"I will always consider that as my first kiss." Blaine grinned widely, just then someone knocked on his bedroom door

"It's just me," Donna called, Blaine rolled his eyes

"Come in!" he called, Kurt gave him a "is this okay?" look, but Blaine just kept his arms around Kurt as his mom opened the door

"Breakfast is on the table, come down when you're ready." She said, smiling at them as if they weren't completely intertwined with each other. Blaine's stomach growled and he looked at Kurt

"Wanna get some breakfast?"

"Absolutely." Kurt smiled. As they walked from his room, Kurt groaned

"What's wrong?" Blaine asked instantly

"We just made out. I have morning breath." He said seriously, Blaine laughed

"Are you seriously concerned about that?"

"Good hygiene is key." Kurt said simply

They ate breakfast quickly and Blaine went to look outside.

"That is a lot of snow." He said, then smirked at Kurt "Wanna go sledding?" Kurt laughed aloud

"Isn't sledding kind of a little kid thing?" he asked, Blaine looked hurt

"Absolutely not! I go sledding every year!" he smiled "we're totally going."

"Alright, alright" Kurt chuckled

Donna took out a big box of snow clothes because Blaine insisted that it's only fun when your warm, and that he couldn't stand the feeling of cold wet jeans. So after they were dressed and only mildly puffy, they headed out to Blaine's back yard. Blaine retrieved two sleds from the small shed in the yard and handed one to Kurt. There was a steep hill that ran from the fence around Blaine's yard, down to his driveway. Blaine smirked at Kurt, hopped on his sled and began rocketing down the hill, he yelled the whole way down, and slid slowly to a stop at the bottom, Kurt followed him down, laughing. They trudged back up the hill. But this time, Blaine pulled Kurt onto his lap before he had a chance to squirm away, and pushed off down the hill, Kurt covered his eyes, halfway down they hit a bump and flew off, rolling the rest of the way down the hill. Kurt landed on top of Blaine as they howled with laughter. Kurt leaned down and kissed Blaine lightly, the other boy smiled into the kiss.


Donna looked out the window and smiled

"That's just the sweetest thing." She said softly, then looked over to her husband "I'm so glad he found someone. Kurt's a really sweet boy." James smiled

"He is. Blaine deserves someone like that." His mother smiled adoringly at the two boys walking back up the hill.


Blaine and Kurt sat shivering under a blanket in the living room. Donna brought them in some hot chocolate.

"Thank you," they said in unison, Kurt held the cup close to his face and just breathed in

"This reminds me so much of my childhood." He said softly "my mom and I used to just sit around and drink hot chocolate all winter."

"Used to, dear?" Donna asked

"Yeah, my mom died when I was six."

"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry" Donna said sympathetically

"It's alright, my stepmom Carole is like a mom to me, I love her." Kurt smiled, and Blaine put an arm around him. Donna stood up, leaving the boys to themselves and heading back into the kitchen to join James.

Kurt looked up and smiled at Blaine

"I wish this could last forever," he said

"Why can't it?" Blaine questioned, leaning down to kiss his boyfriend.

(AUTHORS NOTE: Ohdamn, you guys, I wish my first kiss was like that! But alas, I was doomed to a typical movie theatre kiss. Anyway, I hope it lived up to all of your expectations, and let me know if it didn't but either way review!

Ps. I totally picture Blaine's mom as this completely and totally accepting ball of love, so…that's why she's so awesome)