Soul trailed his fingers against Kids sides, making the other shiver.

Kid tried not to be tempted by Souls actions but it was so hard not to be. "Soul… come one you know we can't here…." He blushed and looked away.

Soul grabbed his lover and gently turned him so he could brush his lips over Kids and say seductively "What are you afraid people might here you screaming my name…" Kid's body trembled with excitement.

"Soul please don't make this any harder for me than it already is… I don't want my dad to kill you." He wrapped his arms around Souls neck as Soul dragged Kid into his lap.

Soul pressed the side of his face into Kids "He's in a meeting, just one round…? Besides, I don't mind dying for you…" Soul kissed Kid passionately on the lips.

"But I…" Soul kissed him once more to convince him, getting a bit hotter this time. He grabbed Kids waist and placed it over his half hard cock making Kids moan into the kiss. "Alright fine, you win…" Kid said submissively, holding Soul closer to himself.

Soul smiled deviously, kissing his lover roughly while he started unbuttoning Kids jacket. Once it was off the two proceeded to remove the necessary clothing never breaking their kiss, leaving Kid in only his shirt and Soul with is pants on. Kid was the one to part for air, gasping out of breathe. He found that his and Souls rapid breaths were starting to make the storage room become even stuffier. Kid tried to calm his breathe slightly in hopes that it wouldn't make his lungs feel tight anymore, but as he did Soul pulled him into another rough kiss while the weapon dragged his hand roughly along the sides of Kids length.

Kid moaned genuinely startled by this into the kiss making Soul break it. The albino chuckled gently rubbing the tip of Kids manhood to arouse him further. "A-ah Soul… harder please…" Kid moaned into Souls ear making the others smile widen. Soul complied with Kids wishes and stroked his dick harder making the others hips buckle into Souls hand. The scythe decided to back off not wanting Kid to have all the fun and started unbuttoning his own pants.

Soul pulled out his length and gently placed Kid over it. "You ready~?" He asked to his partner in anticipation.

The meisters face flushed "Uh. Aren't you going to prepare me first…?" Kid said nervously.

Soul put his chin on Kids shoulder "Naw, you should be fine." Kid agreed even though he doubted that it was a good idea. Soul grabbed Kids hips and pushed himself into his lover.

"AH! God damn it Soul!" Tears welled at the corners of the raven haired teen's eyes as he clung onto Soul.

Soul wiped the tears out of Kids eyes. "Sorry… I thought it would hurt less." Soul gently kissed the side of Kids face comforting him. Kid held onto Soul as he kept pushing himself deeper into Kids entrance until he was fully sheathed. Soul gently grabbed Kids chin and lifted it so he could look into his lovers golden eyes that always captivated him so. "Is that a bit better..?" Soul kissed Kid on the lips shortly to make sure he was ready for the next part.

Kid nodded shyly "I guess…" he felt Soul lean back against one of the walls of the storage room.

"Well you can take over now." Soul smiled at his lover, expecting him to continue what Soul had started.

Kids face turned a deep shade of crimson "What do you mean by that..?" To Soul, Kid was looking like a lost puppy.

Soul blinked realizing Kid was serious "Well I was doing all the work last time so it's your turn~"

The meister cocked his head in confusion. "How…?"

Soul gave his signature grin and let out a chuckle "Your inexperience is adorable~ Fine I'll show you how." The albino grabbed Kids pale hips and pushed him upwards only to slam him back down on his length roughly hitting Kids prostate dead on.

Kid bit his lip roughly trying to hold back a scream, his body shook wanting more from Soul. He allowed a soft moan to escape his lips when Soul repeated the action. The weapon kept the steady pace up watching his lover buckle his hips sweetly onto his length every time he thrust into him. "W-wait Soul…" Kid said shakily, he placed his hands on either side of Souls head against the smooth walls of the storage room. He now understood how Soul wanted him to pleasure his lover and started roughening the pace with Souls strong hands still guiding him. "Ah~ Soul…" Kids breathe was ridged and shaky, he could feel his climax approaching.

Soul grabbed the back of Kids head and pulled him into one more kiss before Kid came messily all over the two of them shouting Souls name. The weapon could feel Kids entrance tightening around himself "Oh god Kid~" Soul bit his own lip preventing himself from screaming as Kid had, not knowing if anyone was in the hallway just outside the storage room. Kid felt Soul come inside him and knowing they were both tired from their climaxes he collapsed onto Souls chest. Soul ran his fingers through Kids hair and kissed his forehead "I love you Kid…" the smaller looked up at him with his sun like eyes and smiled lightly, lowering his hands to Souls chest.

Both lay breathless and covered with a thin layer of sweat before Kid suggested that they head over to the death room before the fan girls would find them. Soul agreed and helped his lover get dressed. Luckily there was a box full of rags in one of the boxes they were both seated by.

Once they were both cleaned up and dressed Soul attempted to help Kid stand only to have him stumble. Soul steadied the boy before he could fall all the way. "Damn it…" Kid muttered out of breath holding onto his back. He remembered hurting a little last night but he must have slept it off.

"You okay Kid?" Soul looked at him concerned.

"I'm fine…" Kid straightened himself and limped to the door. Soul walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek before the two opened the door ever so slightly to see if anyone was in the hallway. "Lunch must have not started yet…" Kid said with the slightest hint of pain in his voice. The two opened the door feeling cold air hit their faces immediately feeling a refreshed sensation. Soul turned to shut the door when he saw two brunettes standing at his side, one wearing a blue and black scarf and the other one a bit more casual.

Soul jumped back slightly startled. The two of them laughed as he did so. "Oh Soul your so funny~ You don't need to be afraid of us- well I take that back, if you're a SoMa fan then you should be very afraid…"

"T-thank god I'm not one…?" 'What the fuck is SoMa…?' Soul thought.

The girl with the scarf smiled "Yeah I didn't think so~ By the way I'm Tami, this is Lamia." The girl identified as Tami pointed to the casual girl who responded with a 'yo~'.

Kid grabbed Souls arm and whispered in his ear "H-hey I think we should get going these two are making me uncomfortable…"

"So why are you here…? Isn't class still in session?" Said Soul, ignoring Kids concerns.

Tami giggled "We skipped class silly~ We were looking for you two~"

Soul blushed "Uh how did you know we were here…?"

Lamia pointed at Kid "Well we were passing by and we heard him moaning like a whore from down the hall so we figured we'd stake out the closet you two were so acquainted with~"

"Yeah but we only caught the last bit of it…" Tami said looking at the phone she held in her hand. "I'm posting that bit to you tube right now~" Tami and Lamia high-fived each other.

Soul and Kids faces drained of all color "WHA- NONONONONO! DON'T DO THAT PLEASE! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ANYWAYS!" Soul yelled, in fear that Shinigami-sama would find the video and know that he went against what he had warned him not to.

Tami pointed proudly at the two of them and struck a pose "Were the presidents of the Yaoi Fan Girl Society, pleased to meet your acquaintance YOU TWO ARE SO KAWAII TOGETHER~~~!"

Kid shot Soul the look of 'I told you so' and Soul turned to the two girls "Okay, I'm BEGGING YOU. Please don't post that video! If I do then his dads going to KILL ME!"

Tami looked at Lamia "OOOHHHH~ that's going to be so epic!" The two of them jumped up and down squealing.

Soul noticed that they obviously weren't taking note of the peril he was going to be in if they posted it "NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! If he sees it her probably going to castrate me then I will never be able to have sex with Kid again…" Soul sank to his knees at the thought. The two girls turned towards each other.

Tami made a serious face "Group huddle." Her and Lamia did so which made it incredibly funny because there were only two of them. After a few moments the two separated "We've decided to post it later."

Soul muttered thank you over and over until Lamia looked at Tami's phone. "Uh-oh…"

Soul looked at them intensely "Wh-what…?"

Tami scratched the back of her head "It already uploaded~" Soul curled up in a tight little ball on the ground with Kid kneeling down by him trying to comfort him. "Wow it already has 20 views~ in the last minuet to~"

Soul muttered "I'm dead…"

Kid tried to coax him out of his sudden depression "D-don't worry Soul I won't let my dad hurt you…"

"No he will probably have Stein rape me or something…" The two girls turned at the word.

"What about rape?"

Lamia recalled his previous phrase "Ew Soul X Stein is creepy. But Stein does make a pretty good rapist in a lot of stories~" Soul curled up tighter in his ball of depression growling 'I'm screwed' while Kid attempted to drag him down the hall way.

Kid spoke through strained labor of dragging his lover down the hall way of Shibusen while still limping from their previous activities. "Come on- gah you're so heavy! Soul- we gotta get to my dads before the bell rings-" irony was being a bitch and the bell rang right on cue. Soul got up and grabbed Kids hand, racing though the halls as the class doors began to open.

They could both hear Tami yell to them "BYE~! WE WILL FIND YOU GUYS LATER, OKAY~?" Soul made a mental note that both of them were complete stalkers as he raced through the now filling hall ways of Shibusen.

Kid was having trouble keeping up from the pain Soul had caused him earlier but he held on until they reached the death room safely. Both caught their breaths before walking into the room to be greeted with Kids father, he didn't look happy. And it was usually damn hard to tell because of the mask blocking his expressions but Soul could tell he was definitely going to be raped by Stein now.

Kid smiled at his father "Hello dad." Shinigami-samas attitude didn't change at all.

The reaper motioned both to be seated by the chair in the middle of the bland room; Kid tried his best not to limp but unfortunately failed miserably. Soul let his lover take the seat seeing as he needed it most.

Shinigami-sama walked over to Soul and stared down at him, Soul stared back as confidently as he could manage. "… Do you think my son is some sort of cheap whore, Soul?" Soul blinked in surprise.

"No sir…" He leaned next to his lover who was clutching his hand shakily.

"Then what do you take him for? After you let that new video of you two get posted, I watched it. You're not a very good listener, Soul. I told you to stay away from him for just a few minuets but you obviously don't give a shit." Shinigami-sama took another step towards Soul.

"No it's not that sir! I-I just… " Soul blushed "Your sons to damn perfect!" He crossed his arms still holding onto Kids hand.

Soul saw shinigami-samas hand rise. 'Oh shit.' The next thing Soul remembered was being face down on the white floor of the death room clutching his head in pain. "THAT IS FOR STEALING MY SONS INNOCENSE!" The angry death god raised his hand again but Kid ran in front of Soul before he could do so.

"Father stop! He didn't steal anything from me!" He held onto Soul, placing his wounded boyfriend in his lap.

"Kid I thought I taught you better, he's obviously after the money or he's just using you!" The infuriated death god couldn't hurt Soul as long as Kid was still so close to him.

Kid looked up at his father with tears starting at the edges of his eyes "Then that's a risk I'm willing to take! I love Soul! I know he wouldn't do those things! He loves me… he even said…" Kid focused his view on Soul… laying there so peacefully in his lap… He raised his hand to Souls forehead and moved some of the strands of hair blocking his eyes.

Shinigami-sama grumbled something and walked over to his mirror. "… Whatever makes you happy, for now I guess… You'll see…" The death god gave Kid the ok to leave with Soul. Kid picked up Soul which was no easy task and carefully carried him out of the death room; he turned to see the two fan girls standing about three inches from his face.

Kid squeaked in surprise and accidentally almost dropped Soul in his panic. He re-positioned his lover so he wouldn't slip off of his side, since he was still a bit conscious he could stand slightly. "You two again!"

Tami smiled holding up her phone and snapping a picture of Kid carrying Soul. "That is going to be a cute header for the website… oh and we just came to say THAT WAS SUPER CUTE~" Tami and Lamia gave the two a thumbs up.

Kid sighed "Uh… that was cute…?" Soul shifted a bit uncomfortably so Kid moved his arm on his shoulder and held Souls waist attempting to keep him steady.

Lamia nodded "You stood up for Soul and that was so adorable~ you're an inspiration to ukes everywhere~!" Kid face palmed.

"I-is that all you're going to say? Because Souls really heavy and I don't want to carry him for much longer." Kid said trying to walk past the two.

Tami held her phone to Kids face "We also wanted to say that I just posted the video of that little fight between you and your dad for Soul and it already has 50 hits~"

Kid sighed and pushed past the two carrying Soul back to Kids mansion, Kid decided to take the short cut through the back of the school so they wouldn't be seen. Once they got inside Kid laid Soul down on his couch and shook him attempting to wake him.

Soul opened one red eye and stared into Kids golden ones. "Hey sorry about that…" Soul attempted to sit up but was pushed back down by Kid.

"You should just rest here for a second, but don't go to sleep. You might have a concussion…" Kid grabbed one of the two symmetrically placed pillows he had measured perfectly to match the one on the other side and slid it under Souls head, muttering that he'd fix it later trying to restrain his OCD.

Soul put one arm under the pillow and waited for Kid to get back. "Did you mean what you said back there…?" Kid looked up at Soul while grabbing the TV remote and sitting beside Soul.

"About what…?" Kid inquired.

Soul locked his eyes with Kids "That you would be willing to take that risk." Kid smiled and nodded.

"Of coarse Soul, I love you." He lay down on Souls chest as the weapon wrapped his arms around the smaller.

Soul smiled back hugging Kid tightly against his chest "I love you to…" Soul leant forward and kissed his lovers head.

"Now that that's settled~ how about some TV~?" Kid turned on the TV to see a weather report.

'Now, back to you Bob.' The screen changed to two people sitting at a wooden desk.

'Lately a new internet phenomenon has raised from Death City, a shocking video of Death the Kid the heir to the chain of schools for weapons and meisters was caught on tape by some students having intercourse with another male student. The video has gone viral and has gotten over 5 million hits within the last 17 hours-' The TV went blank and Soul turned to Kid staring at him with the same shock.

The room was dead silent until Soul finally said what both were thinking "We are so fucked…." Kid buried his face in Souls red shirt.

"So what now…?" Kid said silently, his words muffled by the fabric.

"…. We could always move to Mexico." Kid and Soul both laughed, it didn't matter what would happen next, they had each other to turn to if things went bad.

Soul stopped laughing and stared at Kid who was still trying to calm himself. Once he did, he met Souls crimson eyes, Kid held onto Souls hand tightly and smiled when suddenly the two heard someone at the front door trying to put a key in the door knob. After a few minuets of fruitless struggle Liz yelled "Why the fuck isn't my key working!"

Kid snuggled into Souls chest "They will figure it out soon enough~"

ANNNNNNDDDDD DONE. Actually done. Like for good. YOU CANT TRY TO CONVINCE ME FOR ANY MORE CHAPTERS! I WONT DO IT! DX lol I sorta started to realize it was getting a bit deep at the Shinigami-sama part so I hope the fan girls lifted every ones seriousness off XD my next story is going to be a total emo fest, I should be starting that soon… Hope you thought the lemonz was better than last time btw~ and also I hope you liked the ending XD Gotta love CNN~ and btw Tami and Lamia are me and LamiaDarkHolm, hope you loved it~ any ways, its late, I'm tired, GOOD DAY!