Summary: Ten years after losing his godparents, Timmy finds his life spiraling out of control. When his best friend tries to reach out to him, a familiar face returns to help.

Warnings: A slightly darker fic based on Fairly Odd Parents. But, then again most of my fics are darker than the original fandom so, it's nothing new. There will be hints of ChesterxTimmy, but the two main couples are CosmoxTimmy, and ChesterxTootie. Tootie is the more...darker character. But, I am not trying to hate on her or anything. It just goes well with the plot.

A Painful Past Long Forgotten

Chapter One:

Timmy's life wasn't so bad. He began to realize this once he moved into his own house after barely scraping by in college. He even lived right across the street from his best friend, Chester. Attaining a job was actually kind of easy for him. After seeing just a few of his drawings, a small newspaper in Dimmsdale had decided to give him a cartoonist job. His drawings and comics were always getting fan mail and he got a call every Sunday from his parents to hear them cheering him on. Even though he could never really maintain a relationship for more than a couple weeks, Timmy didn't really mind being single. He actually kind of preferred it after he began settling down into his comfortable life.

Even though A.J. had moved away for a huge promotion a few years ago, Chester and Timmy always made sure to call him and send him letters every once in a while as his fame in science continued to rise. A.J. had quickly settled down into married life before he had moved. Timmy was the best man at his wedding and even did the toast as well. His wife was a quiet girl he had met in school and from his more recent letters; she was pregnant with their first child.

Chester surprised everyone back in high school, dating the girl everyone had thought Timmy would have ended up with. It wasn't a big deal to Timmy when he caught the two cuddling close to each other in the hallway one day. He personally helped Chester make wedding plans just a few weeks after graduation and even made the arrangements for the night his friend proposed to her. He couldn't have been happier when he saw Tootie jump for joy and spin around in Chester's arms.

It wasn't long till the two had a beautiful set of twins, a boy and a girl. They surprised everyone again by quickly giving them the names Tommy and Tammy. Not only were the parents overjoyed, but the two little ones quickly became a big part in Timmy's life. He was instantly chosen to be the godfather and began spending every bit of his weekends helping Tootie take care of them. Even when they first began to talk, their mother got them to call him 'Uncle Timmy'. They were Timmy's pride and joy as he even took them to their eventful first day of preschool.

It wasn't till after his twenty-eighth birthday that Timmy began feeling like his life was empty.

A pencil in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other were Timmy's companions for his usual Tuesday night. The plain white sketch paper in front of him almost seemed to be laughing at him after countless hours of trying to draw out a good comic. He sighed long and heavy gently tossing his pencil across the room before rubbing his eyes. His thoughts were interrupted by his cell phone ringing in his pocket. Timmy took out the phone and instantly recognized the caller as Chester.

He chuckled a little and answered the call saying, "Hello?"

Chester didn't reply for a few seconds, but finally said, "Hey, Timmy. How's that comic going?"

Timmy had to roll his eyes a little and lean back in his chair before replying, "I had an idea a couple hours ago, but ended up falling asleep at my desk. When I woke up, the idea was gone. Now, I'm trying to pump my body full of caffeine to keep myself awake so I can try and remember what my idea was."

Chester chuckled a little, "I see. The famous artist beginning to feel a little pressure?"

"You have no idea…" Timmy mumbled softly before taking another sip of his coffee.

They both had a little laugh before the silence began settling in again. Timmy quickly asked, "So, how's the family doing?"

"Tommy and Tammy have long been asleep. I read them one of your ideas for a children's book. You know, the one about the fairy god parents? They absolutely loved it."

"Really? I'm glad they liked it," Timmy whispered smiling to himself. "How's Tootie?"

"She'll be back from night classes in about an hour. I don't really like her teacher. He keeps making lovey dovey eyes at her whenever she walks by."

"Don't worry about it. Tootie would never even dream of cheating on you," Timmy said reassuringly.

Chester sighed a little but smiled, "Yeah…she's a great lady."

They chuckled softly once again before both grew quiet. Timmy could tell something was wrong with his friend. He never got a call this late if there wasn't anything Chester wanted to talk about. It was during these same hours that he helped his buddy get the confidence to ask Tootie out, ask her to marry him, and even made him spill the beans about her pregnancy.


'Here it comes…' Timmy thought to himself.

"Do you think in a couple days we could just have a guy's night out?"

Timmy was a little surprised at first, but then replied, "I don't know. It could happen. But, what would we do? You and I both know we've never even touched a drop of alcohol. And, our version of fun is video games and burping contests."

"I know…I've just wanted a night without the wife or kids lately. Hell, maybe we can even get A.J. to come down and spend a couple days here."

"What would we tell him? Sorry, could you take a break from curing cancer and come spend some time with your old high school buddies?"

A single tear glided down Chester's cheek as he tried to hide his sadness by laughing, "Yeah, maybe it is a stupid idea."

Knowing something was definitely up now, Timmy replied, "It's not stupid. We could probably do something on Thursday if you'd like."

"That would be really nice…" Chester whispered wiping away the tear.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Timmy asked a little worried.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. I think I see Tootie's car in the driveway. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

Even though he didn't want to hang up, Timmy closed his eyes and said, "Yeah, I'll talk to you then."

After Chester had hung up, he got up from his chair stretching and groaning. Timmy walked into his small kitchen and poured the rest of his coffee down the sink while he began to wonder for the umpteenth time why he never drank.

'Cause I'd probably get wasted really quickly and I can't afford to lose my job because of a hangover,' he thought as he rinsed the cup and placed it in the cabinet.

Timmy began walking slowly up the stairs to his bedroom avoiding any pictures of friends or family hanging on the walls. He opened and closed the door turning the reading lamp beside his bed on giving his room an eerie glow. Placing his sketchbook on his desk, he looked up to wince at his reflection. Timmy tried to avoid all mirrors as much as he could. He looked nothing like he did as a teenager. The same brown hair still graced his head, but it was longer, messier, and pulled up into a ponytail most of the time. His bright blue eyes were darker and showed years of sadness building up inside him. He was still tall and lanky like he had been in high school, but he had lost a little muscle that had built up because of numerous part time jobs during his teen years.

He ran a hand through his hair before letting his ponytail out and taking off his shirt. Without bothering to brush his teeth or take a shower, Timmy laid down in his bed atop the covers and stared up at the ceiling as if it would give him some sort of answer to what his life meant. He had always said that being single was great. However, looking over at the other side of his bed, Timmy would never admit to anyone that he truly wished he had someone to sleep beside at night. Secretly, he wanted someone there for him like Tootie was for Chester. He wanted someone he could truly relate to and trust with his whole being.

'But, I don't want a lover,' thought Timmy as he began to fall asleep. 'I don't someone just for sex. I want a partner. I want a friend. Why do I feel like I've had that before, but I can't remember?'

His thoughts didn't last for long, though, as he drifted quickly to sleep forgetting to set his alarm. He dreamt of everything happy in his life. But, even in his dreams, Timmy couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing.

After a couple of slow days and sleepless nights, Timmy was sitting in his living room waiting for Chester to make his visit. He could barely keep his eyes open even though it was still early in the night. Looking at the clock, Timmy sighed and slid further down in his chair before taking another sip of the coffee in his hand. He heard a loud knocking on his front door before laying down his cup and getting up. Opening the door, he saw Chester McBadbat standing there with a guilty grin.

Chester looked just as different as Timmy did from their high school days. A few years ago, he was finally able to get rid of the accursed braces that had been haunting him for most of his life. His teeth weren't perfect, but Chester had grown into a handsome man. His dirty blonde hair was almost as long as Timmy's covering his light brown eyes that shone mischievously. A familiar dark green jacket was covering his torso over a black shirt with his favorite baggy blue jeans with the rips in the knees.

"Hey, Timmy," Chester said scratching the back of his head. "Got a surprise for you."

Before Timmy could question anything, two little blurs shot out from behind their father's back and tackled the poor brunette to the floor. He looked down to see his favorite twins, Tommy and Tammy, stare back up at him with the biggest grins.

"All right, all right," Timmy said laughing softly. "Get on up, you guys."

The two got off him as they said, "Sorry, Uncle Timmy."

Chester chuckled as he saw his ten year old twins getting up from his friend. Tommy McBadbat had dark blonde hair like his father wearing a green shirt and black pants. He was slightly taller than his black haired sister, Tammy, who was donning purple glasses like her mother and a long black skirt to go with her denim jacket over a light purple shirt.

"They insisted to stay over since I was coming to see you," Chester said still smiling as Timmy got up as well.

"Not a problem. But, isn't it kind of late for you guys to be up?" Timmy asked looking down at the smiling children.

"We'll go to bed right now if you promise we can stay till Sunday," Tommy said as his sister nodded excitedly.

Timmy sighed a little before smiling and scratching his head, "Alright. Head upstairs and unpack your things."

"Thanks, Uncle Timmy!" Tommy and Tammy shouted before running upstairs quickly.

"Don't forget to brush your teeth and go straight to bed!" Timmy shouted as their loud footsteps echoed through his house.

Chester laughed again before closing the door and sitting down at the small kitchen table. Timmy walked over to the fridge and got a small can of soda out before tossing it to his friend, "It would have been nice to give me a call beforehand about them."

"Like I said, they insisted," Chester replied catching the can and opening it quickly to take a long sip.

"Like you insisted on having a so called guy's night out?" Timmy asked sitting down beside him drinking from his cup of coffee.

"I kind of just wanted us to talk," Chester said placing the almost empty can on the table slowly.

"About what?" Timmy asked placing his cup down too as he looked over at his friend.

Chester sighed a little at first before slowly whispering, "Timmy…I think…I think Tootie is cheating on me…"

"What? Chester, I told you before. Tootie would never cheat on you!"

"Then why is she never happy around me? She goes off to her night classes like an excited school girl in love before coming home happy. Then, as soon as we start talking she gets annoyed and storms off."

"Are you sure it's just not something you keep saying?"

"Timmy, I'm being serious…"

"I'm being serious too! Tootie loves you with all her heart. Why would she ever feel the need to cheat on you?"

Chester suddenly looked down and took off his wedding ring holding it in his fingers, "I don't know…we married so young. We had Tommy and Tammy even younger."

"It's about ten years too late to be thinking about that, Chester."

When his friend sighed and lowered his head onto the table, Timmy frowned a little and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Look, you guys may have married young, but you two were in love. Everybody could see it. Even your father and her parents knew that you guys were inseparable."

"About Tommy and Tammy…Tootie got pregnant young, sure. But, even so, you got a job and a house all by yourself. You have never let your family starve, and you have never let yourself go into dept."

"I don't know Timmy…our relationship lately has just been so rocky lately," Chester admitted trying his best not to choke up.

"Every relationship has their rough points sooner or later. It's a miracle you guys lasted ten years without having one sooner."

Chester didn't answer for a few seconds till chuckling sadly, "Yeah…I guess you're right."

"Of course I'm right. And, don't ever doubt me again!" Timmy replied patting Chester's head while laughing softly.

"I just…Tootie used to be the light of my life. She would smile just for me. We'd go for walks and drives talking about anything. Now…she never smiles for me. Every time I suggest we go do something together she says she's hanging with friends, doing homework, or too tired. And, she never stops talking about you…"

"Don't get into that," Timmy warned Chester. "Tootie lost all feelings for me eighteen years ago. You know that."

When Chester didn't reply, Timmy said softly, "That was back when we were ten, Chester! She was a maniac back then. She may have liked me back then, but she loves you now! I know it seems bad, but just talk to her. Set up a date night in the next week or so for you two. Why don't you do something really special like make her dinner and take her out dancing?"

"Yeah…maybe that will work," Chester said sitting straight up again sighing a little, but then he smiled at his friend. "Thanks, Timmy. You always know what to say."

"No problem. Now, go home and get some rest," Timmy said motioning for Chester to get up.

Chester nodded and stood up before heading towards the door. When he opened it, he turned around and gave Timmy one last smile before saying, "One more thing…if Tootie ever does try to…pursue a relationship with you or if you hear anything at all…"

"I'll let you know within the next five seconds," Timmy said nodding smiling grimly.

"Thanks," Chester said before finally walking out the door and closing it behind him.

Timmy sighed a little not seeing the pair of eyes watching him from atop the staircase. He scratched the back of his neck whispering, "What am I going to do?"

Not long after, his cell phone began ringing. Timmy quickly picked it up and recognized the number to be Tootie's cell. He answered saying darkly, "Hello?"

Tootie's cheerful and friendly voice asked quickly, "Hey, Timmy! What's up?"

"Nothing much…Chester just dropped off the kids for me. He also stayed and we talked about a few things…"

"What kind of things?" Tootie slowly asked.

"About you…and him…"

"But, he doesn't know anything, right?"

"For now. He's getting smarter, Tootie! He realizes that you've been flirting with your classmates and professors. He's even beginning to realize that you've been flirting with me!"

"What are you so scared about? Every time I've tried something on you, you push me away and take me home. You have nothing to worry about."

"Nothing to worry about? I'm keeping a dark secret away from my best friend because I don't want to screw up his marriage that he's been proud of for almost a decade."

"Just try to relax, Timmy. Think of it as doing a favor for me."

"I'd rather die," Timmy whispered loathingly.

"You have no choice," Tootie said darkly. "If you tell Chester, he'll know that you've been keeping the secret for months now. So, no matter what happens, you should just keep your mouth shut."

Timmy slumped down in a chair placing his head in his other hand before whispering, "I know…"

"Now, why don't we meet up tomorrow and maybe get some coffee? You can even bring the kids-"

Before Tootie could finish her sentence, Timmy had quickly shut off his cell phone and tossed it onto his desk. He slid further into his chair closing his eyes and painfully whispering, "What am I going to do…?"