Painful Past Long Forgotten

Chapter 2:

After Timmy went straight onto bed, Tommy slowly closed their bedroom door shut trying to not make any loud sounds and looked over at his sister. She was hugging her teddy bear tightly to her chest and he could tell she was about to cry. He quickly ran over and hugged her close wiping away her tears trying to be as comforting as possible. It was hard, though, after everything they had heard from downstairs.

"W-What's going to happen to Mom and Dad?" Tammy asked trying to stop her sobbing.

"I don't know," Tommy replied tightening his hug and laying his head on hers. "Everything is going to turn out alright, sis."

"No, it's not," Tammy said shaking her head and rubbing her eyes with one hand. "They've been fighting for so long now. Dad's going to lose Mom and then…"

"There has to be something we can do," Tommy whispered before letting go of his sister to walk over to the bed stand and get a tissue. "Here, blow."

After Tammy blew her nose as quietly as she could, she held her teddy bear to her chest, "What can we do? No matter what we do they just keep finding something to fight over. If we get involved, they'll just get mad at us."

"What about Uncle Timmy's idea of a date night for them?" Tommy suddenly exclaimed snapping his fingers.

"What about it?" Tammy asked tilting her head a little still rubbing her eyes.

"Maybe we can help. We can cook Mom and Dad a huge romantic meal," Tommy said throwing his arms in the air. "It'll be so fantastic that they'll get all dreamy like those grownups in the commercial we saw that one time."

"Do you know how to cook?" Tammy asked slowly already seeing the monkey wrench in the situation.

"Ah…darn," Tommy whispered hanging his head in despair.

Worried that she had dampened her brother's spirit, Tammy quickly added, "Maybe Uncle Timmy can teach us. He's really good at cooking and we got till Sunday to learn."

"You're right," Tommy replied smiling big. "All hope is not lost. We'll ask him tomorrow right before breakfast."

Tammy smiled as well before nodding at her brother. She hugged Tommy once more and said, "We'll always be a family, right?"

Tommy stroked his sister's black hair closing his eyes, "Yeah, everything will turn out great."

"You guys…want to learn how to cook?" Timmy asked slowly looking down at the twins who were wearing big grins on their faces.

"If it's not too much trouble, Uncle Timmy," Tommy said putting his hands behind his back trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Shouldn't you ask your mom? She probably knows more than me. Cooking isn't exactly my forte," Timmy admitted as some toast popped out of the toaster.

"Please, Uncle Timmy," Tammy begged looking up at him with big puppy dog eyes behind her large glasses.

"Not the face, not the face," Timmy said covering his eyes with his arm while failing to try and butter his toast in midair.

"Stop it, Tammy. It isn't going to work on our smart Uncle," Tommy said winking at his sister.

"Yeah, that's right," Timmy replied before lowering his elbow just to see now both of them were pouting with big eyes. "Gah! Okay I'll teach you just stop with those faces!"

"Yay!" Tommy and Tammy exclaimed high fiving each other.

"Geez, how do I get myself into these messes?" Timmy whispered to himself as he exited the kitchen biting into the slightly burnt bread ignoring the cheers that were heard.

On Sunday night, Tommy and Tammy were in the process of fixing their parents a romantic dinner. Their Dad was coming home after work and their Mom would be back shortly to grab her books before classes started. It was the perfect time to surprise them with a nice feast. Trying to use everything Timmy had taught them, they were in middle of frying up some burgers. Tommy was standing on a stool in front of the stove flipping the meat patties every few seconds while Tammy was going through to refrigerator finding some more ingredients.

"I can't seem to find any ketchup," Tammy said poking her head out.

"There has to be some in there. Dad doesn't eat anything without a pile of the stuff on his plate," Tommy said putting down the spatula and jumping off the stool to help her look.

"I'm telling you. There's no ketchup here," Tammy repeated crossing her arms.

"Go set the table, sis. I got the napkins and silverware next to the stove," Tommy replied. "I'll look some more. Oh, and can you reach the hamburger buns in the cabinet?"

"I'll try," Tammy nodded and moved the stool a little bit away from the stove. She climbed onto it and then hopped up on the counter to reach the cabinet. Opening the cabinet was the easy part, Tammy sighed when she saw that the buns were on the very top shelf. She jumped once and barely grazed the plastic bag. Narrowing her eyes, she jumped again and was able to grab on it a little bit, but to no avail still.

Right as she jumped for the third time, Tootie and Chester came walking in through the front door arguing loudly as usual. They soon saw their children and yelled, "What are you guys doing?"

Tommy got startled and banged his head on one of the shelves inside the refrigerator hard. Tammy was successful in grabbing the bag, but dropped it when she heard her parents yell. The buns hit the frying pan throwing the uncooked meat onto the floor. The searing hot oil flew onto the napkins immediately bursting them into flames. When Tammy saw the fire, she gasped and slipped off the counter landing hard on the marble floor. Tootie ran towards her daughter while Chester quickly grabbing a pan lid and covering the flames with it to smother them.

"Oh, Tammy are you alright?" Tootie asked checking for any cuts or bruises on her daughter.

"I'm fine, Mom," Tammy said rubbing her sore arm trying to keep a smile on her face.

Chester coughed a little and waved his hand around trying to get rid of the smoke, "That could have been bad…"

Tootie made sure her daughter was alright before setting her on the table away from the hot grease that had poured onto the floor. She cleared her throat a little after, "We wouldn't have these types of problems if you got us a new fire alarm."

"Oh great…here we go again," Chester whispered before dumping the remains of the napkins in the sink. "Something wrong happens in this house and you always pin point the problem on me."

"I kept telling you to get a new fire alarm for this exact situation. What kind of husband and father doesn't protect his family?" Tootie asked letting go of Tammy.

"Are you saying I don't protect you guys? I'm the one who put out the damn fire!"

"Don't you cuss in front of the children!" Tootie yelled standing up and pointing a finger at her husband.

Tommy and Tammy gasped when Chester's fist slammed on the counter before he yelled "Why not? They hear us yelling all the damn time! How the hell is this one time going to make a difference?"

"We are supposed to be examples to our children," Tootie whispered viciously walking up to him.

Chester gritted his teeth and threw down the metal pan lid on the floor making Tootie flinch, "Yeah, great example you are, honey. Always yelling about how crappy of a life I've given you, then go run off behind my back cheating on me every day!"

"Don't you start this again Chester McBadbat! I have done no such thing!"

"I saw, Tootie! I saw you in parking lot tonight! Is that how you greet all your professors?"

Tootie didn't say anything at first. Her silence was enough for her husband to turn around and lower his head. She slowly walked over and put her hand on Chester's shoulder saying softly, "Chester…look, let's talk about this later…"

"Get out," Chester said coldly suddenly glaring at his wife.

Her eyes widened pleading, "No, sweetheart. We can get through this-"

"Get out now," Chester repeated shrugging her hand away.

Tootie clenched her fists looking her husband straight in the eye, but then she took off her wedding ring saying only one word, "Fine."

Tootie threw her ring on the ground and walked out of the house slamming the door closed. Tommy and Tammy both ran after her as quickly as they could. They threw open the door watching their mother climb into her car. Yelling as loud as they could, the twins ran across the small yard and tried to reach their mother's car in time. However, Tootie ignored them both and flew out of the driveway without even a passing glance.

Tammy tripped in the grass and fell onto the concrete driveway while Tommy ran past her and into the street. Chester dashed out into the dark and grabbed his son tightly saying, "Come on. We have to go back inside."

"No! I won't go back in without Mom! This is all your fault!" Tommy screamed struggling to get out of his grasp.

"Tommy, you got to listen to me," Chester begged slowly dragging his son back into their yard ignoring all the desperate kicks and punches.

"Let me go!" Tommy yelled struggling more and more till he heard his father start to cry.

Chester put his son down on the ground next to Tammy before painfully whispering, "Please…don't hate me…"

"Daddy…?" Tammy asked with a worried sniffle crawling towards them.

"Tommy…Tammy…I'm so sorry," Chester cried softly laying his head in his hands.

"Dad…d-don't cry," Tommy said with his gaze softening. "Maybe Mom will come back…"

Tammy nodded through her own tears holding onto her father's arm. Chester slowly shook his head, told them, "I don't think your mom is coming back. I think we're through."

"B-But, we did all of this for you guys," Tommy said. "We didn't want this to happen."

Chester wiped away his tears and looked up at them trying to smile, "It's not anyone's fault. Your mom made some bad decisions and I can't trust her anymore. I don't know what's going to happen now, but it'll all turn out for the better."

"How? Mom's gone…" Tommy whispered letting a few tears drip down his cheeks.

"I know it seems hard now, but we have to stick together as a family," Chester hugged both his children close to him. He looked up and noticed some of the neighbors were starting to watch from their windows.

"Come on back inside. I'll clean up the mess and brew us all some hot chocolate," he said picking up both of them and brought them back inside the house. Tommy and Tammy went on to their bedroom each with a cup of steaming hot chocolate as Chester cleaned up the kitchen with as much effort as he could muster. While he was wiping the floor with a wet towel, he noticed Tootie's wedding ring on the marble. He carefully picked it up reading the inscription of their names written in the band. His fist clenched around it till he stood up and threw it in the trash can.

After finishing with the kitchen, Chester sat down on the small black couch in the living room and wiped his forehead with a washcloth. He laid back his head and stared at the blank ceiling for what seemed like hours trying not to think about what had happened that night. Without even really processing what he was doing, Chester picked up his cell phone from the table beside the couch and dialed Timmy's number. When he got his friend's answering machine, he looked at the time on his phone and realized it was close to midnight. Timmy was more than likely buried in his work or asleep on his desk. He sighed a little and left a quick message on the machine before turning off his phone and putting it back on the table.

Chester stood up from the couch and made his way to Tommy and Tammy's bedroom hoping to find his children asleep. Although, it wasn't a complete surprise when he found that they were still wide awake. "You guys should get some sleep," he whispered leaning against the doorframe.

Tommy shook his head a little and lowered himself under his covers, "We're not exactly in the mood to sleep, Dad."

Tammy was still sniffling a little and the sight almost broke Chester's heart. He walked over to her bed and tucked her in really tight making sure she had all her favorite stuffed animals. Chester kissed her forehead softly and said, "I'm sorry. I wish I could tell you that this was all just a bad dream. But, I honestly don't know what's going to happen."

"What will we do without Mom?" Tammy whispered wiping her eyes and trying not to yawn.

"We'll get through this somehow," Chester replied undoing his little girl's ponytail so that it wouldn't bother her while she slept. He looked at both his children and said, "I just want you two to promise me you'll try to be strong."

Tommy and Tammy looked at each other sadly, but they both soon nodded trying to not make their father worry too much about them. For the first time in years, Chester sang them a lullaby that his own father once had shared with him. Tammy fell asleep quickly hugging her teddy bear tightly. He smiled and stroked her hair before walking over to his son.

"Dad…Mom could come back, right?" Tommy asked solemnly.

"I don't think…she wants to come back," Chester admitted to his son.

"But, we're not a family without her…"

"We can still be a family, Tommy. Your mom and I just need some time away from each other."

Chester tucked his son in and continued singing till the boy fell asleep as well. He stood up quietly and turned off the lights. Walking out of the room, he didn't notice an unfamiliar fish bowl suddenly appear on the drawer next to the beds. What he also didn't notice was two gold fish were now swimming in that bowl with very noticeable green and pink eyes.

The fish looked at each other before swimming into their small plastic castle. Upon entering, the inside became much larger than what it appeared to be at first. The interior was as big as a small manor to say the least. It looked just like a mansion with a large entrance hall and several doorways that lead to various halls. The fish jumped out of the small pool of water in the entrance and a puff of green and pink smoke appeared around them. When the smoke vanished, there stood two human like creatures with small fairy wings on their back.

The man, named Cosmo, was tall with bright green hair and wore black dress pants along with a white long sleeved shirt and a black tie. He looked at his wife while she was drying her black pants and yellow shirt and said, "We came just in time. It looks like this case is going to be a doozy."

His wife, Wanda, ran her fingers through her curly pink hair and wondered aloud, "Their father looked familiar somehow. I wonder where I've seen him before."

"Maybe in one of your soaps," Cosmo said chuckling and floating a few feet in the air to stretch out his limbs.

"No, I've seen him somewhere. I just can't think of it," Wanda replied before poofing a large folder into her hands.

"What's that?" Cosmo asked floating behind her trying to catch a glimpse over her shoulder.

"All the information about our new god children," Wanda said sorting through some of the papers. "I'm trying to find the name of their father."

Cosmo rolled his eyes and poofed himself up some pudding gobbling it up within a few seconds. He looked back over at his wife when she gasped loudly, "Hmm? What's wrong, Wanda?"

Wanda looked at Cosmo gripping the folder tightly, "Their father…is Chester McBadbat!"

Cosmo dropped his pudding cup letting it drop to the ground and exclaimed, "What? Timmy's old friend?"

"Yeah…" Wanda said scanning through the pages. "It looks like Chester and Tootie got married soon after high school. Tommy and Tammy were born about a year later."

"You don't think…" Cosmo said before pausing and looking away.

"I don't know, sweetie. If they're really Chester's kids, then there's a big chance."

Cosmo floated back down to the ground and frowned saying softly, "But, even if we do get to see him again…we won't be able to do anything, right?"

Wanda closed the folder looking down and sadly nodded, "Right…"

A week later Timmy walked inside his work at noon with his hands full of his latest drawings. He casually sneaked past the loud secretary while she was chatting on the phone and strolled off to his desk. Putting the large stack of papers down on the metal frame, Timmy wiped any sweat from his forehead and sat down in his small office chair. While he was digging through some of his funnier comics, a tall woman with striking blonde hair held up in pig tails walked by his desk running her fingers along the corners. Timmy looked up to see the woman dressed rather unprofessionally with a tight black skirt and a loose white dress shirt that showed way too much of her chest.

"What do you want, Veronica?" Timmy asked arching an eyebrow a little bit in disgust.

"I could ring you up for being late, Mr. Turner," Veronica whispered snickering a little playfully. "I'm sure the boss would not enjoy hearing how his best comic artist is losing his touch."

"Well, I feel the need to tell you that just because I'm late once does not mean I'm losing my touch," Timmy replied looking away and began to ink his latest sketch.

Veronica put her hands on her hips and pouted slightly, "You know I'm kidding with you, Timmy. I wouldn't do anything to harm you. Unless you liked it..."

Timmy had to hold back a shudder when she tried to purr like a cat, "Do you really want to make me happy?"

"Oh yes," Veronica quickly replied leaning over his desk.

Timmy looked up at her and whispered, "Leave me alone and hold my calls."

Veronica narrowed her eyes and stomped away in a huff leaving Timmy rolling his eyes before he got back to work. A few of the other employers that had watched the entire thing began to mutter amongst themselves. Timmy cleared his throat loudly and they all suddenly went their separate ways.

'All they're doing is searching for juicy gossip. I'm not going to be a part of some big nasty scandal,' he thought to himself before beginning to color.

After a couple more hours of work, Timmy finally finished the piece he was going to submit. He quickly turned it in to hiss boss and made sure he was good for a nice little coffee break. Sitting back down at his desk, Timmy grabbed his cell phone from his bag and was shocked to find that he had missed three calls. He remembered the night just a few days ago when Chester had called and told him about the upcoming divorce. His best friend had sounded awful and there wasn't any hope that he would get better soon. Ever since that night, Chester had been calling him in the oddest hours just mumbling about how everything in life had wronged him. It would certainly be like him to try and call during his work schedule.

Timmy flipped open his phone and saw that the calls were from an unfamiliar number. He shrugged his shoulders and tossed his phone back into his bag telling himself that it was probably just a random salesman asking for money. Timmy grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulders about to walk out of the office. Veronica stopped him, though, standing in his path with a slightly worried look on her face.

Timmy slapped his hand onto his forehead and asked exasperated, "What, Veronica?"

" have a call," Veronica slowly said clacking her long fingernails together.

Her nervous and worrisome appearance confused Timmy a little, but he walked past her saying, "I told you to hold all my calls for today. I got a lot to do."

He passed by the secretary without looking back till he heard Veronica say, "It was from the hospital..."

Timmy froze in the doorway wondering if he had heard right. He turned around asking, "The hospital? What about?"

Veronica looked down before whispering, "Your friends Chester and Tootie were in a car accident. Chester is in critical condition...and..."

"And? And what?" Timmy almost shouted with his eyes widening and dropping his bag.

"Tootie's dead..."

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