"Well now, you seemed to have everything you need... except for a familiar." Harry said, as they moved through the Diagon Alley.

It was a sunny day, right in the middle of the summer. The letters from Hogwarts had just arrived and, of course, the good, old Diagon Alley was filled with parents and children, running from one side to another: Harry saw briefly the Dursleys, as Cho guided Dudley and eleven years old Vernon II through their first trip; the Finnigan family wasn't so far either and Lavender was talking to someone that looked a lot like Hermione, which would explain why the ugly face. James and Lily were with their uncle Ron at the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, leaving him, young Albus and Ginny to finish the list.

"And a wand." Ginny added, smiling. Harry could see that she was both excited and worried; she could see the similarity between Harry and Albus and when Harry first bought his wand... well, she wasn't expecting him to have a twin wand of a Dark Wizard, but still.

"I'll buy the animal, you two go to Ollivanders." He said, messing with Albus' hair.

Magical Menagerie was exactly how he remembered it: cramped and noisy, full of pets; from rats to ravens, he could see an animal of every kind – but it only made his decision even harder, since he wanted to give Albus a special familiar. He, Harry, had Hedwig, the most loyal, trust-worthy pet anyone could ever have; it was only fair Alb had someone like that. Unfortunately Jimmy already had an owl, Dobby, so that choice had been discarded.

"Are you looking for something special, Mr. Potter?" the woman on the balcony asked and her smile was so big it looked like his aunt Marge when she was turned into a balloon. Most people had that kind of reaction near him.

It was kind of annoying, really.

"Yes, I'm looking for a pet for my son, Albus. Something… special, so to speak." Harry looked around, uncomfortable. There was a big cat in a cage near him and it had a psychotic look in his face.

"Well, we have toads, puffskein, kneazles and just yesterday we received a batch of badgers, if you're interested…" the woman said, moving away from the balcony. Doing so, she revealed another cage, where a lonely ferret was lying. When he perceived that the woman was gone, he opened his eyes, looking straight at Harry.

And that ferret had tiny, blue eyes – just like other ferret Harry used to know.

"I'll take this one." He said, pointing towards the cage. The woman at him, confused.

"This one has been here for quit something. He is pretty much useless, Mr. Potter. I don't think you'd like to buy him." She smiled politely, but Harry just shrugged.

"Doesn't matter. I bet Alb will love him."

Just like his father used to do.