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People always tell you life isn't too hard. People always say things to cheer you up when everything's going wrong; they tell you that everything will be alright, even if it won't. When life hands you proverbial lemons, People tell you to make Lemonade. Well... People are wrong. When life hands you lemons, life just wants to shove them up your ass in the worst way possible.

'... Bad analogy...' Sora thought, giving a soft sigh through marginally parted lips, lifting his left hand, only to bring it around his body to his hindquarters, which lay slightly slanted upward on the bed. Pain throbbed in his ass in the most horrible way he could ever have imagined, and then some. Tears had dried upon Sora's face from earlier that evening, and yet, even as Sora thought back to the happenings of before, he couldn't find it in his heart to cry any more tears. He was all cried out. Laying on his stomach, his knees slightly pulled up underneath him to keep the rug burn on his lower belly from touching the bed spread and burning more, and his head twisted to the side, brunette locks cascading over his pale facial features, which had lost their spikiness and luster held all those years ago, Sora sighed again.

He had become naught but a sex toy. It was hard to imagine how exactly his life had changed so drastically, especially when he had so many friends, so many dreams, and accomplishments and Purpose.

" How the mighty have fallen... " Axel had told him, right before he was locked away. Sora had made a mental note of the things said to him that fateful night, and locked the comment away, deep inside his brain, always pondering, never to be forgotten...

" If you won't let me see Roxas, I'll just have to take Roxas from You! "

Axel had then proceeded to somehow bind Sora's wrists behind his back; with what, Sora hadn't known at the time, though it had felt like something cotton. He had then shoved him down on his knees, and then even further, so that his head was crushed into the ground, and Sora had to quickly turn his cheek, so the motion wouldn't break his nose upon impact. Sora could remember with great detail and feeling, the way Axel had all but ripped off Sora's trousers, and underwear... and how probing fingers found...

Sora's breath hitched. Bringing himself out of the memory, he was half shocked, and half tearful once more, to find that the hand he'd brought around to caress his pained ass, had begun the same decent that Axel's hand had so many times. His index and middle digits were oh so gently probing around his entrance, causing that puckered hole of his to flinch and contract a few times. Just like it had before... His body seemed to shift of it's own violation, his fingers starting to sink into the un-lubricated hole, not without a flash of pain, but one that seemed to also come with a flair of pleasure that sent his heartbeat flying and his cheeks to colour crimson. His hips rolled back to meet the motion of his fingers, like he'd been all but taught to do with Axel... and he could feel himself responding again.

It was... shameful. Disgusting. Unpure. Sinful. Horrible. Unacceptable. And yet... even after three years... his body seemed to want more.


" More! " Sora panted, unable to catch his breath, caught in a myrad of pleasurable and painful sensations, as Axel thrusted himself deep within the younger's body. Sora's knees hurt from the hard, stone floor he'd been thrown down on, and his wrists were starting to burn with all the twisting and turning and pulling and yanking that Sora was doing, trying to free them, or at least get them into a better position. But Axel just kept ramming away, the slap of his balls hitting Sora's own and causing him to jolt forwards each time.

He couldn't keep himself quiet, and with each panted breath came a high pitched moan. His cheeks were perfectly scarlet by now, but his body didn't seem to register what his brain was screaming out at him, about how wrong this was. It seemed to move with a will of it's own, pushing back against Axel's stiff heat, slick with what had to be blood from inside Sora. But it didn't seem to make a difference to Sora's body. More moans poured from his widely parted, dry lips, a small trail of drool leading from the corner of his mouth down to the cold, unforgiving floor beneath as Sora could feel himself being brought closer to the edge by nothing more than Axel thrusting deeper and deeper and -

Bright lights exploded just behind Sora's eyeballs. Axel had switched positions just slightly, thrusting harder into Sora's upturned, naked ass, but it was as though he was hitting a pleasure button just on the inside of him, making his entire insides turn to molten lava. Sora heard himself scream, but he didn't realize he was screaming until halfway through it, when his throat started to hurt, his vocal chords being strained by such a noise. Sora's dick, previously dripping pre-cum onto the stone floor like his mouth was dripping saliva, twitched vigorously at this new sensation, and all at once, Sora felt a strange new feeling engulf him like never before, as his orgasm overtook him.

Shivering deeply, feeling the motion down to his very core, Sora forced his fingers deeper, feeling the slickness inside still left from Axel's earlier intrusion into his claimed body, lubricating all three digits which were being rammed in, all the way up to his knuckles. Panting like in his memory, in the same exact position, but with his hands free to work himself over the edge on his own, his right hand was gripped tightly at the base of his already rigid staff, pulling and tugging none to gently, his entire body caught in the memory and the feeling of it all.

It was to the memory of Axel's warm seed coating the inside of his bowels after that first mind-blowing orgasm that finally sent Sora over the edge again, his own pool of semen shooting out, onto the bed covers below. His hand stayed stroking, however, though the velocity had slowed considerably already, until both of his appendages were completely still, his chest heaving and straining, trying to help him catch his breath. With a slight grunt, Sora relinquished his grip on the pillow he'd bitten down on to stop his screaming moans from getting too loud, and gave a shuddering, feral moan as his fingers slipped out of the creamy heat of his ass.

For a second; one unforgiving, split second, Sora allowed himself to forget the world. To forget Axel. To forget himself. He lowered himself onto the bed, flat, and took a long, deep breath in satisfaction. Only to suddenly find the burning sensation on his stomach flaring up, full blast, causing him to flinch badly, and twist his entire body to the side, setting off the pain in his ass, searing and fiery turmoil that shot through his entire body, setting every single nerve end on edge. His chest contracted for a moment as his heart pounded, only making his body hurt more, and reflexively, his hand went to the bed so that he could raise himself into a sitting position, only for his hand to find the gooey pool of his own juices that he'd made, thinking such gruesome thoughts. Committing such gruesome acts.

Shakily, Sora raised himself onto his ass, despite the pain that constantly throbbed at him, reminding him where he was, who he was... and what he'd done. Raising both arms, he held both hands in front of his now tearful view, seeing his left fingers, coated still in what was Axel's lingering semen... and his right fingers, coated in his own...

He was sick. He was a mess. Horrible, idiotic, horrifying, sinful, grotesque, monsterish, slutty, disgusting, shameful-

Sora's thoughts hit a dead stop, his hands slowly falling to his knees, heedless of how bits of the semen rubbed off on the sweatpants he'd been forced to wear by Axel. It didn't matter anymore. Sora... the once mighty Keyblade weilder... was a slut. A sinful... dirty...


Once more, for probably the hundreth time tonight, Sora could feel tears sliding down his cheeks.


" Good morning, Roxas. "

Axel's voice cut through the dim fog of semi-sleep that Sora had somehow drifted into again, only for a gentle hand to come down on Sora's shoulder. It always started out like this, Sora thought dimly, slowly allowing his eyelids to flutter halfway open, cerulean eyes coming to focus on emerald green hues, staring straight back at him. Filled with warmth; with caring and love, even. Axel had laid down on the bed before he woke Sora, and manipulated Sora's body to where Sora was nestled into every single curve of Axel's form, with Axel's arms around him and one of Axel's leg drapped over Sora's own. A lover's embrace.

Using his left hand, Axel gently reached to Sora's brown locks, brushing them to the side, away from his face, before he leant forward, placing a tender kiss on his forehead. Axel's hand stayed on Sora's cheek for a moment, the soft pads of his fingers delicately massaging the skin there as Axel spoke once more.

" What, no 'Mornings are horrible, Axel, get out of my face' ? " Axel gave a smile that probably would have warmmed the hearts of anyone, and possibly make several women swoon. But the smile only made Sora shiver slightly with the fright of what would be to come... and slutty antisipation. Sora felt about ready to disolve into tears again, knowing that he couldn't say anything to Axel. If he did... well... he'd tried that before...

" I'm not Roxas... Please Axel, I'm not Roxas. I'm Sora. So- Ra. " Sora pleaded to Axel, trying desperately to escape the older male's grasp, but only getting himself tangled up in the covers on the large, kingsized bed. Which further impeeded his movement. Which he definately didn't need. Sparing a glance toward Axel to see how he was taking Sora's denial, it sent a thrill of fear shooting fiercely down his spine to see emerald hues ablaze with sudden anger. Sora felt Axel shift, and the next second, both of Axel's hands were gripping Sora's shoulders with enough force to press him further into the bed on his back, and probably bruise the tender flesh as well.

Axel's lips were curved upward, but not in a smile, and not in a smirk, either; in a snarl. A feral, ugly, raging snarl.

" Shut up! Shut up, I don't want to hear it! I KNOW you have my Roxas in there! And one way or another, I'm going to find my Roxas, and you're never going to stop me! I'll keep you here forever if I have to! " As Axel was shouting, he started shaking Sora's shoulders, causing the thin, fragile body beneath him to flail around, trying to defend himself from the stronger of the two, and rather feebily so.

" Please! No! I'm not Roxas! Just let me go! "

" SHUT UP! "

Sora was pinned to the bed roughly as Axel stradled his hips, holding his body effectively in place while he reached for Sora's flailing arms, taking hold of both wrists eventually and pinning them above Sora's head. By now, Sora's heart had already been sent into a panicked scramble, his breathing hard and shakey even as he continued twisting, trying to fight off the violent male, only to be met with the sight of Axel's flaming red mane as his head tilted downward, seconds before a searing pain shot through the sensitive bud that was his exposed nipple, as he wasn't allowed a shirt. Sora's mouth opened, a shrill scream coming from the depths of his throat, surprising Sora at the volume of it.

But the real surprise was the gentle hand that softly came to his cheek, the burning pain finally releasing his right nipple, only to be replaced by a dull throbbing hurt, even as Sora found Axel's face come back into view. Axel lowered his face toward Sora's, so that there were only mere inches away, and with a shiver that seemed to send a message to his entire body against his will to respond, Sora felt Axel's breath as he spoke.

" I'm sorry Roxas. I didn't mean to hurt you. But don't worry... I'll make it up to you, just like the good old days... "

And then Axel's hand was slipping down from Sora's cheek, down, between the both of their bodies, to a place it shouldn't be, but no matter how he tried, Sora couldn't stop him.

" Roxas? Hello? " Still feeling the hand upon his cheek, Sora flinched outwardly, only to curse his reaction, knowing it would spur something from Axel again. And yet, there was that absolutely disgusting side of him that seemed to be growing all the more lately, that wanted to reach out with his own arms, throw them around Axel's neck, and force his own kisses on the male who had dominated him from the start. But Axel's eyes were already starting to narrow again. His grip became tighter. And Sora's hopes sank; if they were ever there to begin with.

" Still not going to let me talk to you, Roxas...? " Somewhere in the back of Sora's mind, he thought he heard a few pangs of sadness in Axel's voice, but that was completely overwhelmed by the fright of what was going to happen to him this time around. Every morning... every morning he'd woken up in this very room for three years straight, this happened... and yet, it was never the same. In some ways... it was worse every time. So Sora couldn't find his voice to answer Axel even then, which only seemed to make him angrier.

Without warning, a hand landed over his cheek, leaving a burning sting and probably an intensely red mark as well, that may very well turn into a bruise soon. Sora caught himself trying to stifle the large gasp that came from this very action, even as Axel caught hold of his arms and threw him backward, onto his back, despite the covers slightly tangled around his legs, and the embrace they'd earlier been tangled in as well. Sora went sprawling in the bed, his limbs flailing, trying to escape the male who was starting to come over him again. And by some strange stroke of luck... some insane, sadistic miracle... the covers fell off of Sora, allowing him the movement to roll out of Axel's way, off the bed, and onto the floor, where he landed on his hands and knees.

Frozen there for a split moment of shock at actually evading his captor, Sora's eyes widened, and for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, his hopes soared. Until Axel's maddened growl sounded out from over top of Sora, which seemed to spur his body into motion. For once, it was like his body was finally cooperating with his mind, running when told to run. And run Sora did, straight toward the door that rarely ever opened; the only way in, and the only way out. Wooden, with no window or bars of any kind, the door, in Sora's mind, was the only thing standing between him and freedom from Axel and these wicked things he did to his body.

If only he could reach the door, Sora thought, then he would be safe. But life. Ah, cruel, twisted life... Life wouldn't allow him even that small goal. Five feet away from the solitary, somber door, Sora was tackled by a snarling Axel, his entire body being slammed onto the stone floor, pain exploding in his knees, elbows, shoulders, and chin where they collided. Another shriek came from Sora's lips, but this time, Axel didn't even try to hush him. Without a word, Axel's unforgiving hands were forcing Sora's limbs into a position they seemed to know all too well by now. So with his ass now in the air, knees crushed painfully against stone, and shakey elbows crushing themselves, trying to support the weight of the male draping himself over him, Sora tried to remember his life back before any of this had happened to him.

He tried to remember Riku and Kairi... Donald and Goofy... the Heartless and the Nobodys... but his thoughts became scattered when his only form of protection, in the form of one pair of roughly used, silver coloured sweatpants, was pulled off his flesh, taken down to his knees, where it restricted his movements should he decide to try and dash for the door again. Sora closed his eyes tightly, unable to help a whimper that escaped his lips. Despite his fear, he could feel his body reacting to the closeness of Axel, feeling the head of the older male's body, his entire form atuned enough to know that when he slightly leaned back, not far enough away from Sora that he couldn't catch him if he lunged again, but enough to start undoing his Organization XIII cloak, that he would be gentle, despite his earlier raging. Sora had no evidence to back this up; but deep in his core... in his soul; in his heart. He knew.

Of course, this only made him more nervous and frightened, while at the same time, he could feel his member growing harder by the minute, his hindquarters gently swaying as though in invitation. The only thing worse than having Axel shove him to the floor and rape him like a whore, Sora thought... was having Axel gently lavish his entire body with kisses and caresses, and show Sora for the slut he was becoming. Because when Axel raped him, he had an excuse; that he was unwilling. But when Axel is gentle...

Sora shuddered, only to gasp, involuntarily shoving his hips backward toward the probing fingers, slick already with saliva, that had somehow found their way to his hole while he'd been in thought. Axel responded to this motion with a gentle thrust of two fingers, his index and middle it felt like, and curved them just slightly. This motion sent a sparkwave of pleasure shooting through Sora's entire body, causing him to moan out quietly at first, but with growing volume through the one, long noise, before finally cutting off into a series of pants as Axel twisted his fingers, only to start up a quick thrusting motion of said digits.

Sora felt with his entire body, nerves standing on edge and tingling everywhere, when Axel's left hand gently came down to Sora's left ass cheek, groping and caressing with care and tenderness, even as the male leant over Sora's body once more, heated flesh meeting scorching skin, only for a taste test from Axel; Sora was unable to hold back a louder, more provocative moan when Axel's tounge slashed a long, slow line over Sora's shoulderblades, causing his entire body to shiver and revel in the warmth of such a delicate motion, only to shudder again in the cold of the aftermath. But then Axel's warm, velvetine lips were decending on Sora's back, making his entire body rock with the stimuli of butterfly kisses floating up and down his shoulders and back, while his ass was groped and thrusted into by a set of beautiful, long, expert fingers.

Sora's eyes rolled back into his head, his breathing falling into a ravaged, primal rhythm that Axel seemed to somehow control. His body moved on it's own, pushing back into fingers that were slowly but surely removing themselves from Sora's tightness, until there was nothing left to fill that gaping hole, making Sora quiver with want. With need. Sora waited, but soon, even the hand at his ass and the wonderful, passionate floating kisses were taken away from him, leaving him on his elbows and knees, his hips wiggling his rear in the air in what he hoped was a tantalizing motion for Axel, whimpers and whines and panting, ragged breaths coming from his lips.

Yet still, nothing happened. Sora's body was almost in a fit by now, acting out as if a child who had their candy taken away before they could eat their fill. Sora's body felt heavy, sluggish, his nerves making each and every breath he and Axel took seem as though it were pleasure given from the skies above. But it wasn't enough. No where near enough; he needed more. So he did what felt natural. Something Sora hardly believed he would ever do, and yet had done many times before, this time included. He begged.

" Axel...! Axel, please! Please, I need- ... I need... " Sora broke off the sentance, trying to put two thoughts together in the scrambled mess his mind was right now. Still waving his rump in the air, more vigorously now, Sora started to try again, but was met instead with a gentle but firm slap to his wiggling ass, which stilled him for all of two seconds, before he moaned loud enough he should have been heard a few miles away; loud enough to make his vocal chords hurt again, and his round bottom started its motion again, but this time, with more conviction. Axel spoke.

" I need my Roxas. "

Close to crying again, this time with frustration at the older male's comment, and his entire situation in general, Sora cried out, buring his face in his arms but continuing the motion his hips had started up, trying to entice Axel to just push him over the edge again.

" I AM Roxas, I AM Roxas! PLEASE, Axel, I AM Roxas! I NEED you! "

Sora only heard a sigh from Axel behind him, and for a split, heartpounding second, Sora actually believed Axel would just get up and walk away from him, leaving him like this. But then his nerves exploded as Axel's hands came down on both sides of Sora's ass cheeks, rubbing and gently parting; even such a small motion as this sent Sora's body rocking back and forth again, trying to gain more pleasure from it, even though there was virtually none; yet. But when the thick flesh of Axel's arousal was placed at the exposed hole of Sora's, it was completely Sora's doing when he thrusted his hips backward, that resulted in the slight tearing sensation that Sora noticed as Axel was pushed deep within his form. But whatever pain there might have been was overruled and thrown far from his mind due to the pleasure that suddenly swamped him from head to toe.

Sora's entire body quivered with insane feelings of esctacy, long before Axel finally shifted his hands from Sora's bum to his hips, to still the sudden, wild rocking the younger male had started, taking control of the entire position once more and leaning Sora forward a little more, so he was at the perfect entry position for him. The shifting, and the being unable to move, created loud whimpers and inaudible protests to come from Sora's parted lips, a bit of saliva mirroring the already heavily dripping rod that Sora realized was there, only when Axel's hand came around his entire body to cup it in his hand, before wrapping his digits around it and squeezing gently, but firmly, even as Axel's hips started thrusting slowly.

Already panting heavily, feeling as though his heart and entire body would just spontaniously combust on the spot, Sora tried to squirm backward against his captor, only to meet the same restriction as before; the hand on his hip, keeping him still. This only made him whine louder, between his gasps for breath and his long, high-pitched moanings as Axel slowly - Very, very slowly - began to up the rhythm of both, stroking Sora's engorged cock, and thrusting his own blood-filled member into the heated depths of Sora's bowels. It felt to Sora as if it took forever, while in reality, it only took fifteen minutes for both body rhythms to become the same, animalistic, frantic movements, gasps and moans and feral sounds filling the silence within Sora's bedroom until finally, the pleasure mounted and became too much for Sora to bear.

" AXEL! " Sora yelled, what felt like at the top of his lungs, from the way his throat strained, even as his entire body clenched, shuddering and quivering with satisfied delight and delicious sensations, stars exploding behind his rolled eyes, until his body felt weak, tired and exhausted. So caught up in his own orgasm, Sora didn't even note that his orgasmic convultions caused Axel to soar over the edge of orgasm himself, to bury his shaft deep within the heated contractions of Sora's anal cannal to empty himself into the younger male. Nor did Sora realize when Axel gently withdrew from his body after a few minutes of heaving and panting over the younger below him, who had almost fully collapsed in on himself.

What Sora did realize, however, was the feeling of leaving the ground. Through a pleasure fog, Sora's hazy mind registered the way Axel cradled Sora's stature to his own broad frame, and carried him easily back to the bed, where Sora was deposited with infinite care, only to be tucked into the covers and kissed on the forehead by Axel. But distorted as it was, in the aftermath of such an intense orgasm, Sora found himself drifting off to sleep, unable to keep his eyes open any longer. Just before reaching the edge of sleep, however, Sora could have sworn he heard Axel whisper in his ear,

" Sleep tight, Roxas. "

And somewhere inside Sora, a part that was him, and yet... wasn't quite him... smiled. A quip popped into Sora's head, just a fleeting thought, even though he was too sleepy to utter it.

' Goodnight, Sweet Prince. '

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