001. Helping Hand.

It was very well known, with no attempt at hiding, that AJ Styles had been furious with the recruitment of several other wrestlers to aid Flair in dominating TNA… along with his sexual accomplishments that Styles chose to doubt. His eyes narrow at the first one, and main person that held the fantasies of his lover, and the fantasies of AJ himself… though those had been of bludgeoning Frankie "Great Armenian Ass" Kazarian to death with the title he held over his shoulder. "I have to help you defend that tonight… and maybe later on you'll help with my match against -" Kaz is cut off instantly, Styles pushing past him in a huff. Annoyed and furious, AJ looks over his shoulder at him, "Just because you're scratching my back doesn't mean I have to give you a courtesy reach around."

002. Haze.

"How did ya'll get Ric's attention?" James questions, settling onto the bar stool beside AJ when his next rejection notice came from Kaz's table. Styles shrugs, his reply of his ass had been an obvious answer, as Flair came to TNA knowing every detail of him already, down to that perfectly shaped rear. Having tried everything, down to attempting to become the person Roode was - who in James' eyes, was the true deserving person to have and keep a gorgeous guy like Kazarian. "I don't know what else to do," James stares down, for the first time, uninterested in the beer sitting before him. AJ removes the cigarette from his mouth, the smoke drifting from his lips, "We are who we are. We are who others think we are, and we are who we really are."

003. Accent.

Styles' growls impatiently over the roar of his growing stomach. James and AJ had been lost for the past hour, wandering aimlessly through Mexico and failing to find the restaurant they were supposed to meet the rest of Fortune at. The Cowboy's patience finally snaps at Styles' next protest as he failed to gain any help from the locals, "Well! I'm damn sorry we can't all learn Spanish the way Ric Flair did! Chasing frightened young women down the streets of Pamplona!"

004. Reap.

Fortune's office is empting slowly, the members dividing their separate ways to all end up back at the hotel at some point; James with Kaz, and Roode with his latest fling with two of the newest additions to the roster. Ric had left to the bar with Roode and his pair, the party seemed to be getting started the minute they walked out the door, and Morgan following along. Styles was left to packing his husband's outrageous amount of suitcases, putting away things that he didn't need to bring from Charlotte in the first place… he might as well have taken the city with him. He catches the eye of Douglas Williams on his way out, pity probably falling upon the exhausted and heavily pregnant star; collecting some items from the desk and helping him pack. Styles is quick to question why he had not been out joining the party and is met with the response that Williams' painfully obvious advances on Matt Morgan had gone horribly unnoticed. With a heavy sigh he stops his duties, "The minute two people fall in love, they become liars," his blue eyes meet with Doug's saddened, diverted gaze.

005. Strive.

Flair is easily impressed with his newest bride, AJ Styles; and how could one not be with a body like that and the everlasting desire to please? AJ and his guilt for feeling less than suitable for someone as legendary as Ric had taken up cooking lessons, everything of which seemed to have an outstanding amount of bran as an ingredient. He set his latest would-be award winning Bran-Cake on Flair's desk, sitting with a nervous yearning for its approval with the arrival of his lover. When the office door opens, his bright expression fades at the entrance of Roode with Storm in tow. "When you're Flair's age, I suppose taking Ex-Lax is like taking ecstasy," Robert quips, laughing alongside James when he eyes the cake.