Erin: When I watched the conversation Auggie had with Annie at the end of tonight's episode this is what I would have done instead. Enjoy!

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No Words

"So, now you know what happened to my unit." Auggie sipped his beer.

Staring at the photo Annie was mesmerized by how happy he looked. She wished she could meet the Auggie in this picture.

She reluctantly handed back the picture. "Thanks for telling me."

"Thanks for helping me." He accepted it placing back inside his wallet.

It was suddenly silent as she stared at him. She wasn't sure what came over her or why she did it. Leaning forward Annie pressed her lips against his. She didn't know the words to tell him what she was feeling inside so instead she made him feel them. All the love she carried for him, the pain she felt with him, the utter fear she felt when he said the two words she had practically begged him to say and now would be happy to never hear again.

Auggie never expect that kiss. His mind was blown as her soft lips pressed against his. He would be lying if he said that he had never fantasized about her yet he had never allowed himself to believe in the possibility. As she pulled away he almost cried at the lack of contact.

He forced his mind to work. "Annie-" she cut him off calling to the waitress, "Two more."

She couldn't look at him and he knew she was avoiding his eyes. He knew her so well. She wouldn't let him talk about what just happened. Fine, he wouldn't talk. He reached out finding her face before his lips collided with hers. He had never felt so much from a kiss like he did when he was kissing her. He put all his trust, his faith, his friendship, his love for her in that kiss.

This time when he pulled away Annie spoke, "Auggie."

He pressed his thumb to her lips to silence her. Now wasn't the time to talk about whatever this was between them. They had always been more than friends, more than best friends, and now they had grown into something even more. They had no more secrets between them, not anymore. No words where needed in this moment. They didn't need to talk whatever this was through; all they needed was each other. A hand to hold onto in the dark.

Erin: I love them. I really love them. I wish though Annie would have flown out there behind Joan's back to help him and it was her not that flight attendant that help him. *sigh* Oh well. I know that they will get together eventually. I just have to be passionate. Not really my strong suit though. Please review and tell me your thoughts.