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Chapter 1

Welcome to the IG-1

"And it looks like this could be the final turn for Team Berserker ladies and gentlemen!" the crowd in the stands roared in agreement as Immortal Grand Prix announcer, Benjamin Bright, voiced his typical, loud opinion on the final race in the IG-2. On the tracks, two teams were facing off for the title of IG-2 champion and the exclusive spot in the IG-1 that year. As both teams turned the corner near the end of the track, all six of the mechs were still tangled in a struggle to the finish. Three of the mechs were of simple design, colored black and beige in a modern style; the others were all different shades of blue. Suddenly one of the blue mechs jabbed the beige and black mech that was holding onto it, sending it off balance for only a moment.

"Oh and it looks like Team Berserker's Juliet St. Marc is getting knocked around out there! Will the forward make it in time?" Bright shouted as the Team Berserker mech righted itself.

"Bright should learn to keep his comments to himself, the big mouth," Juliet grumbled, blowing a strand of stray black hair out of her face before tightening her grip on her controls, her brown eyes sharp with irritation. Before she could attack she heard a sigh over the communication system in the mech.

"Take it easy Juliet love; you need to shift into speed mode or you'll never make it," Aiden J. Taylor said, scolding his forward as he took out the teams opposing midfielder. Juliet frowned ahead of her since she couldn't give the midfielder her killer glare before getting a good grip on her controls.

"Screw you Ai. I'm gonna show Bright what being knocked around really looks like!" she said before rushing the opposing team's forward. Aiden shook his head at Juliet's brutal attack before glancing over as he saw their defender take out her counterpart on the opposing team.

"Well done Carmen. At least you are at the top of your game, unlike other members of this team," he said as a light, melodic voice giggled over the communication.

"Mais bien sur Aiden," Carmen Demonte said as she pulled her mech up next to his. "Shall we aid our dearest fille Juliet with her opponent?" Aiden laughed lightly before shaking his head.

"I don't think so. You know how Juliet is; she'll never let us live it down if we help her," he said. Carmen smiled slightly at her teammate's statement before looking towards her other teammate's mech.

Juliet let out a frustrated growl before letting her mechs arm pull back for the final blow.

"This is for the win!" she shouted before taking out the opposing teams forward, sending the mech flying behind her. "Let's end this guys!" she called over the com system before shifting her mech into speed mode, both Carmen and Aiden following her lead.

"And it seems like Team Berserker has pulled off another win! This last race gets them the IG-2 title and also guarantees them a spot in the IG-1!" Benjamin Bright said from his commentary seat. "Now ladies and gentlemen let's go down and interview the winning pilots!"


Changed out of their racing gear and sporting their beige and black Team Berserker jackets, the three main pilots stood before the crowd of cheering fans and photographers. Juliet stood between her two teammates, waving to the crowd with one hand and using the other to push a few strands of hair out of her eyes. Aiden stood to her right, waving with both hands as his sandy blond hair got ruffled in the wind, a wide grin on his face. Standing with a dignified air, as always; Carmen flipped her long, platinum blond hair over her shoulder before blowing kisses to the crowd.

"And aren't they a stunning group of youngsters folks! Just fresh out of the IG-2, these kids remind me of Team Satomi back when they first started out!" Benjamin said as he walked over to the team with his microphone in hand. He cleared his throat before holding it up to the still rejoicing team forward. "Tell us Juliet, how does it feel to be able to compete in the IG-1?" Juliet stopped her waving for a minute and turned to Benjamin with a bright smile.

"Well you see Ben," she began, stopping to blow a last strand of hair out of her eyes before continuing her speech. "It really is an honor to get to compete in this year's IG-1. Getting to race against all the big names like Satomi, Velshtein and Sledge Mama, I couldn't dream of anything better!" The crowd roared in agreement with Juliet's statement.

"And there you have it folks! Rookie forward Juliet St. Marc, we hope this year will be as exciting for you as it already is for all of us!" Benjamin said as the pilots of Team Berserker continued to wave their thanks to the adoring fans before them.


"Damn it Carmen, tell me again why I have to dress like this?" Juliet muttered looking at herself in the floor length mirror. The knee length black dress she wore clung to her young figure and the black high heeled boots tied the outfit together. Her hair had even been done up into a neat and elegant bun. Carmen came up behind her friend and teammate, dressed in a sky blue evening gown. Her hair was neatly curled and pulled back with a jeweled hair pin.

"The answer is simple mon ami. Young ladies must look their best while being presented to some of the handsomest pilots in the world. I cannot possibly allow you the opportunity to run around the IG-1 opening party in jeans and a shirt now can I? I would be, how you say, ah embarrassed to see my dearest fille like that," she said as she reached over and pulled out a red, heart shaped necklace from her jewelry box. She handed the necklace to Juliet, who put it on, before motioning with her finger for the younger girl to turn for her. Letting out a frustrated sound at Carmen's odd fashion obsession, Juliet reluctantly gave her a slight twirl. Carmen clapped her hands together as her ice blue eyes lit up. "C'est magnifique!" she cried hugging the mildly irritated Juliet quickly before letting go and smoothing both their dresses out.

"Okay okay we look our 'best', so can we go get Aiden now and get to this stupid party so it can be over with?" Juliet sighed as she gave her appearance one more look over in the mirror before turning to the door. Carmen laughed lightly at Juliet's obviously annoyed tone before grabbing her matching blue shawl and hurrying after her friend, linking arms with the dark haired girl.

"Cher Juliet, you still have a lot to understand before you can fully comprehend the true meaning of looking one's best," she said as they went off to face the other pilots at the IG-1 opening party.


"Good evening IGPX fans! And welcome to the IG-1 opening party! I'm Benjamin Bright coming to you live from where all of the teams have gathered to be officially introduced to the fans." Juliet resisted the urge to wince at the sound of Bright's voice as the stage lights hit her in the face. Standing between her two teammates on the 'Team Berserker' platform, she looked out at the crowd of IGPX fans who had come clapping and cheering. Beside her, both Aiden and Carmen were waving, putting on their best smiles for the crowd.

"Let's meet our first team in this year's IG-1 folks! I present to you the rookie team straight out of the IG-2, Team Berserker!" pausing for the necessary amount of applause, Benjamin made his way over to them. Throughout his monologue on their achievements in the IG-2, Juliet glanced over at her fellow pilots, nervously anticipating any question Bright might ask her. The glances didn't go unnoticed as Aiden winked down at her with an encouraging smile and Carmen placed a supportive hand on her back. Juliet let out the breath she's been holding as Benjamin finally stopped in front of their team.

"And this is the forward of Team Berserker, Juliet St. Marc," he said as Juliet gave the crowd her signature innocent smile. "Tell us Juliet, you've built up quite the following among IGPX fans; how does it feel to be racing in the big leagues?" Benjamin held up the microphone to the young pilot before turning to smile for the cameras.

"It's great to be here tonight Benjamin, and it'll be a thrill to race in the IG-1. I hope we can learn from our races and that we can at least give all these championship material teams a run for their money," Juliet said, and the crowd began clapping and cheering their excitement. Visibly relaxed, Juliet stood with her team and waved to the crowd with a lot more enthusiasm then she had previously. Benjamin clapped along with the crowd before returning to his microphone.

"And there you have it ladies and gentlemen! Team Berserker!" he said. As he moved down the line and began introducing other teams, Juliet vaguely remembered hearing him say something about White Snow beating out Skylark for their spot, she noticed pair of eyes watching her from across the stage. Velshtein's Alex 'Cunningham' Hume was observing the new team with an odd flare in his eyes, as if they weren't pilots but a dinner course. Unnerved, Juliet took a step back from her spot before leaning over and whispering to Aiden.

"Is it just me, or is Velshtein's forward looking at us like we're lunch meat," she muttered, gripping his sleeve nervously. Aiden glanced down at her, mildly amused at her fears, before casting a glance towards Velshtein.

"Perhaps he's just admiring you in that dress," he joked, earning himself a death glare from the shorter pilot next to him. "Relax Juliet love, he's probably just checking out the competition. I heard that Cunningham has a reputation with new comers, that he's overly curious about their abilities," Aiden said putting a reassuring hand on Juliet's. "Nothing to be afraid of."

"Who said anything about being afraid?" Juliet hissed in response as Aiden shook his head with a bemused smile and Carmen stifled a giggle. Before the defender could comment on her friends state of mind, Bright turned and asked Team Satomi's forward, Takeshi Jin, what he thought of Team Berserker and their chances in the IG-1.

"Well, having started off as a rookie from the IG-2 only two years ago, I know that it's always a huge possibility that they'll turn out to be a real challenge on the track. I've seen most of Team Berserker's races, and I have to say I was impressed by their natural talent. I can't wait to face them," he said. Juliet's expression lit up with excitement as Benjamin turned away from Team Satomi to wish everyone a good evening for the cameras.

"Did you hear that? Takeshi Jin was impressed by us, US! Can you believe it?" Juliet said looking from Aiden to Carmen.

"Yes, it's rather exciting, isn't it?"Aiden smiled at his overly excited forward, Carmen letting out a deep sigh that caught both of their attention. "Anything wrong, Carmen?" Aiden asked. Carmen glanced over at them before smiling.

"I was just wishing Cunningham would look at me the same way he's looking at Juliet right now," she sighed. Juliet and Aiden both blinked at her before their shoulders shook as they desperately attempted to hold in their laughter. Carmen gave her two snickering teammates a reprimanding look as they made their way to the real formality of the evening, the dinner party.


'Man, I'm not cut out for these kinds of parties,' Juliet thought with a sigh as she took a glass of sparkling cider from one of the waiters. Sitting quietly at her table in the far corner of the room, she thought back to what her coach, an overly sarcastic Italian man named Antonio di Cuore, had told her about IG-1 pilots.

"They're all snobs, Juliet," he'd said as she was about to leave. "So if you ever get the chance to insult one of them, you better take it!" Of course he'd then been scolded by their team owner and founder Brian Zeker, CEO of his company Zeker Corp. Juliet sighed as she searched the crowd with her eyes for her two teammates. Aiden seemed to be doing fine, having struck up a conversation with the members of Team Satomi as the group seemed to be comparing IG-2 stories. Carmen was doing better than fine; she had two of the Velshtein pilots at her mercy as she charmed her way into their hearts with a flip of her hair and a well placed giggle in between the conversation. Too deeply enthralled in watching the people before her, Juliet failed to notice a figure make its way to her table and have a seat across from her.

"Not the sociable type I take it?" the figure said, its smooth, deep voice reaching Juliet's ears, causing her to tense up ever so slightly in shock. She'd heard that voice before, many times during interviews or at the end of races she's seen on TV. Calmly, she turned her head to meet the gaze of the one and only Alex Cunningham Hume, or the Ghost as he was more properly nicknamed. Sitting there with a relaxed pose, the Velshtein forward held Juliet's eyes with his own, deep blue meeting dark brown for what seemed like forever. The man was dangerous; Juliet knew that all too well. He was a threat off and on the tracks and he knew it. Resisting the urge to get up and rush to her teammates, Juliet let a false smile grace her face for only a moment.

"Wow. It's such an honor to meet you, sir. I've always been a fan of Team Velshtein," she said, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear as she observed Cunningham for the reaction. Her words may have been sweet, but she knew her eyes were still hard as she watched him. Cunningham noticed as well as he took in her words and her expression before letting out a low chuckle.

"I was told you were an interesting pilot," he said as he raised his champagne glass to his lips, his eyes never leaving hers. "However, I wasn't told you were so headstrong. But I figured that much from your races in the IG-2." Juliet couldn't help the look of surprise that flickered across her face. Cunningham had just admitted to watching Team Berserker's matches during the IG-2, a league he normally shouldn't even care for. Noticing her surprise, Cunningham smirked ever so slightly. "After all, natural talents are a thrill to take on during a race. Especially when all they have going for them is natural talent." Resisting the urge to display her disappointment on her face, Juliet mentally frowned at the Velshtein forward. He'd insulted not only her pride, but her team's pride as well. 'He's gonna pay for that one,' Juliet thought before looking away from Cunningham.

"Oh, really? And who are you to know what I really have going for me, sir?" she said, remembering to be polite to the overly self centered pilot. Cunningham was obviously amused by her reaction as he let out a sincere laugh. Getting up with his champagne, he went and stood next to her before looking down and holding her eyes again. Juliet kept her eyes on his, refusing to back down no matter how tall or menacing this man was. After a moment, Cunningham's intense look morphed into one of calm amusement. Lightly, he tapped his glass against her glass in cheers before taking a sip and turning to walk off.

"Oh, by the way. My name's Cunningham, not sir," he called over his shoulder before disappearing into the crowd. After taking a moment to fume silently, Juliet finally set her glass down and stood up, nearly colliding with Aiden as she did so.

"Goodness Juliet, what's the matter with you?" he said as he steadied the shorter pilot. "I've been standing here for a good few minutes and you didn't even notice I was there. What happened? And why were you talking with Cunningham?" Aiden said before he noticed Juliet's annoyed expression. "..Did he say anything threatening to you?" he asked, but stopped his worrying as soon as he heard Juliet scoff at the question.

"He didn't threaten me," she said as she walked arm in arm with Aiden away from the table.

"Well then, what has you so upset?" he sighed as Juliet glanced over to where Cunningham was talking with some of his teams' sponsors. Taking a moment to watch the other pilot before turning away, Juliet continued to fume mentally because of the irritating conversation she'd just had with the self absorbed Ghost.

"I'm not upset; that man just really pisses me off," she said before pulling a bemused Aiden over to reclaim Carmen from the other two Velshtein pilots.

To. Be. Continued.

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