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Warnings: Slash! Like always. Don't like it – don't read it!

I do not own any character but if - I would slash the whole Show.

It started after E 8. I changed some facts.

Life is change

Chapter 1

Life is change. In every moment you are something different from what you have been up to then; thus you are never entirely yourself.

Jose Ortega y Gasset

The change Scott's been through was hurting him and me. The best friend! The sidekick… the Robin to Batman …the Goofy to Mickey. Yeah that's me. Stiles Stilinski.

I will never be the hero …yeah except for this one time when I saved Derek from the bad ass alpha. Derek! He was no Lydia Martin …far from it. He was grumpy, stubborn, cold, well build and manly. I might have a little crush on him. No scratch that. Its not a little crush. It's a full heartbreaking crush. How I know that?

Hmmm lets think about it. Oh yeah…this one time he nearly got killed by the alpha? When he puked blood all over the place, cause the alpha took him by surprise and rammed his hand through his body. When I saw him lying death on the ground I wanted to puke my guts out. If it wasn't for Scott who took me and dragged me into school I swear I would have died there.

I wanted to scream like mad but I kept a cool façade and we lived.

I searched for Derek everywhere. Thanks to Scott who told the police that he wanted to kill us he had to hide. He took Scott by surprise when he was trying to kill Jackson and Allyson on their not Date. I was driving around…searching for Scott. Who loosened a werewolf on a full moon? Yeah. Me.

So when I found Scott I also found Derek. And my whole face lightened up like a Christmas candle.

"Dude! You are alive!" I clapped him on the shoulder and was greeted with a growl and a cold stare.

"Hands away!" he told me.

"Dude! Where have you been? I searched the whole town for you!" I told him.

"You did?" Scott asked me surprised.

"Yeah I did. I knew I could not handle you alone on a full moon. I tried. Sorry for the handcuffs by the way…buuuut I am not sorry for the dog nap. I am a good friend. But I only can handle that much…"

"Stiles…I am sorry. Full moon and…"

"Don't full moon me Scott. You had this evil killer face the whole week. It was like you have given up just because Allyson dumped you. Did you ever stopped and thought about how I would feel? You kissed her! And I don't want to know if she kissed you first. You kissed her back and you knew how I felt about her."

Derek just looked at me confused and hurt? What the hell. He can't look hurt.

"Who kissed who?" he asked.

"Scott s been snogging Lydia in the Locker room right after I asked him to ask her if she liked me…"

"I don't have time for that!" Derek rolls his eyes and turned around.

"Wait!" I nearly screamed.

"What now Stilinsky?" He was turning again and fixing me with a cold stare.

"Where are you living? Where can I find you when I need you…oh wait…that does sound like I am coming on to you!" I rambled. Sorry but when I am nervous I ramble a lot.

"I will find you!" he told me and gone he was.

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