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Chapter 15

Life is very short and what we have to do must be done in the now.

- Audre Lorde

Within a blink of an eye Derek moved to Kate Argent and grabbed the gun she was still aiming at him. Without hesitation he broke it in half, angrily growling at her.

"I told you he is dangerous… he will…!" Derek's eyes lighten up.

"Give me a good reason to not kill you right now…!" he barked at her.

"Your little toy boy here is going to die if you kill her!" Chris Argent stepped next to me, gun aimed at my head. Derek whirled around.

"Why the hell is everyone using me as a bait?" I was really annoyed.

My dad stepped into the living room, aiming the gun at Chris Argent. "If you shoot my son I'll shoot you!"

"God! Derek! Behave!" I said. "Mr. Argent Derek won't kill your sister as long she is playing nice and try's not to kill Derek. Dad! Gun down!" I was angry as hell. "We have other things to worry about. We can't kill each other – just as long as the alpha…not you Derek is out there! Why the hell are you an alpha anyway?"

Derek morphed back into human form, slightly shaking. "Not sure why…!" suddenly his eyes widened. "My uncle is death. That's the only explanation I have. They must have killed him in order to get in the house…but…now that I am an alpha too…I think they might not think about that!" with this he rushed out of the house.

"Derek wait!" I run after him full well knowing where he was heading.


"I need your car!" I whirled around to the Argents.

"No way kid!" Kate Argent put the keys away. My dad grabbed the keys of the cruiser and tossed them at me. "Don't mess it up!" he told me sternly. "There is a gun under the seat. If anything is happening…you will use it!"

"I will. Thanks dad. I love you!"

With that I was out in the car and driving to the hospital.


We arrived the same time at the hospital.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he asked.

"Helping you!" I took the shot gun out and loaded it with the last bullet I had.

We made our way through the hospital floors without seeing a nurse or a doctor.

"It*s pretty quiet here!" I said.

"Too quiet!" Derek nodded his head.

"Derek, if your uncle is death…you know that you still have family. Right? I mean…I consider myself family."

"Thank you!" he mouthed, rounding the floor and stepping into his uncles room.

The room was empty. No Peter Hale. No signs of an attack.

"The hell?" I asked stepping back onto the floor, running into someone.

"Gheeez sorry I didn't see…YOU oh my god!" When I turned around Peter Hale stood there.

"You must be Stiles!" he said with a manic smile on his face.

Derek whirled around. His eyes going from me to his uncle.

"You…you are the alpha?" he asked.

"I wanted to tell you. So bad!" he stepped closer to me, forcing me to go back into the room.

"I wanted to tell you what happened with me…"

Before I could blink Derek had grabbed me and angled himself in front of me.

"You killed Laura!" he spat.

"It was an accident!" Peter told him, still watching me.

"So the young boy…going to join us?" Peter's teeth's were growing and he looked at me.

"Ahhh no…refuse but thank's!" I waved my hand and stepped a few steps back. Derek growled furiously.

"How can we both be alphas?" Derek asked perplexed.

"Derek…Derek…I underestimated you. You got some loyal…friends…" Peter spat out looking at something or someone behind the curtain….

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