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One More Dance

She'd loved it. Dancing with him, even though they were both horrible, no matter how much they practiced or how many masters tried to teach them. It didn't matter that they stepped on each other's feet, or he'd end up tripping her and making her look bad when she fell.

She'd loved it.

But they didn't dance together anymore. It wasn't proper, not with Atemu married off to this Teana woman of all people, and not when Mana was to be married to Seto when the festivities died down.

Mana hated being proper. She hated how being proper meant that she could only be Atemu's Priestess, not his friend. She hated how being proper meant they had to marry people they didn't love for political reasons. She hated how being proper meant that nothing was ever going to be the same, especially since she found herself actually liking her new Queen.

Mahado might have argued that they could still dance together, that it wasn't improper for the two childhood friends to do that. Maybe others would agree. But neither of them could.

How could you handle being so close to someone you loved but not be able to hold onto them? How could you stay sane, feeling the one you loved more than life itself in your arms, knowing they couldn't be yours?

Everything… it was all changed now. And while everything changed, Mana lost the things –the people- she loved (Mahado, Atemu, my life…) one at a time.


Two years later, when the new Queen had died giving birth –not to the heir everyone hoped for- but a little girl, the Pharaoh named it after another woman who'd died the year fighting yet another enemy… named it after the woman he should have married.

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