Welcome, dear reader. You are part of an historic event. Well, not really but it is a first. Danny Phantom meets WITCH. Nick show meets Disney show/comic book. What you must know is that this story is told from the point of view of the narrator. And so, I now present to you, the public...

What Do We Do Now?

Chapter One

"So what do we do now?" Four girls sat around a pristine bed in an immaculate room, staring at the vacant shell before them. It was Irma who had spoken, the lively one of the group, the jokester. No humour was found in this comment however.

Let's try going back a few days earlier.

"So," said Cornelia, "what do we do now?" She swished her extensive, blonde locks back over her shoulder and came in for a landing. Another successful thrashing of evil Meridianite butt. She was answered by a flash of pink light and then, "Well, I suppose we could actually go get those mani-petti's like our mother's think we are." Will, the leader of the group known as WITCH, powered down the girls. Wings disappeared and outfits of turquoise, purple and pink were replaced by jeans and T-shirts.

"Sounds good to me," said Hay Lin, best described as the airy-fairy of the group, literally and figuratively. She glowed with anticipation of the pampering to come.

"Okay, but make it quick," Taranee. African-American and the smart one in the group."I still have to pack for the trip to Amity."

"Me too," Irma replied, "but I'm gonna hold off if there's chillaxin' to be done." The girls walked in the general direction of the mall, unaware of their peculiar observer.

"I told you, Kitty, I'm totally not cheating. I'm doing Vlad a favour." This observer was extremely occupied with his phone call. "Yes, Kitty. No, I swear. Because this time I won't do it. I'll be back as soon as I can, kitten. My job's just to split them up, that's it. NO, not like that! Look, Kitty, I have to go or I'll lose 'em. Yeeeeeeees, I will call you as soon as I'm done. Goodbye, Kitty... I'm hanging up the-DAMN SHE HUNG UP ON ME!" An eerie motorbike took to the skies at speed.

And now, about an hour later...

"Thanks Will," Cornelia remarked into her cellphone, "you were totally right getting us to actually do the same glitter on the nails. It looks great. Okay, gotta go. See ya tomorrow." She ended the call, then checked the street was clear before crossing. In the distance she could hear a motorcycle engine, but nothing else. She stepped into the street, heading towards her apartment block. Suddenly the motorcycle engine seemed far too close. She thought she heard someone say, "Shadow." However she barely had time to process the thought before a large black object covered her head. About to give whatever-the-heck-it-was a taste of the power of Earth, she stopped only because she heard an unknown guy screaming, "Move!" The black thing cleared her face only a second before impact, but it was enough time for Cornelia to register that the guy driving the motorcycle that was about to kill her was smiling.


And that's where it's gonna stop for now. Guess who the guy on the motorbike is. It shouldn't be that hard. Think eerie, with 2 e's. It's the same guy both times. And yeah it's short. It will be extended shortly, but I need at least 1 review! Think of it as a teaser. Please review.

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