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What Do We Do Now?

Chapter 4

Sam showed the transfer girls to the car (okay fine, the limo). She noticed how they kept a watchful eye on the Fenton Thermos. These girls were either incredible actresses or they actually had no idea what to do in case of a ghost (or more simply, run away rather quickly). The likelihood that they were ghost hunters decreased every second. For instance, ghost hunters, and the citizens of Amity Park, are used to the... mess after a ghost attack. These girls seemed awed by the scale of the destruction. Will even decided to ask, "Um, what happened to that building?" The tone of the question wasn't so much shock, more just plain old curiosity. It suggested that if they weren't ghost hunters, they were something else. Sam looked over at the still-smoking pile of rubble with a frown on her face. More crimes that Fruitloop could heap on Danny.

"Hmm, well judging by the way that it's been almost completely blown away and burned, I'd say Youngblood trying to be an astronaut. He would've tried to use that building as a landing pad or something." Sam's casual description seemed to throw the girls a bit.

Taranee piped up, "Who's Youngblood?"

"A ghost who can only be seen by kids, has a talking, shape-shifting skeletal-thing sidekick and acts like he's about 7 or 8 years old. He would've turned his pirate ship into a rocket. He seemed to like the idea of not wasting mouldable ectoplasm last time I got to talk to him. It can be hard to come by in the Ghost Zone, especially in the large amounts he needs..." Sam trailed off, realising that maybe she was scaring these newbies a bit too much on their first day. "Anyway, Phantom takes care of him when he starts causing real trouble for us living."

"Who's Phantom?" enquired Irma. "A ghost hunter? Or is he just that creepy guy who hangs around in a theatre?"

"He's a ghost." Bewilderment ensued in the 4 minds of WITCH. Sam could almost sense it. "He protects the town, keeps it safe, like," a grimace formed as Sam realised she was going to have to make a reference to a cliché, "Superman with Metropolis. Except for the dead part, but you get the idea." Sam felt an amused smile creeping over her grimace, and then shut it down swiftly. It wasn't easy being Goth, but there were standards, unspoken rules. Smiling in the presence of strangers came under the "Avoid At All Costs" list. "Meanwhile, we've arrived."

The girls stood inside the entrance of the mansion, milling around. No one wanted to be the one to break the silence. Taranee decided to open the telepath lines. So... We're here. Any idea where the rooms are?

"They're upstairs," Sam supplied. "Take the left staircase and follow the hall. The four guestrooms are the ones with the doors painted different colours." Sam winced at the thought of those almost hidden decorative monstrosities. "Here are your room keys." She tossed the four keys towards each girl in turn. "Will, you've got the-" another wince, "Pink Room, Irma's got The Ocean Suite, Taranee has the Cherry Library," that pun earned a look of disgust, "and Hay Lin's in Sky Blue Haven. Your stuff'll be in there by now. See ya later." Sam disappeared into her own room/fortress and the several clicks, thuds and a screech indicated that it was now shut off from the aggravatingly bright and cheery world. After sharing a glance that said, Wow, that was almost overdramatic, the four girls in the Entry Hallheaded up the aforementioned left-hand staircase.

On arriving in front of their accommodations for the next six months, Hay Lin said, "Hey guys, a thought just struck me." ("Such abusive thoughts you have, Hay-Hay," mumbled Irma.) "Did Taranee actually ask where he rooms where? Out loud, I mean." The looks that where exchanged this time translated to, Um, I hope so.

Sam had just finished the process that she knew off by heart of closing off her bedroom. A complicated series of locks, bolts, tumblers and the old favourite, the old, squeaky door. She wandered over to her desk and was about to jam her headphones over her ears when there was a knock at the window. To an outsider this might have been a little strange as Sam's room was on the third floor of her house (okay, mansion), but Sam had friends in unusual places. One of them being the one floating outside her window.

"Hey Sam," panted out Youngblood, dressed up, as she had predicted not too long ago, like an astronaut, "can I hide here for a bit? Your boyfriend's after my guts!"

"First off, sure. Broom closet, down the hall. No explosions, no screams, nothing or I call Danny. And when the coast's clear you go straight back where you belong. And Danny's not my boyfriend."

"Whatever gets you through the day, Sam!" the young ghost called as he headed through (and I do mean through) the door. Sam was about to continue with the headphone-jamming, when there was another knock on the glass. Well, yeah, you know who it is don't you?

"Hey," said Danny Phantom (who was not Sam's boyfriend), "have you seen Youngblood?"

Sam put on her of-course-I-have-but-I'm-gonna-pretend-I-haven't-anyway innocent face, a favourite with the parents. "No, I haven't seen Youngblood and he's not hiding in the broom closet down the hall on an understanding that as soon as you're gone he'll go back to the Ghost Zone." Danny read the sarcasm in her eyes in a second, then laughed and headed out the window, flying in what Sam knew was a homewards, and more importantly, homework-wards, direction. There was a maths test tomorrow, and Lancer was subbing for Ms Tang. Lancer knew what Danny Fenton could achieve if he tried.

Sam sighed. Danny could actually have the Fenton Genius-Gene, if he didn't have to take down at least a ghost a day. But Boxy had been on an escape spree. Danny would find some convenient reason to thrash him if he felt that mad at failing or something. Absently, she reached out to close the window, only to find them closing themselves. That brought her back to the problem. A lot of things seemed to point to Undergrowth's return. The reappearance of Eve (the frustratingly common name Undergrowth had secretly given his "daughter") or at least her powers was painfully obvious. Next would come the voices. There had been one in the hall with the transfer students. Eventually, they'd build up into a flood of screams, every blade of grass treaded on, every flower picked, every single tree cut down, anywhere and everywhere. She remembered how vegetables and fruits didn't shriek. They saw it coming in the first few seconds that they were alive... Back on the thought track. She'd told Danny right after the "Black Rose Incident" as Tucker had dubbed it. Sam shook herself and finally jammed on those headphones, letting the punk rock drown out any really consistent thoughts.

Can anyone else hear that? asked Taranee, her hands poised over her suitcase in the act of unpacking.

Well I can now, Irma sent back. Now can you make it go away. It hurts my head. Who's listening to punk?

Not me, from Hay Lin, cringing at the sound.

Not me either, Will thought, but I wish they'd keep it down.

HEY! came an unknown thought-voice, You're the ones in my head! It's not my fault if you don't like my music! Go back to your photosynthesis, or whatever! That peculiar line slammed shut and the offending composition ceased. Taranee gently shut off the rest of the lines. Slamming gave her a headache when it came from one of the girls, but this unfamiliar voice left her needing to sit down, rapidly. She felt her knees buckle and almost hit the floor there and then if it wasn't for Irma who had run as soon as she saw the slam-out coming, who caught her and guided her to a nearby window seat. Black sleep overtook Taranee.

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