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CHAPTER ONE: Who you are to me

The Doctor enveloped Amy in his arms and rested his head on her shoulder, as tears began to roll down her cheeks. She flung her arms around his neck and they stood, rocking side to side for a few minutes. Rory stood behind them, overseeing their heartfelt goodbye. He held baby Melody in his arms, bouncing her up and down, making her giggle. Amy retreated from the Doctor's embrace, wiping away her tears with the sleeve of her jacket.

"Don't cry" The Doctor said soothingly, stroking her left cheek with his thumb.

"Sorry." She replied, her emotions taking over.

He rested his hands on Amy's head, as he had done when they said goodbye at the Pandorica.

"Look around you Amy" He said, looking up. He took in the sight of the big stone house that was always too big for just Amy and her aunt Sharon, now the home of Amy, Rory and Melody Pond. The window frames had been painted blue, TARDIS blue, of course. And in the huge back garden the grass was freshly cut and the smell from Amy's vanilla scented lanterns wafted about in the air. The huge trees and shrubbery were cut back neatly, the buds of newly planted flowers could be seen poking out of the rich soil and the concrete was clean and was accessorised with new patio furniture. And to top it all off, it was a beautiful summers day, the sun shone brightly overhead and the cloudless blue sky was almost magical. "All this, is yours"

Rory walked forward, balancing Melody in his arm and resting his hand on Amy's left shoulder.

"Thank you Doctor, thank you for everything. It was brilliant" He smiled, nearly in tears himself.

"That's ok. You were brilliant, both of you" He replied. He stroked Melody on the nose, in the same playful way he did with the grown up River.

"Will we ever see you again?" Amy asked, interrupting him talking baby to Melody.

He paused. He was always asked this question. The most difficult question. He always felt he was inclined to say no, but that was never the case. Martha, Donna, Rose, Sarah, Jack, he had seen them all again. No doubt he would see the Pond's again too.

"Oh, I should think so" He smiled. "Right then, I should be off. Goodbye you two. Whoops, three. Sorry Melody" He leaned in, smiling and apologising in baby.

"Goodbye Doctor" Rory replied, jiggling Melody up and down again.

"Bye Doctor" Amy whispered through her tears.

The Doctor turned his back to them and slowly paced his way back towards the TARDIS with his head down.

"Wait!" Amy cried out tears still streaming down her face.

The Doctor stopped and pivoted back to face her. He rested on his TARDIS as Amy raced over.

"Please. Please don't go" She murmured, fiddling with his bowtie.

"I have to" He swallowed. He had a huge lump in his throat, and tears were gathering like whirlpools in his eyes. He stroked Amy's beautiful ginger hair. "It's time for you to grow up now Pond"

"No. No I don't want to" She whispered, shaking her head.

"You were so brave. When you were taken by Madame Kovarian, and when they took Melody. And every one of the six times Rory died. You were so strong. You were brilliant!"

"Doctor, I need you" She answered.

"No. No you don't. You've got Rory, and Melody and this is your new start in Leadworth, don't throw it away because of me" He answered, pulling her into a hug again, stroking her head gently. "Don't worry. You'll see me again. I promise"

Rory walked over as The Doctor and Amy pulled apart, he handed Melody to her and hugged the Doctor goodbye. Despite what he had put him through, dying six times and making him feel insecure all the time, he had enjoyed the adventures and the Doctor had always done his best to keep them safe, and for that, Rory was grateful.

"Bye Mr Pond" The Doctor chuckled.

"Bye..." He paused to think of a witty come-back, but failed, and replied with "D...oc...tor"

"Look after her" The Doctor whispered in his ear as he leaned in to pat him on the back.

Rory nodded. "But if she starts making me dress up as you again, I'm calling you up and having my little rant!" he laughed.

And with that the Doctor and the Pond's waved goodbye, and the TARDIS door closed shut, tears fell from Amy's eyes again as the TARDIS break noise kicked in and in a second, he was gone.

He materialised somewhere in deep space. He was sad. He had hidden it for Amy's sake, but he was sad. He had known Amelia Pond since she was a little girl, just seven years old, and now, there in Leadworth, he had left a woman, standing with her husband and baby girl. He could hardly believe it was the same Amelia. He didn't feel like exploring or having one of his adventures, he just felt like drifting in outer space. He began to walk around his console, for the fifth time. He flicked a switch. He was all alone again. The lonely Doctor.

Suddenly, a beam of white, silvery light appeared just in front of the entrance. The Doctor stared at it in disbelief, remembering the first time he had met Donna when she had been transported to the TARDIS. But to his surprise, the light disappeared, revealing, River.

"Hello sweetie!" She cooed, smiling as she saw him.

"River?" He asked, confused as to why she was here. "What are you doing here? How did you get here?" He flapped his arms about as River walked over.

"I used the TARDIS teleport that you gave me" She replied, stroking his hair.

"What?" He answered, slightly uneasy. He had kissed her before. Well, she had kissed him. But this time, she seemed more familiar with him, she acted as if he should know that they were in a relationship...which, they weren't. At least, he didn't think they were.

"Oh, um...spoilers!" She said, dropping her right hand from his hair. She realised that he wasn't that far along in their timeline. "Ooh" she cooed, realising where they were. "We're at the midpoint!"

"The midpoint?"

"Yes, sweetie. The halfway point in our timelines, well, almost"

"So what does that mean?" he said, flirting with her again as he stepped closer.

"It means, sweetie..." she replied, moving in even closer towards his body. "That it's time you knew a little more about us"

"Us?" He answered, but he was cut off as River grabbed onto his shirt and pulled him right up to her. Her body was pressed against his as she kissed him, her soft lips gently pressed against his. Her lips tasted of his favourite delicious gallifreyan berries, her beautiful, soft, golden hair was tickling him and her inviting scent wafted up his nose. For a second, just, a second, he lost himself in the moment, he was away from reality, and he was, he was enjoying it. But he soon snapped out of his daze and pushed her away.

"River! What are you, we, doing?" He asked, slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, sweetie, you're going bright red!" She laughed, walking back towards him and stroking his cheek. He pushed her back, and walked around the console, as if trying to escape her.

"River, I don't understand. You say that we're halfway, so we are meeting in the middle, so we should know each other equally. But you seem to think that, I...that, we, are in a relationship!" He flapped his arms about again. "But I don't have any recollection of us. And why did you kiss me when I dropped you off at Stormcage after America?"

"I thought...maybe you knew more. I'm sorry" She sighed and took a seat on the console room sofa. "I hate this. I hate you not knowing who I am"

"But, I know who you are!" He cried, joining her on the sofa and taking her hands. "You're Amy and Rory's daughter! You're Melody Pond"

"Yes, I am. But..."

"But...I still don't know who you are, to, me" He said, finishing her sentence for her.

She nodded solemnly.

"River, why can't you tell me?" He asked, in his soft, deep, gentle voice. He was so beautiful. River could barely resist his charms. And she could feel the words about to roll off her tongue, but she had to stop herself. She had to. He couldn't know yet. It wouldn't work if he were to find out now. Would it?

"Because, it wouldn't work. I want to tell you. I want you to know. But now's not the time sweetie. And I don't know what will happen if I do" she whispered.

The Doctor couldn't resist her charms, her scent and the way she called him sweetie. He didn't know who she was yet, but that didn't stop him. It was almost like he had no control. He leaned in, his lips met hers and he planted one gentle kiss on her cherry red lips. They pulled apart; just long enough for their eyes to meet. She looked at him knowingly, her mouth creeping into a smile, and before they knew it, they were wrapped in each other's arms, kissing.

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