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Emily the Empath

Chapter One
The Unwilling Stalker

On an exotic island in the middle of nowhere a couple lay on the otherwise deserted beach. One of the couple was a small woman with short, black hair. The other was a blonde man. They were both strikingly pale and even more strikingly beautiful. Their golden eyes drank in the sight of each other, intimately. For anyone who may have been passing, it would have been awkward. But there was nobody. They made sure of that.

This was a vacation after the tension of the last few weeks. No, scratch that, the tension from the last few years. Things had been sorted out. Firstly, they were now certain that none of them was going to accidentally eat Bella and anger Edward. Secondly, they were equally certain Edward was not going to eat Bell and be angry. Thirdly, nobody else wanted to eat Bella and anger the whole lot of them. Fourthly, the Volturi had no reason to try and kill them all… Well, they did, but there was no way they could, now. And to sum it all up, fifthly, everything had worked out well.

Suddenly the black-haired woman's eyes grew glazed. Her partner, used to the sight by now, sighed and waited. He watched as those golden eyes, framed by pale skin and a black halo, scanned the future, distance places and times. The future called on Alice. In turn, she could sometimes ask it favours, sometimes dive into its depths of her own accord, but mostly it was that huge, unstoppable force which determined what she saw. After a while the eyes focused on him again.

"Alice?" Jasper murmured gently, so gently nobody else would have heard. The expression on Alice's face was confusing, as were her raging emotions. They flickered from delight to worry to sadness, and across what felt like the whole emotional spectrum.

"Alice?" he asked again, more concerned this time.

Alice sighed. "Jasper...You remember how we went on this vacation because we thought everything was finally settling down?"


"We were wrong."

Aro stalked the streets of night-time Volterra, breathing in the scent of the city's night-life. The scents washed over him; the buildings, the people and, most importantly, the blood. This was the first time he had been out hunting in a while, and after the disappointment of... recent activities, he could use a distraction.

To not even acquire one new guard...To have shaken up the faith in the Volturi, he thought to himself, clenching his fist. A crack resounded around him and he looked down at the stone wall he had accidentally taken a chunk out of. There was a brief lull in the sounds around him as the various insects and animals, humans included in that category, paused at the sudden crack, but they soon resumed their normal activities. He was waiting, in an alley, for a human to walk past him. He had been waiting for a while. He'd chosen it because it was a good place to think, and sometimes creatures who'd thought as much as Aro, who had consumed so many of the thoughts of others, needed time to process it all. But it was not a good hunting spot, and he needed that more than quiet.

Finally, Aro decided that the alley was too recluse for anyone to make their way past and walked out into the street. He breathed in the night air, despite not actually needing the oxygen, trying to decide which of the scents he would follow tonight. Aro began walking in the direction of the town square, where he would surely be able to find some gullible tourist or an unknown runaway to feast upon. Suddenly voice rang across the stone walls.

"This is kind of strange," cheerfully mused a human female to herself from where she leant on a wall somewhere behind him. Aro didn't pause. The wind was pushing against him, taking her scent away from him. No matter. There were plenty of courses to choose from.

"I am talking to you, you know." Again, the voice resounded across the stones. This time Aro paused. What drew his curiosity more was that she seemed to feel none of the usual aversion to his kind that humans normally did. He slowly turned, the girl coming into sight. She was of European appearance, with freckles across her nose and shoulder-length brown-blonde hair. She didn't speak with any accent Aro could detect, and usually he could pick up some hint of place. She wasn't afraid, or even nervous. She wasn't stunned by his beauty, as normal humans usually were. She looked cheerful, but was looking at him with her head tilted, a slightly blank look in her eyes. Like he confused her.

"Are you?" he asked mildly, vaguely wondering what the human wanted. She spoke English. A tourist? In which case, dinner may have come to him.

She sighed. "Okay, I can tell this is going to be a little hard on both of us, as it seems you're the less intellectually endowed of the two of us. I'm not particularly comfortable with this arrangement, but hey! Who's complaining. Aside from me." She frowned. "Wait, no, not aside from me… I am complaining! I do not like this! I don't stalk people… Well, I do, but only because it's funny, and only when I feel like it."

Aro glanced behind him. The girl's hazel eyes were focused on a point just over his shoulder. He looked back at her. "Who," he said slowly, not sure whether to be offended or amused. "Are you talking to?"

"Don't interrupt, I'm complaining," she said to him severely, her eyes flicking back over his shoulder. "Yes, I know you think it's necessary, but I do not like… No, this sucks. This has gone beyond sucking. My life has reached a new level of sucking-ness." She paused for emphasis. "It. Really. Sucks."

"Is that so?" Aro asked, stepping towards her. There was nobody around, and this girl would suit his craving for blood just fine. Her babble was both confusing and tiring.

She smiled. "No, I'm just messing with you. I do that a lot. Really, I find it cool that a millennia-old ghost hangs around a vampire of about the same age."

Aro froze. "What?" He looked over his shoulder again. Nothing.

"Well, I know why. She wants to give you a message." The girl smiled, then frowned. "No, don't do that. It's icky… I don't like it when you come inside me… It feels weird… Look, I'm telling you… Damn it, don't ignore me!"

Aro blinked.

Then Emily did too. But when she opened her eyes, she was no longer Emily. The hazel had turned to blue. Her stance had changed, the way she held herself becoming more proud and simultaneously more withheld. Her expression smoothing into lines of tranquil alertness that Aro hadn't seen for a very, very long time, but that nevertheless were as familiar as his own face.

"Aro, don't turn away from your destiny. I've always told you not to. Don't tell me you've forgotten."

He knew those eyes.

He knew that voice.

It was her.

"Maya," he whispered softly, almost choking on the word. A mysterious smile flitted across the girl's face -a smile that belonged to another, older being- before she blink, pulled a face. "Did...Did I just do that...thing, where I speak, but it's...it's not me?" Aro, otherwise frozen, nodded. "Bugger! I hate being possessed! Stupid thousand-year-old ghost, GET YOUR OWN BODY!" She abruptly yelled. She looked around, and her face dropped. "Ghost? Here, ghostie ghostie ghostie… No. No, no no… You're not still in my head are you? Damn it, get out of there! I need that noggin for thinking about very important things, like trolling various state leaders on the internet!"

She ran a hand through her hair and sighed, looking at Aro. "You right there, vampy boy? You look a bit pale…" She smiled expectantly. "Do you get it? Pale? Because you're a… Vampire?" She shrugged nonchalantly. "I thought I was funny." She turned, began walking away. "Anyway, got better things to do than catching up with vampy boys, like finding an exorcist. See you… Maybe." The girl turned around, showing again that she had none of the fear Aro's kind usually generated in humans, and began to walk off. He stayed, frozen.

A slight noise from the shadows, made deliberately, drew Aro's attention. Marcus was standing behind him. Aro looked at him, composing his features.

"Yes, Marcus?" Aro replied mildly. "Is something wrong in Volterra?"

"Ah, so you do not rule alone," came that over-familiar voice. The girl was paused, ten or so metres away from them both. She slowly turned around and both of the elite vampires saw that her eyes had turned blue.

Marcus, his face void of emotion, held out a hand to Aro. Aro touched his palm to the others. He saw the familiar thoughts, then new ones, the alarm-edged thoughts Marcus meant for him to see. Your relationship with that human changed in a second. It was an unnatural change. There's something there, Aro. Something which shouldn't be there at all. Someone.

"I know, Marcus," acknowledged Aro.

The girl was looking confused again, her eye colour the hazel it was before. "That's strange. It's like...I can't walk more than...Well, more than a little while away from you before the ghost takes over and makes me go back to you. Oh, no!" she gasped suddenly, alarm and disgust crossing her expression. "A ghost is making me into a stalker! I don't want to be a stalker! Stalkers are creepy! I told you, ghostie, I only stalk if it's funny!"

Marcus looked at Aro. His thoughts were clear in Aro's mind. If what the human is saying is correct, there may only be one solution. Aro nodded and looked to the girl.

"I apologise for this. It really isn't the course I would have liked to take. A medium would have been very interesting to keep around."

The girl looked at him in confusion. "What...?" Then she realised. "Oh, you're going to try to kill me?" She seemed amused by the prospect. "Yes, please do."

Aro raised an eyebrow. "You want to die?"

"Oh, yes, dying to." She smiled. "Do you… Get it…" She frowned, looked at Marcus. "Shut up, Marcus, nobody asked you." Marcus said nothing.

Aro had devoured the willing before, but none so… Cheerful. Still, it needed to be done. Maya had chosen the wrong person, if she was really there. Aro moved behind the girl in the blink of an eye. She didn't even have time to wonder where he had gone before Aro reached for her, confident that the mystery was about to be solved and his thirst about to be quenched.

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