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Emily the Empath

Chapter Twenty

The Final Stand

"…Can we stop for ice cream?"

"No, we are going to stop world domination."

"And we may need ice cream so we can be cool," nodded Emily. "You know, because ice cream is cool, and because only cool people can be leaders."

"Emily," Aro said, running along North America. "Has it occurred to you that the reason a horde of vampires is trying to take over the world because you annoyed them into doing it?"

"…I guess we can stop when we get to Italy, then," Emily sighed. "And get some gelato." She was silent for a moment. "Mm, gelato." Emily gasped. "Hey, Aro!"

"What now?"

"You know what would be the coolest. Thing. Ever."


"An ice cream party!"

"No." He stopped. Emily ran a bit longer before realising and came back for him. "This is the quickest way to Italy."

"What? A boat?"


"Yay, swimming party!"

Heidi and Felix stood, alone, in the large tower room. There were definite cracks which hadn't been there before that thing came there. But it was good. It served as a reminder to Heidi and Felix. This was why they fought. Because Aro couldn't be trusted to lead the Volturi. And because that thing he kept taking with him was so annoying that dominating the world in order to find and crush her in every way possible did not seem too much of an over-reaction.

Someone knocked on the door. It was Giovanna. When they had asked her if she wished to stay with them without Aro, Marcus, Caius, Jane, Alec and a lot of the others, who were still loyal to Aro, she simply said, "I will do what you require."

"Send them in," said Felix majestically. Giovanna opened the door and pulled in ten humans looking nervous and eager, some with more of one emotion and less of the other. They all smelled good. Such a nice change. "Benvenuto. Sapete perche` siete qui?" Welcome. You all know why you're here?

They looked at him, nodded.

"Volete diventare vampiri?" You all want to become vampires? He smiled.

There was a more enthusiastic round of agreement.

"Perche`?" Why? "E` perche` volete di essere piu` forti, piu` veloci, piu` bello?" Is it because you want to be stronger, faster, more beautiful. "Volete avere il mondo ai piedi?" Do you want to have the world at your feet?

Now there was even greater enthusiasm. Heidi smiled. She liked these ones. They were all male this time, and she how most of them looked at her. She slinked forward. "Volete…" she whispered. Do you want… "Avere donne… Per sempre?" To have women… forever?

Now all of them looked at her, and there was no mistaking the look in their eyes.

"Allora mi seguite," she whispered, turning to go out of the room. Well then, follow me. "Ma." But. She stopped. "In questo momento… Voglio uno di solo." Right now I want… Just the one.

"Beh, significa," sighed Felix. Well, this means... "Dovete decidere fra voi." You have to decide amongst yourselves. "Come?" How? "Di combattersi." By fighting each other. "Alla morta." To the death.

"Solo il meglio acceteremo," Heidi said. We will only accept the best.

"Anch'io." As do I. This was a new voice, which broke the hold Heidi and Felix's hypnotic words had over the humans. They turned and saw, leaning against the door, a figure they hadn't been prepared for. Aro had returned. He looked at the humans, sighed. "Hungry as I am… They will not satisfy my fury. Se siate pocchisimo intelligente, lasciarete." If you are the slightest bit intelligent, you will leave. He held open the door. "Se no… State. Ho fame." If not… Stay. I'm hungry.

They all looked at each other uncertainly for a long moment. Then one began walking towards the door. Five more followed. But four of them crossed their arms and looked resolute. Aro decided to ignore them for now. Instead, he looked at a frozen Felix and Heidi. "Well, well, well… I go away for less than a day and find, in my place, impostors on the throne. How did you get rid of the others?"

Suddenly, he appeared behind them, gently touched Felix and Heidi on the necks. They vanished, but he had seen. "Ah, that makes sense… You began raising the newborns before I even left, in secret. And then you used them to defeat everyone who wouldn't accept you or run. Now you plan to hunt them down?" He laughed gently. "You're both old enough to know when you've bitten off too much."

"We defeated you, Aro," Felix said quietly. "All your supporters are gone."

"They left, and will be back. You defeated a few. A few good Volturi who I respected and admired." Aro smiled slightly. "But, for that, you will suffer."

Emily woke when she heard feet clattering past her. The only vampires in the vampy-hole were slutmuffin and her new boyfriend. Aro too, now. Or the humans wouldn't have been able to get away like they were. She sighed and decided to make Aro's job a little easier for once. She stood, wiped their memories, and sent them on their way without any clue why they were there. She sat back down, having a slight headache.

'Maya? Are you in here?'

I'm always in here.

'You're not making me run after him now?'

The time for that is long gone.

Emily felt sad for a moment. 'Ah, but they were good times, weren't they?'

Maya's laugh tinkled through her head. They were interesting.

'Never did get that party, though.' She coughed slightly. 'What's wrong with me? Years of being healthy as a horse –healthier, to be honest- and now I feel like I'm coming down with every disease possible.'

It feels that way.

Emily was silent for a long moment. In a small voice, almost a whisper inside her head, she asked, 'Maya? What's happening to me?'

You know what's happening, Emily.

Aro came out a little while after, dusting his hands. "Giovanna?"

Giovanna smiled at him. "Yes, Aro?"

"Could you clean up in there? I'm afraid it's a little… Messy."

Her smile grew. "Of course."

"But first, I have something to show you." She stood, and he led her into the room. Without warning, he struck. He held on long enough to see that she had obeyed with the intention of becoming a vampire and then finding the others to overthrow the usurpers. The venom began to spread. He let her drop to the ground. After a moment, she began to gasp. "Remember to clean up when you've changed." He left her, wiping his mouth and shutting the doors behind him. He found the four who'd decided to stay behind. They demanded that he turn them, tried to attack Aro. Half an hour later, they were all dead, and he was full for the first time since he met Emily. He went into the reception and found a few newborns waiting for him.

"Where are Heidi and Felix?" one asked him uncertainly. Even to someone who had never seen him, Aro's aura of leadership couldn't be missed.

"They have been taken care of," he answered. "And I have a few questions."

Aro began challenging the newborns, seeing who was suitable for the Volturi and who wasn't. They began coming to the place, as if told to leave while there were humans and return after. Some were so unsuited to their life that he killed them, wondering why they'd been changed in the first place. Some, he sent away, telling the more emotionally sensitive or morally inhibited to go to the Denalis or the Cullens. If Alice wasn't watching, they would be very surprised very soon. Some he simply told to get out and find their own way and, if they were good enough, maybe they could be allowed back later. A few gems he told to stay.

His own people returned as well. Those who had willingly betrayed him, he killed quickly and without being hesitation. Those who had gone along with it, not feeling particularly either way, he banished for a century. Those who had hidden, or who'd been plotting to take down the usurpers, he welcomed, and sent out to gather the rest of the newborns. It would take a while, but it had to be done.

After a while, another figure came to him. "Hello, Aro," greeted Alice calmly.

"Alice," he replied. "Your partner had to remain behind?"

"Yes, to care for your little presents. We've gotten together with the Denalis to try and help them all."

"Remember to warn them what happens if they take the wrong path."

"They don't need warning, after what you did."

"Convey it anyway."

She nodded, looked around. "I also have a message. From Carlisle."

"Go on."

"He says he agrees with your new measures, and thinks your reign will improve." She smiled slightly. "He didn't tell me to say this, but he's proud of you."

"That's good."

"Have you seen Emily?"

"Happily, no. I don't doubt that she'll pop up again. Although I'm afraid I've killed her main source of entertainment… perhaps letting Heidi live would have been a better punishment after all…"

"Maybe," Alice said. She and Aro said their goodbyes to each other and she left.


Emily woke up. She tuned over, saw Alice leaning over her with concern in her eyes. "Alice!" She hugged the vampire violently.

"Ack… Smell…" Alice stopped, hugged her back. "Actually… Your smell is fading. You don't look so good either…"

"That'd be right," Emily said, withdrawing but holding onto Alice's arms. "How's Aro? I'm presuming that's where you went."

"Yeah, he's fine, it's all getting sorted out." She looked around. "Emily, what are you doing sleeping under a tree? The Volturi entrance is right over there. Since you don't smell as bad, someone might kill you."

Emily shook her head. "I can take care of myself."

Alice looked at her closely. "Are you sure?"

The Empath nodded. "Alice… Can I say something? Before you go, I mean? Because I need to be right here right now. And you need to leave in a second, you know you do. But I just want to say… Thanks."

Alice shook her head. "For what?"

"I found you and pulled you out of that dark place you were in, just after you changed, because I wanted your gift. I was selfish. And lonely. But you… You saw that and still became my friend. I liked you. You could stand me. You were a friend to me, and even in my long life, I don't have that many. So thanks for being the only and best friend I've had in years." She hugged Alice all the tighter.

"Emily, why are you saying this?" Alice asked, frowning.

Emily let her go. "You need to get going now. Go, help the newborns." Alice stayed for a little longer but eventually did what Emily asked and left.

She knew what would happen. Emily knew she knew. They'd said their goodbyes. Alice felt strangely peaceful. There was sadness, but peace too.

"Goodbye, Emily," she murmured as she walked away.

Gradually, the Volturi were returning to normal. A better normal than there had been before. Jane and Alec returned. Marcus and Caius too. Finally, Aro decided to go walking around the city, see what he could find. He followed the same route that he had when he first met Emily, but he found nothing. He supposed she'd gone her own way. He was about to return when he heard a voice say, "hey. Not going to go without saying goodbye, are you?"

He turned. "I was wondering when you'd show." He did a double take of Emily. She was standing, but it was clearly with a great personal expense. "What's happened to you?"

She blinked, and it wasn't Emily talking to him any more. "Aro. Ah, Aro, my pride and joy. Rule them, will you? Because it's time for me to go, and go for good this time."

Aro looked at her. "Maya…"

"Let me tell you something, Aro. In every universe there is an Empath. In every single one. But not this one. From now on, there will be no more Empaths."

"What are you saying? Maya!" She blinked and Emily was back.

"She's saying that we're dying, Aro. Both of us, forever."

Aro was silent for a long, long time. "Do you want to die?" He finally asked.

"Maya is tired. We've both been walking a long, long…" She swallowed. "…Long time. We've seen the ugly, the despair, the rot. We've seen the beauty." She smiled. "Oh, the beauty… Yes, there's so much of that too. But now it's time. Because, the thing is, Aro… I could go on living for all of eternity and the world would still be big and small and ugly and beautiful all at the same time. But I keep sleeping. My body is telling me it's time to stop." She laughed, but there was something which quivered in the sound. "I thought it was Maya at first, then I thought it was you, Aro. But it's not any of those things. It's me. I'm dying."

Aro watched Emily closely. He could almost see the life ebbing away from her. "Maya is the reason I am here. She wanted someone to take over, didn't she?"

Emily nodded, the effort it took her obvious.

"So she could die like this."


"Well… Maya. I wish you well. Whatever is next, I hope it's enough for you. And Emily…" He sighed. "Please, if there is a God, do not annoy him so much he gives up on creation."

At this, Emily smiled. "Go home, Aro. It's been fun, though."

It was a physical struggle for Aro to say his next words because of a sudden rise in emotion. The emotion wasn't despair. It was incredulity. "Yes, I suppose it has been. Goodbye, Emily. Goodbye, Empaths."

"Goodbye, Aro, one and only leader of the Volturi."

With that, they parted. Aro watched Emily stumble down the road for a bit before descending into the underground system.

The world rolled around Emily. It felt like that one time during the sixties where she'd tried a strange drug that was actually strong enough to affect her. As she blinked, she began to see the dead around her. Maya had been blocking them for a long time. But she couldn't now. Either she'd grown weaker, or they stronger, or both. She only realised she'd fallen when she felt the impact of hard road on her face.

A tear slipped down the Empath's cheek. "Is there anything after, Maya?"

I don't know. I never went. I suppose we'll both find out now. Maya sighed. And, in the morning, when they wake and walk the streets and go about their little, human lives, or their vampire lives, they will not find a body. We will have never existed. And that is how it should have always been.

Emily coughed a laugh. "I'm never going to get that party, am I?"

I'm afraid not, Emily. I'm afraid not.

Emily sighed. "No."


"I don't want this. I don't want to die. You do, but I don't. You said that every universe has an Empath. I'm not going to die, Maya. I'm going to get a new body in a new universe. But I'll miss you."

The world became like a broken mirror, every shard reflecting one another to create endless reflections.

"And then I'll have my damn party."

Maya laughed.

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