Chapter 1

Oh grate, just what I needed I sighed as I tried to get my black ford focus to work. The engine sputtered for a while before cutting out again. I had just broken down on a hard shoulder in the middle of the night with no one around to help me out. It's just as bad there was no phone reception, so looks like no one's coming to help me out ERR I hate my life sometimes.

"Oh come on work please" I begged my car turning the car key, yet again the engine sputtered before cutting out growling in frustration I slammed my fists down on the steering wheel. I didn't move for a while I just sat in the driver's seat looking out into the darkness that surrounded the car. Double checking all of the locks to my car making sure that everything was secure for the night I jumped into the back seat getting changed into my all in one suit it was black and white with dark blue polka dots. Looking at the all in one suit I was wearing reminded me of home laying in darkness I lifted the blanket that was lying in a heap on the floor onto me wrapping myself into a tight cocoon.

Slowly closing my eyes and I started drifting off into a soundless sleep. First light hit my face; it made me pull the blanket over my head I felt like rubbish I had back pains from all of the nights I have been sleeping in my car. Before long I kicked the blanket off of me and got re-changing into the pair of faded blue jeans and black tank top I was wearing yesterday my black leather jacket was lying on the passenger side seat. I was travelling to Washington D.C to get away from my parents they hated mutants and guess what I'm one. Yeah kicked out of the house I called a safe haven for so long just because I was different than everyone else. Slowly climbing over to the driver's side door grabbing my black converse that were by the brake pedals I slipped them onto my feet I didn't untie them because I couldn't be bothered to. Unlocking the door to my car I stepped out into the glorious sunshine looking up and down the road I was amazed that no one was driving past. I would have expected trucks to be delivering goods to the nearest towns already, turning around and bending down I looked at the dash board the time was 9:45am; already my stomach was grumbling to me.

Sitting in the driver's seat I looked down at the floor and rested my arms on my knees. Waiting around was boring I kept thinking on how I had gained my abilities but it was all just blurry images to me. We mutants are the most dominant species on the planet that's why we're so special. All of us have been given special abilities to help or destroy the human race. I could hear it the distant a sound of a car coming down the road it sounded like it had a flat tire, I could see it coming down the road now at high speeds but it slowed down and stopped in front of me the car was a sleek black police cruiser. A tall man got out he had dark brown hair and brown eyes that were looking at me worriedly he made a slow walk towards me.

"Are you ok" he asked as he stopped in front of me.

"Yeah I'm fine but my car isn't" I replied. "Would you be able to get a mechanic down here to get this fixed?"

"Yeah let me call it in for you" the police officer walked back to the police cruiser and called into the radio for a mechanic to come pick up my car. "It will be here soon, I'd say about an hour or so" the officer stayed with me while we waited for the pick-up truck to come and move my car away to the nearest garage. All ready an hour and half had passed then the sound of another car coming made me happy, the car that was coming round the corner was the pick-up truck it stopped in front of my car and the police cruiser.

"Let's get this car into town shall we" the truck driver said he was a large man with a gray beard and was wearing blue overalls underneath that he was wearing a gray t shirt moving his truck closer to my car. He got out walked round the back lowered the ramp he connected my car to a pulley then pushed a button on the side to lift my car onto the back. We both jumped into the truck driving very fast down the motorway we were followed by the police cruiser. From looking out of the passenger side window I could see the town it was small from the looks of it there were only a few tall buildings. The driver slowed down when we entered the town when we came to a fork in the road the police cruiser turned right and we turned left. The truck pulled into the garage; there were heat waves rising from off the metal roof spending the entire day waiting in the stuffy garage, the air condition was on full blast sweat was still sliding down my lightly tanned skin. I had to tie up my black hair and I felt a breeze brush past the back of my neck it made a cold shiver run down my back. The engine had to be replaced and re-fitted and made sure that it worked properly. After all the commitment that was placed into my car it was finally fixed it worked like it was brand new. I thanked the mechanic for all his hard work that he had put into it to get it working again I paid him for all the trouble it had caused.

"Would it be ok if I crash on your couch" I asked.

"Yea you can will you be alright in here" he replied I nodded my head as a thank you he was just washing the oil off of his hands. My car keys were in my jacket pocket unlocking the door to my car I grabbed my blanket and pillow out of the back slinging my backpack over my shoulder slamming the car door shut I locked it back up again. Walking back over to the couch I placed all of my things down, and left them there for a while I placed my car keys down on the table before going to the bathroom. The mechanic turned out the light when I had finished with the bathroom after getting changed in my all in one suit and was settled down on the couch with my blanket around me. Closing my eyes I tossed and turned for a little while trying to get comfortable, I drifted off into slumber. A bad dream took over my thoughts it was the day that I had the Adamantium on my bones cause the death of two people. When I awoke my claws on my left hand were out they were digging into my left leg I gasped out in pain as I pulled them out the wounds had healed over quickly. My claws went back in between my knuckles my backpack was on the floor next to me I quickly got changed into a new pair of clothes right before anyone could come in and see the blood on my all in one suit. The mechanic opened up the garage door he watched as I placed my dirty Pj's quickly into my backpack.

"Good morning sleep well" he asked.

"Yeah just fine thanks" I replied.

"Here got you some breakfast before you head out so where are you going if you don't mind me asking" he asked again.

"I'm going to Washington D.C" I replied "do you know the best route to get there quickly" I asked pulling out my map

"Yeah I know the quickest route" he replied getting a big red maker pen and marking down the best route to go.

"Thank you this is really appreciated, your helping me out a lot" I smiled at him. He handed me a brown paper bag with a bacon and egg sandwich in it. He started to eat his I sat down on a crate next to him we both happily ate in silence when we both finished; he gave me a bottle of water. I asked him were the nearest shop was so that I could get some more supplies for my journey he pointed to the shop across the road I thanked him as I quickly dashed across the road then entered the shop I picked up some chocolates and some sandwiches with two big bottles of flavoured water. I paid for the things and came back over to the garage I saw that my black ford focus was outside on the front looking as beautiful as ever gleaming in the sunshine.

"Thanks for getting it out for me" I said to the mechanic with a big smile on my face I loved my car it was my baby when I first had it I would make sure that it was well looked after.

"Not a problem" he chuckled as he handed the keys over to me.

I waved good bye to the mechanic and started to drive the way he marked the best route to get to Washington D.C. I came to the turn I had to go down and then heard it the sound that filled my ears.