Chapter 25

Okay I'm now updating this story, sorry it has taken so long to finally get something done about it. Hopefully you all enjoy this chapter as much as i have writing it.

"Where is the child" i ask as the blade finally came down, blocking the Decepticon's quick motion with the edge of my claws, having the will power and energy to finally move. Trying to find melody was now my main priority and getting the info out of this creep was my only option, pushing upwards making the Decepticon stagger backwards as it tried to push me back down into a defenselessness position, kicking him in the gut caused and opening sprinting towards him digging my claws into his spark cords grabbing hold of his spark and squeezing it within my grasp.

"Last warning, where is the child" growling as the Decepticon raised a weak arm and pointed to a cupboard within 30 feet between us, showing no signs of letting go of his spark it pulled it from his chest. As oil leaked from the chest plates as he fell to the floor in a pile. Slowly making my way over to the cupboard opening it up to find a scared Melody quaking in the corner "Melody hunnie it okay auntie Blitz is here" softly stating holding my arms out for her. Her little door frames moving as she looked up at me her blue optics showing how scared she was. Picking her up i held her close to my chest so that she didn't see any oil blood or her dads dead body.

COM-LINK "Blitz to Prowl come in buddy"

"Prowl here, good to hear your fine kid" hearing a sigh of relife escape his mouth.

"Prowl come to hanger 5 i have melody in my arms" as i carried on walking on the phone to him.

"Is she okay, is she hurt" he questioned, standing up going over to the base doors as Logan followed behind him.

"She looks unharmed" Replying as i set her down in a chair before ending the com-link with Prowl as we waited for him to come inside. When he emerged through the door melody picked up and babbled happily to see him. Prowl kept her entertained as i moved Jazz's corpse into the medical bay i placed him down on a berth.

"Hey Logan is fixing a giant robot like fixing a car" I asked picking up a few pipes and checked what the main damage was on our fallen comrade.

"I honestly have no idea kiddo, but I'm sure that we can find out a way to patch him back up in no time" having said that we set to work fixing up jazz he need to be with Prowl and Melody, filled with determination i was going to make that happen. Hours had passed as i was putting in as much effort as possioble to get jazz up and running again. Logan had fallen asleep on the work bench as i moved him so that he wasent in harms way. I took out Jazz's spark as i gently touched it as it glowed the same blue colour as it sparked back to life i hooked it up to a machine so that i could keep an eye on it. Fixing the fixtures that kept the spark in place was a harder task. Prowl came in with a cup of energon for me as he saw how much work i had put in to fixing jazz up as he touched my shoulder.

"Ratchet would be proud you know, medical bots always have a hard time getting the dead back up and running" he spoke softly to me.

"Melody deserves to have both of you, if you didnt have jazz with you it would only get more difficult for you when melody got older to look after her" replying softly after the last few tweaks and bolting i placed the spark back inside jazz as his body functions started moving again.

"Oh my spark, Blitz you did it" Prowl cheered in delight as jazz opened up his optics and looked at the two of us

"Prowler, Kim" he asked weakly as prowl took a hold of his hand "Im alive how that Decepticon took me out for good"

"Looks like Autobots and Decepticons are just like broken down cars" she laughed softly as she was pleased with her work.

"You did an amazing job Blitz, Thank you so much" Prowl hugged me tightly, standing up my legs had gone to sleep, holding onto the side of the berth as i found the strength in my legs to walk around properly.

"Thanks Prowl, im going off to bed" yawning as she went to Optimus's room as she sat down on the berth before falling asleep. She awoke early the next morning as she rubbed her eyes and stretched out, before heading to the Rec-Room getting some energon seeing Jazz, Prowl and Melody down at a chairs enjoying the morning to themselves. Logan had gone off back too school, as he was teaching a few classes.

"Morning guys did you all sleep okay" i asked sitting beside them as i sipped my energon relaxing back into the chair still feeling a little tired from yesterdays troubles. Thinking about the others was my main concern, they were all fighting the decpticons whilst i was here with the others. I needed to get out there and try to help, they needed me i knew they did. Logan flicked on the news as the whole base looked at the TV screen as they could see news reporters commenting on the destruction going on around them as they zoomed in on the robots fighting one another.

"Jazz, Prowl i need to get out there, you guys will be okay out here wont you and if you need help call the guys at school they will assist you in any way posiable" stating softly as i got up from my chair and transformed.

"Prowl and I will be just fine, go get them tiger, give those decepti-creeps hell" Jazz chuckled knowing how i must of been feeling. Prowl opened up the hanger doors for me as i sped through them, heading off to the direction all of my comrades where. Going to attack the Decepticons head on was suicide i need to attack from the shadows, that would be my better option take them out one at a time. Look for an opening before striking, take out the weaker opponents. That was going to be my course of action. Now or never.