A/N: Tomorrow is Gold's Birthday~! (Well in my country's dateline anyway) So, I made a simple Poem for the guy; since he's one of my most favorite characters from the Manga. The "GSC" Arc is awesome~! But I love all the Arcs, so yeah.

Declaimer: I don't own anything that isn't mine.

What a troublesome guy you are indeed.

With your crazy antics and troublesome tricks,
no wonder people lose their patience with you so easily.

But your friends understand, that's who you are.
And no one can tell you otherwise.

You are mischievous…
…and so trouble follows you wherever you go.

You are stubborn and hard-headed…
…But you always come through for everyone.

You are reckless…
…But at the same time; reliable as well.

You are a complete pervert most of the time…
…But a loyal friend nonetheless.

You always jump to conclusions…
…and that's what puts you in danger every single time.

As tricky as an Aipom,
But also as strong as a Typhlosion.
As playful as a Politoed,
But also as naïve as a Togepi.

You are all of these and more,
and that's what everyone loves about you.

You never know when to quit…
…and because of that; you've won so many battles.

But, no matter how strong you may think you are…
…That won't mean a thing without Crystal and Silver by your side.

You almost never listen to Crystal…
…But that doesn't mean you care for her any less.

Silver and you always fight…
…But as you two are as close as brothers.

You need them, and they need you.
The Jhoto Trio must always stick together.

In her eyes; you are a good friend and splendid traveling companion.

In his eyes; you are his best friend and brother.

And although you may be an idiot most of the time…
…Nobody will ever regret meeting you.

Happy Birthday, Gold.

[A/N:] Again, Happy Birthday Gold~!
Well, I hope this wasn't much of a disappointment. I actually wrote this during an Orientation at School, and got distracted for a while once I saw my P.E. Teacher (from last year) dance to one of my favorite songs ("Love like Woe" by the Ready Set).