Hans Von Hozel Challenge

Week 1:
For week ending: Sunday, July 17
Theme: Lemons

"Give me lemons, Viking."

Eric knew what fruit was. He grasped it. But his Sookie shake the head.

"Two lemons, these not, my Sookie?" Sookie eyed his fruity hand holding.

"No, them two yellow melons be, my Eric."

"Certain, you is, these not the lemons big? Certain you be, they not just bigger than some? Danubes?"

"Not danubes of lemons. They be melons. Not citrus, Eric."

Eric handled the two fruity yellow orbs. His palms full, reminded him of something. His eye fell to Sookie chest.

"You have melons enough already."

Eric let his melons drop and filled his palms with Sookie's ripe golden breasts.

"I like your melons; they right. They is best," he said, and kissed her on her mouth. He kissed her with his tongue in. He squeezed her melons.

"More," said Sookie…..

Sometime later, Eric squeezed Sookie's right melon and bit her left, as he came with Sookie.

Eric licked the bite to seal, and caress them both breasts softly again. Sookie sighed.

"Great lemons, mmmm," Sookie said. Eric looked at Sookie's breasts in his handful. These not melons; they be a great lemons?

"Are melons, big or small?" he asked.

Eric was confused. Danubes.

He had no fruit.

All characters belong to Charlaine Harris and The Southern Vampire Mystery series. Danube is the creation of Hans von Hozel.