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The End of the Beginning

When Haruna returned to consciousness, she found herself in a room with a white ceiling, which smelled of antiseptic and seemed way too familiar.

The only difference was that she usually entered this room as a visitor, not as a patient. Haruna could feel the stiff sheets drawn over her, partially obscuring her vision. The dull throbbing of her right hand brought back the memories of the previous day.

Haruna cringed at the thought of the murderous look on Koshi's face. She had really assumed she was going to die, hidden in that darkened alley, surrounded by leering monsters. But Fudou had come to her rescue, saved her life and probably sent those bastards to the hospital as well.

Haruna knew there was a reason she had picked Fudou as her boyfriend…besides the fact that Kidou might finally realize she wasn't a gullible little girl anymore.

Shifting her head a little to the left – slowly, carefully, the slightest movement would increase the killer migraine she already had – she saw Kidou sitting there, somehow making a plastic chair look like a throne, glaring through his goggles at someone too far right to be registered in her field of vision.

"Why the long face, Kidou-kun?" someone asked, their tone dripping with sarcasm that was all too familiar, "I thought the day you put me in the hospital was the day you rejoiced."

Kidou didn't say anything, but continued to glare. Haruna, on the other hand, sat up so fast that the walls spun.

"Slow down, Haruna," Kidou caught her and gently helped her into a sitting position, fluffing up the pillows to provide a back-rest, "I'm so glad you're awake." Haruna didn't spare her brother another glance but turned towards the left side of the room where Fudou was sitting on another chair, tilting it's front legs into the air.

"Ohayo, Haruna-chan," Fudou gave a small salute before wincing and putting the chair legs back on the ground. It looked like something was broken. And Fudou had just mentioned something about getting back into the hospital…

Haruna narrowed her eyes as she put two and two together, "What did you do, nii-san?"

Kidou spluttered and tried to look innocent, "W-What do you mean, Haruna?"

Haruna's glare could've cut diamonds, "I asked you a question, nii-san, and I expect it answered." Kidou gulped at his sister's ferocity.

Fudou silently snickered at scared shitless look on Kidou's face.

"Ikickedasoccerballathim," Kidou mumbled, looking away from Haruna.


"I may or may not have accidentally caused him to break a few ribs…"



"Actually, you didn't, Kidou-kun…"

"Oh, shut up, Fudou."

"APOLOGIZE TO AKIO-KUN!" Fudou grinned.

"Yes, Haruna," Kidou muttered, careful not to look in Haruna's incensed eyes and turned to Fudou, "Sorry." Fudou's grin could've split his face in half.


"It's okay, Haruna-chan," Fudou's mocking tone made Kidou clench his fists, "I'm sure Kidou-kun feels remorse for what he did."

"He better," Haruna vowed, leaning back and relaxing with one final glare at Kidou. Kidou pointedly looked at the wall next to Fudou, a contrite expression on his face. Fudou, on the other hand, was shaking with silent laughter, the pressure so great that he thought his ribs would split for the second time.

He would cherish this moment in his memory forever.

But it wouldn't hurt to have back-up…

…and the video-recording would prove extremely useful in blackmail.

Haruna hummed as she went out for shopping again. It had been nearly a week since that incident and she was finally released from the hospital, thought she still had a cast on her hand.

Koshi and the others were taken into police custody and faced up to six years in jail for what they did. Still, Fudou and Kidou had made a pact to never let her out by herself again, which is why she got stuck with Fudou escorting her as she did grocery shopping.

There were innovative ways to take her revenge, piling all her purchases in Fudou's arms was just one of them.

Fudou had stopped at a ramen restaurant while Haruna skimmed the shelves in the shop next door, scheming of all the way that she could make Fudou suffer next. Her eyes glancing on a block of chocolate, lit up as an idea occurred to her. Taking her purchases to the counter, Haruna mentally calculated how far her boyfriend was from the breaking point.

Grinning evilly, Haruna stepped outside, letting the fresh hair blow her bangs out of her face as she breathed in deeply. Her frivolous mood vanished as she sensed something off about the scene.

There were blue skies, wispy white clouds scudding across, the sun shining fierce and bright. The light breezes dispelled the monotonous heat and brought the scent of flowers along on the breeze.

Overall, it was a perfect summer day.

Too perfect.

She felt the dark presence before she saw him, spiky brown hair, dark skin and the gleaming glint in his eyes that assured her that he hadn't forgotten, even though it had been nearly four years.

The demonic aura choked her, suffocating her with its stench of wickedness and death. The sun suddenly turned piercing, the clouds grew darker before her very eyes and the smell of flowers turned to the metallic tint of blood and the acrid odor of ash that she had last smelled deep underneath a volcano on a faraway island.

The sky grew black, lightning flashing and thunder booming, just like the last time she had met the boy standing in front of her, a devilish grin cruelly twisting his features.

"It's been awhile, little sacrifice."


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