This the first non-Marvel thing I've done in awhile. I hope it turns out okay. And the character Libra is an OC. I don't own any of Butch Hartman's shows! And this takes place before Phantom Planet.

"I'm going to ask one more time, Libra," Vlad Plasmius growled and yanked the chain/collar around Libra's neck. "You are an all-knowing ghost, so you surely know a way for me to meet my goals. Tell me how!"

The robed ghost woman, her hood covering her face, got up off the floor while grunting in pain. "Fine. I'll tell you if you promise to leave my library."

She floated over to a bookshelf and grabbed a pink book. When she opened it, holograms of winged creatures popped out of it. "There. These are your solution."

Vlad looked in wonder. "What are these creatures?"

"These are fairy godparents. When a child is exceptionally miserable, they are granted these creatures as companions. The fairies are obliged to grant the child's every wish," Libra answered.

Vlad gave her a blank look. "So?"

She rolled her eyes. "So, these things are nuclear reactors for magic! If you were to capture one, you would have the power to rule the world, or whatever it is fruit loops like to do in their extended free time."

"That's an excellent idea! With these creatures, I can not only take over the world, but extract my revenge on Danny Phantom and Jack Fenton." Vlad rubbed his hands together. "Now all I have to do is capture a FAIRY(spaz) GOD (spaz) PARENT!"

He paused, and Libra gave him a weird look. "Uh, I don't know where that came from, but if I ever do it again, hit me."

Libra took out an oar.

"Not now!" Vlad shouted. "What I need to do now is find these fairies. Where are they?"

"In Fairy World. But it's almost impossible to get there. The easiest thing you could do is find some miserable child and take his fairies," Libra suggested. She had Plasmius bring her over to a computer. "According to this fairy-hunting web site, there is a fairy tracking expert named Denzel Crocker in Dimmsdale, California."

"That's fine. Come along, Libra. We have fairies to capture," Vlad said happily.

As he dragged her out of the Ghost Library, she sighed and said, "Why do I have a feeling this is going to be some half-baked crossover written by a cartoon obsessed teenager?"

(Scene diverts to a stage. A hand places down a pink boom box.)

Timmy was an average kid, that no one understands.

Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him demands-

(A green ray blasts the boom box, turning it into ash. It's replaced by a more high-tech one.)

Yo, Danny Fenton was just fourteen, when his parents built a very strange machine.

It was designed to view a world unseen-

(The high-tech box is turned into a rat. It's replaced with a different boom box.)

Wands and wings!

Floaty crowny things!

Odd parents, Fairly Odd Parents-

(The box is sucked into the ghost thermos. It is replaced.)

And it was then Danny knew what he had to do,

He had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through,

He's here to fight, for me and you-

(The boom box is turned into a bird. It is replaced.)

It flips your lid, when you are a kid

With Fairly Odd Parents!

(This boom box is hit with with a missile. Timmy stomps out angrily, gripping a wand. Danny also stomps out, clutching the Fenton-Bazooka. At the same time, they blast at each other, then creating a sign that says "Timmy/Danny Power Hour." They boys get up face to face, then the sign falls on them. Wanda and Cosmo appear, then suck the screen away with the Fenton Thermos.)

The scene shows Timmy's house. Timmy is watching a TV news report in his room.

"We still have no information on this elusive 'Danny Phantom.' But many people wonder: is he a hero, or a menace?" the anchorman said.

Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof popped out of the fishbowl.

"Timmy is watching the news? Usually when Vicky's about to babysit, he's screaming in terror and hiding underneath his bed," Wanda said.

"I know! And I poofed vulture on him! It's been pecking at his head for half an hour and he hasn't even noticed!" Cosmo agreed.

Wanda folded her arms. "So? A vulture has been pecking at your head for two hours and you still haven't noticed."

Cosmo looked up, and sure enough, there was a vulture. "Well, I'm an idiot. What's his excuse? Having beaver teeth? Wearing a silly pink hat? Global warming?"

Poof floated over to Timmy and made the vulture disappear. "Poof poof?"

Timmy looked up. "Oh, hey guys. I was watching a news report on this guy named Danny Phantom from a place called Amity Park. Man, I wish I could have ghost powers." He paused. "Could I wish for that?"

Wanda poofed up Da Rules. "Nope. Sorry, sweetie. Giving you ghost powers would be like killing you, and the rules say we can't do that."

Cosmo looked away from a medieval ax he had been sharpening. "We can't?"

Wanda made the book disappear. "Besides, it wouldn't be a good idea. Ghosts and fairies don't mix."

Timmy raised an eyebrow. "Why not?"

"It's because we exist in completely different worlds. Them in the Ghost Zone, and us in Fairy World. And they hate our magic, since it's so much more powerful than their ecto-energy," Cosmo explained. The others stared at him in shock, because that was probably the smartest thing he had ever said. Cosmo floated there for a minute then picked up a napkin. "You know, I still haven't figured out how to use one of these." He began banging it against his head. "Ow, ow, ow!"

Timmy considered what he said. "Hmm, Ghost Zone, eh? Could we go there?"

"Not by usual means of poofing there, but sometimes natural portals open up now and then, connecting our worlds. But they're extremely unstable! They close almost as soon as they open! You'd have to be even more of a moron than Cosmo to want to go through one!" Wanda replied.

Cosmo nodded. "Yup, and no one is more of a moron than me!"

"Hey everyone! I just invented a device that tracks natural ghost portals!" Jack Fenton shouted. The scene is now at Fenton Works.

Danny, Jazz, and Maddie looked up from the kitchen table and their breakfast. Maddie smiled. "That's great, honey."

Jack nodded. "Yeah, it is great. I can't wait to go through one! My Porta-Tracker senses ecto-energy. And where there's ecto-energy, there's ghosts! And where there's ghosts, there's portals!"

He turned on his device, and it began clicking. It began clicking loudly as it got to Danny.

"Ghost detected. You'd have to be a complete moron not to see it,"the device said in an electronic voice.

Danny smiled nervously.

Jack frowned. "Weird. I don't see any ghosts, or portals. I guess it's back to the drawing board." He picked up a napkin. "And while I'm at it, I can finally learn how to use this!" He began to bang it against his head. "Ow, ow, ow!"

Maddie sighed and led Jack down to the basement.

Danny let out a sigh of relief. "That was too close for comfort."

Jazz took a bite of cereal. "You know, it wouldn't be so much of a hassle if you just told them."

Danny rolled his eyes. "Really, Jazz? Do you not hear Dad's "rip that Danny Phantom apart molecule by molecule" speeches? I'd rather not risk it." He got up from his chair. "Anyway, I'm going to go hang out with Sam and Tucker. We figured since no ghosts have attacked in awhile, we'd take advantage of it and go see a movie."

"No ghosts have attacked? Not even the Box Ghost?" Jazz asked, surprised.

"Yeah. Even Vlad hasn't shown up. And like I said, I'm taking advantage of the peace. Later." Danny strolled out the front door.

Jazz watched him go with a sad look on her face. "You should still tell Mom and Dad."

Then, as if on cue, Maddie's voice rang up from the basement. "Jazz? Could you come down here and help me teach your father how to use a napkin?"

Jazz sighed and went to do so.

Meanwhile, at Crocker's house. The Crock-pot has just finished his own invention.

"At last! I have perfected my fairy tracker! With it, I can finally track down and capture FAIRY (spaz) GOD (spaz) PARENTS!" Crocker spazzed.

"Denzel? Are you monologuing to yourself again?" his mother called up.

"Leave me alone, Mother! One day, I'm going to capture a fairy! Then you'll see!" he shouted.

"Well, if you want to do something useful, come down here and help try on some dresses I made," his mother called up again.

Crocker groaned and went back to his tracker. But after a moment, someone phased through his wall. (Three guesses who. The first two don't count.)

Crocker gasped. "Who are you? And how did you go through my seemingly solid wall?"

"I am Vlad Plasmius," he boasted.

Libra cleared her throat.

He sighed. "And this is my current assistant, Libra."

Libra waved. "What's up?"

Crocker turned around. "A ghost who wants to rule the world and his sarcastic assistant show up through my wall?" he muttered to himself. "This is could only be the work of FAIRY (spaz) GOD (spaz) PARENTS!"

Vlad and Libra stared at him weirdly.

"Hey, Plasmius, didn't you do that exact same thing a few hours ago?" Libra asked.

Vlad shushed her and went back to Crocker. "I can assure you, fairies have nothing to do with my ghostly form. But why I came to you is fairy-related. As you know, fairies have an unbelievable amount of magic. I want to capture some fairies, and harness their power to further my goals. Your website said that you were a fairy-hunting expert, so I'd like to enlist your help."

Crocker got in his face. "Wait a minute! I want to catch a fairy so that I can further my goals! Why should I help you?"

Vlad held up a huge wad of cash.

Crocker took it. "Oh, this is why." He grabbed some gear and called down the stairs, "Mother! I'm going out!"

"Is there a girl involved?" his mom asked.

Crocker looked at Libra, who was technically a girl. "Uhh, yes?"

"Finally! Be home by ten!" his mom called up happily.

Crocker turned back to the ghosts. "Quick! To the Unsuspecting Van!" He raced down the stairs.

Libra crossed her arms. "Congrats, Plasmius. You put the fate of your plan in the hands of a 40-year-old lunatic who's ear is on his neck and lives with his mother."

Timmy paced. "What if I wished for ghost-like powers? Would that work?"

Wanda looked in Da Rules. "Nope. It would still be like killing you." She paused. "And yes, Cosmo, we're not allowed to do that."

Cosmo tossed aside his medieval flail. "Dang it."

All of a sudden, lightning crashed. A picture of smiling people began to frown.

Cosmo looked out the window. "Vicky's here!" Some flowers screamed and died. "And she brought the buzz saw!"

Poof began crying. Wanda held him.

"The buzz saw? Oh man, she only brings that when she's in a really bad mood!" Timmy panicked. "Quick, to the Emergency Escape Pod to Amity Park!"

The group rushed into the escape pod, which popped out of the floor.

"And you said an escape pod to Amity Park was a dumb wish!" Cosmo and Timmy laughed at Wanda.

Wanda simply rolled her eyes as the pod took off. After a few minutes, the pod landed. Our heroes were now in Amity Park.

Timmy jumped out. "I can't believe it! I'm in Amity Park! This so cool, and... now I'm bored. Where are all the ghosts?"

"Considering the work Danny Phantom does, they're all probably in the Ghost Zone," Wanda replied.

"Poof poof," Poof agreed.

"Darn it! I really wanted to see some ghosts while I was here," Timmy whined.

"Why don't you wish that all the ghosts were out here?" Cosmo suggested.

"That's a great idea!" Timmy said.

"That's a horrible idea!" Wanda disagreed. "Some ghosts are really mean and dangerous! You'd be endangering this whole town! And... what I'm saying is going in one ear and out the other, isn't it?"

"It's been that way since the day we got married, baby!" Cosmo said, pulling her close.

"What could possibly go wrong?" Timmy said.

"With us? A lot of things," Wanda deadpanned. But her words went unheeded.

"I wish that all the ghosts were out here!"

His fairies waved their wands, and a green, menacing portal opened in the sky. The sky turned dark as a flood of ghosts came rushing out of the portal.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker exited the theater.

"Wow, what a great ending to the Jerry Blotter movies!" Tucker said happily.

"I suppose. But in my opinion, Jerry should've kept that wand," Sam added.

Danny was about to add his opinion, when his ghost sense went off. He looked up to see the aftermath of Timmy's wish.

"Oh. My. Gosh," Danny gasped in shock.

"I've... I've never seen that many ghosts at once before," Sam said in awe.

Tucker began pointing some out. "Skulker... Ember... Technus... Nocturne... Spectra... it's as if every ghost you've ever fought and their cousin is here!"

"Cover me!" Danny shouted. Sam and Tucker stepped in front of him so the screaming people wouldn't see what was about to happen.

"I'm going ghost!" Danny shouted. With a flash of light, he was now in costume, as Danny Phantom.

He flew up to inspect what was going on. "Where the heck did this portal come from?"

As far as he could tell the portal was getting bigger, and showed no signs of closing. To make matters worse, somebody blasted him from behind.

"Hello, ghost child," Skulker grinned. Next to him was Ember, who struck a chord on her guitar. It formed pink fists and hit Danny in the face,

"Did you miss us, dipstick?" she laughed.

Danny collected himself. "What's going on? How did you all get here?"

Skulker thought about that. "I really don't know." He took out a scanner. "My sensors detect large concentrations of... it can't be!"

"What can't be?" Danny asked.

Ember looked at the scanner. "That can't be right. Do you really think some kid was actually stupid enough to-"

"I do think!" Skulker answered her. The two looked at each other and then laughed maniacally.

"Some kid was stupid enough to do what?" Danny shouted. He was getting aggravated.

Skulker put the scanner away. "It doesn't matter. We're now in the human world, and our greatest enemy is right in front of us. You're cruising for a bruising ghost child."

A large group of ghosts joined Skulker and Ember. They all glared evilly at Danny.

"Sorry, guys. But I'm not one for cruises." With that, Danny let out a large ecto-blast.

Timmy looked up at the mass of ghosts in the sky, completely ignoring the screaming people around him.

"This is so awesome!" He paused. "Wow, there are a lot of ghosts."

"Regretting this wish yet?" Wanda asked.

Some ghosts flew by. They noticed Cosmo and screamed, "AHHHH! The accursed one!"

"The accursed one? Haven't heard that in awhile," Cosmo admitted.

Wanda looked at Cosmo. "Cosmo? Is there something you'd like to tell us?"

Cosmo paused for a moment.

Several eons ago...

Ghosts were everywhere, terrorizing humans. We see Cosmo is ancient clothes.

"Gee, there sure are a lot of ghosts. I know! I'll give them a new home!"

With a wave of his wand, a portal opened, sucking in all of the ghosts.

Once all the ghosts were gone, he smiled. "Much better!"

Back to present day...

"...Nope!" Cosmo replied chipperly.

Poof pointed up. "Poof poof!"

Timmy looked up. "Hey, it's Danny Phantom! He'll take down all these guys!"

The group watched and waited. Now, if this were actually on TV, the viewers would hear sounds of a fight and pain, without the view leaving Timmy and his friends. Timmy and his friends are making faces according to the sounds. At one point, Cosmo and Wanda had to cover Poofs eyes.

"Wow! I don't think I've ever seen someone's spine bend that way," Wanda said in awe.

"I don't think at all!" Cosmo declared.

Timmy chuckled nervously. "Uh, okay, maybe Danny is a little overwhelmed."

"Gee, you think?" Wanda said sarcastically.

"I don't!" Cosmo said.

"Maybe I could help. I wish that all ghosts would go back into the Ghost Zone!" Timmy wished.

The fairies waved their wands, but the wands flopped over and made a farting noise.

"Oh, sorry sport! But you wished that all the ghosts were out of the Zone! They're not all out yet," Wanda explained.

"Until they are, we can't do anything!" Cosmo added.

Timmy started to panic. "How many ghosts are there?"

Wanda took out a calculator. After punching a few buttons, the thing exploded. "Uhh, I'm going to say 'a lot.'"

Timmy's eye twitched. But then he calmed down. "Okay, the rules say I can't wish for ghost powers, right? Do they say I can't wish for ghost-fighting gear?"

Cosmo looked at the Da Rules. "It's allowed! Quick, make a wish!"

"I wish that you guys were my completely high-tech ghost fighting gear! Oh, and that it had a device that makes my voice sound deep and heroic," he shouted.

With a poof, it was so. Wanda was his helmet, Cosmo was the body gear, and Poof was a blaster on his arm. (Think Iron Man, but more cartoony.)

"Let's get spectral," Timmy said seriously in a deep voice. He jumped, only to land on his face. He sighed. "I wish that this outfit could fly."

Danny crashed on a rooftop. He was losing badly.

"Not so easy to defeat us when we gang up against you, is it Phantom?" Technus gloated. He was balancing the Fenton Thermos on his finger.

Skulker prepared a blaster. "Any last words, whelp?"

"Umm, best two out of three?" Danny suggested nervously.

Skulker grinned and prepared to fire, only to be blasted out of the way.

"Not so fast, Casper!"

Danny looked up to see a man in weird armor blasting some of the ghosts. (Since our fans know who this is, I'm still just calling him "Timmy.")

Timmy landed beside him. "Are you okay, Danny Phantom?"

"Who are you?" Danny asked.

Timmy thought for a moment. "I'm... you can just call me Double T."

"Okay... and where did you get that armor?"

"Umm, internet?" Timmy replied, using his classic excuse.

Danny rolled his eyes. "Okay, I'll believe that. For now."

The two went back to back, and began fighting. Undergrowth sent Flytraps after Timmy, only to have them shredded by an ecto-buzzsaw.

"Isn't this Vicky's buzzsaw?" Timmy asked his fairies.

"Actually, no," Wanda said.

"But it causes just as much pain and misery!" Cosmo added.

"Who are talking to?" Danny asked.

Before Timmy could answer, an Ectopus wrapped a tentacle around Danny's neck and dragged him aside.

Meanwhile, in the Unsuspecting Van, Crocker and Vlad were planning.

"Alright, Plasmius. You want capture some fairies from some miserable child, correct?" Crocker asked.

"That's what I'm paying you for," Vlad replied.

"Then you're in luck! I know just where to find such fairies. In all my observation, I have learned that one of my students, Timmy Turner, has FAIRIES!" Crocker spazzed. He turned to something that looked like a radar. "To find his current location, we can consult my Turner Tracker. According to this, he's in a town called... Amity Park!"

Libra looked at Vlad. "Weren't we just there?"

Vlad ignored her. "Amity Park? It just so happens, I'm the Mayor there."

"They have a ghost for a mayor?" Crocker asked.

"It's complicated," he replied. Then he began muttering to himself. "Amity Park! How convenient that fairies are on my home-turf. Even with this lunatic's help, I'll be able to capture..."

"At last!" Crocker muttered to himself. "I have tracked down Timmy's fairies. Even with this fruit-loop following me, I'll be able to capture..."

"FAIRY (spaz) GOD (spaz) PARENTS!" the two men spazzed at the same time. After they finished, they gave each other weird looks. Then Libra hit them both with an oar.

"Was the oar really necessary?" Vlad asked in pain.

"Yes. Yes, it was," she replied.

Danny swung an Ectopus, hitting several ghosts while he was at it. To make matters worse, his cellphone rang.

"Hello?" he said, answering it.

"Danny! Where are you?" It was his mom.

"Oh, hi Mom! I'm still at the theater." He paused to blast Johnny 13's shadow.

"Well, don't leave! Ghosts have invaded the entire city!" she said in panic.

Then his dad took over the phone. "Danny! Guess what! My Porta-Tracker works!"

Danny hung up and went back to fighting. He flew over to Timmy. "Hey, Double T! How are you doing?"

Timmy was in a headlock, courtesy of Vortex, while Technus was trying to hack his armor. "How do you think I'm doing?"

Technus laughed. "In a few short minutes, I'll have control of this colorful armor! And then, I, Technus, Ghost Master of Technology, will be even more powerful!" He laughed. "Vortex! Rip off the helmet, so that it'll be even faster!"

"No!" Timmy shouted. But it was too late. Vortex ripped off the helmet, revealing who Timmy really was.

Danny gasped. "What? You're just a little kid!"

"I'm not a little kid!" Timmy disagreed, his voice now back to normal. "I'm, like, ten years old!"

Danny froze Vortex, making him drop Timmy. Timmy caught his helmet (Wanda), keeping it from falling.

"Get out of here!" Danny shouted. "It's too dangerous for a kid to be here!"

"He's the kid?", Cosmo said. "How old are you? Fourteen?"

Danny looked shocked. "Did your armor just talk?"

"Be quiet, you idiot!" Wanda hissed at Cosmo.

"And did your helmet just talk too?" Danny asked.

"Never mind that!" Timmy shouted. "And I can't leave yet! Because things are about to get even more dangerous!"

He was right. Timmy and Danny were now completely surrounded by ghosts.

Danny got a very serious look. "Cover your ears."

"Why?" Timmy asked.

"Just do it!" Danny shouted. Timmy covered his ears.

Danny immediately released his Ghostly Wail, blowing away the ghosts that surrounded them. When he stopped, he fainted, landing on a rooftop.

Timmy landed beside, just in time to see Danny turn back into a human.

"What? A human kid without fairies can have ghost powers, and I can't? Now that just isn't fair," Timmy whined.

"Poof!" Poof shouted. Timmy looked up to see that no more ghosts were coming out of the portal.

"All the ghosts are out!" Timmy said happily. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof turned back to normal.

"I wish that all the ghosts would go back into the Ghost Zone!" he shouted.

With a wave of their wands, the portal began sucking in ghosts. After a few minutes, they were all gone, and the portal disappeared. The sky returned to normal.

Cosmo covered his eyes. "Ahh! It's so bright!" He poofed on some sunglasses. "Much better!"


Our group turned around to see Danny staring in awe.

Timmy quickly hid Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof behind his back. "Hi, Danny! Uh, how long have you been awake? And how much of that did you see?"

I'm finally done with the first part! Final word count is... 4,599 words! It's the longest thing I've ever written, and it's not even done yet! Oh, and the questions you guys must have!

Will Timmy manage to keep his secret safe?
Will Danny learn the truth about Timmy's fairies?"
Will Crocker and Vlad's plan succeed?
Will Libra ever get away from these lunatics?

Stay tuned for Part 2 to find out!