Okay guys, so this is my story for the Marlian Fanfiction Challenge. Sorry I'm so late but I didn't have internet for a while and then I sprained my ankle so I didn't have time to write it much. This is my first Julian and Marti fic so please be nice. R&R :)

Marti and Julian walked out of the restaurant hand in hand. They had been dating for little over a year and they usually went out to dinner together at The Rat but tonight Julian had surprised her and taken her to one of the nicest restaurants in Memphis. Marti wanted to know why the sudden change of dinner arrangements. She knew she hadn't forgotten their anniversary because that was on April 26. So she really wanted to know what was up. To make Marti even more suspicious, instead of walking straight home like they usually did Julian brought them through a beautiful park. In the middle of the park they was a gazebo with white lights covering its frame. Marti was speechless as she looked at the sight before her. Julian looked down at her with the widest smiled on his faced. He gently pulled at her hand to lead her closer to the edge of the gazebo.

He looked into her eyes. "So what do you think?"

Marti didn't know what to say. "Julian, it's beautiful. And not that I don't love what you've done here but may I ask what the occasion is?

Julian looked at her and smiled. "It's the anniversary of the day I fell in love with you."

Marti looked a little confused at that statement. "What do you mean? We didn't start dating until April 26."

"I'm not talking about the day we started dating, I'm talking about the day I first laid my eyes on you when you walked into my class, late. That was the day I fell in love with you."

Marti looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She never new he was so sentimental. "Again, not that I don't love the attention but what are we doing here?"

"We're here to dance."

Marti looked at him with slight horror on her face. "Dance? What do you mean dance? I don't even know how to dance?"

Julian looked at her with a very amused look on his face "What do you mean you can't dance? I've seen you dance with the Hellcats and your amazing."

Marti smiled at the comment but quickly came back to reality "Yeah, with the Hellcats I'm fine. But that's not really the type of dancing I'm guessing we'll be doing. I'm used to being thrown in the air and doing some back flips to up beat catchy music. Nothing like this."

Julian couldn't get the smile off his face as he looked down at the women he loved. "You'll do fine, I promise. Besides I'm right here." he tugged her into the centre of the gazebo. He pulled her close to him and she lay her head on his chest as the danced to 'Everything' by 'Lifehouse'.

Marti was so happy being like this. She felt like she had not a care in the world. This moment was the most perfect moment in her entire life. The song ended and she slowly pulled away from Julian. She smiled up at Julian. Julian smiled down back at her with the biggest smile in the world. "I love you. More than anything in the world. You know that right?"

Marti looked at him "Yeah, I know that. I love you too."

What Julian did next was something that Marti never saw coming. He got down on one knee. "Marti, since the day you walked into my law class late, I've loved you. Since that moment and every moment after that I've fallen more and more in love with you. I couldn't imagine my life without and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He opened a box revealing a silver band with a white dimonded in the middle. "Marti Perkins, you are my everything and I couldn't imagine a day without you. Will you marry me?"

Marti had tears joy in her eyes. "Yes, Julian. I'll marry you."

Julian's smile got even wider as he placed the ring on her finger. He stood up grabbed her by the waist and twirled her in a circle. He slowly put her down back onto her own two feet. Marti then crashed her lips onto his. She slowly and reluctantly pulled away. "What are we going to tell people?"

Julian looked at her slightly confused. "What do you mean what are we going to tell people?"

"Well, people were shocked enough when they found out that I was dating my University Professor, what are they going to say when they find out we're getting married?"

Julian looked at her. He knew that what her friends thought was important to her, and he respected that. "Ex-University Professor." Marti looked up at him confused. "What do you mean ex.?" Julian handed her a piece of paper. When she looked at it she realized it was he resignation from the University. "Julian, I don't understand." Julian let out a small chuckle. "I talked to the University board. They said that we could continue dating as long as it didn't effect the marks I was giving you in class. When I said that I was going to ask you to marry me they said that I had to chose between teaching at Lancer and marrying you. So I chose the one I couldn't live without."

Marti had tears in her eyes. "Julian I can't let you do this. You love your job." She was going to continue when Julian stopped her. "I love you more. And I already found a job at a law firm in town. There are times when I might need to travel for a day or two, but other than that I'll have a pretty normal 9 to 5 life." Marti wrapped her arms around him while barring her head in his chest. Julian held her close to him. "Let's go home." They started to walk home, hand in hand. They would figure out when they would tell everyone they were engaged in the morning, but for now neither of them had a care in the world.