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Chapter 9

Knock, knock, knock; "Hey Julian! You ready yet? You know if you keep Marti waiting to long she might change her mind." Dan joked as he headed into Julian's room to check on the progress he was making with his tuxedo. Julian was already dressed and sitting on the edge of his bed staring at the picture of him and Marti on his nightstand. "Hey, you listening?" Dan asked.

Noticing for the first time that Dan was in his room Julian smiled and stood up to straiten out his clothes. "Hey Dan, yeah I'm ready. I don't think that I could wait any longer if I tried." Julian ran his hand through his hair and looked out side. "At least it's good weather out side." He said looking out the window trying to hide his nerves.

Seeing how nervous his friend was Dan thought this would be a good time to poke on last jab at his soon-to-be-tied-down friend. "You know that if you don't want to do this I could always take your place. You know take one for the team as it were." Julian turned to Dam with a look of complete seriousness, "Dan, you're one of my best friends I couldn't ask you to sacrifice yourself like that. Beside Wanda would kill me for even thinking that." Julian's face softened back to his relaxed smile. These two friends had been through a lot and though it seemed more than once that they were about ready to kill each other they both knew the other would lay down their life for them.

"Oh look at you." Wanda said smiling widely and clasping her hands in front of herself. "You two look so handsome."

"Thanks Mrs Perkins." Julian said smiling as he gave her a hug once he reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Yeah, he does clean up nicely doesn't he. " Dan said, never one to pass on the opportunity to rib on his friend as he placed his hand on Julian's shoulder.

"Oh, stop it Dan, today is Julian's and my daughter's day to be happy." Dan looked at her. "Yes mame." Wanda smiled at him. "Everyone else is almost here and taking their seats in the church." Julian's eyes instantly shot to his fiance's mother. Wanda knew what he was thinking. "Marti is already here. She's the one that sent me in here to check on you and Dan." The relief was visibly showing on Julian's face. He then turned to Dan to ask him a question.

"Dan, do you have the ring I gave you yesterday?"

"Yes I do, it's right here. Dan pulled the wedding ring out of his right breast pocket and showed it to Julian, reasuring him that they had everthing they needed.

Julian and Dan walked out to the main part of the church where the ceromony would take place. They were greated by Lewis who was standing behind that of which Dan and Julian were going to stand as the ceromeny was taking place.

The rest of the guest finished taking their seats. As you looked out over the guest you could see the close friends and family of the couple. Vanessa and Red were sitting in the front with there 1 year old daughter Hope, right next to Savannah's mother, Charlotte was one of the bridesmaids was would also help with little Joseph as he was almost 2 years old and would be the ring barror. Farther in the back Marti's squad and other friends were there. All of them seemed to have a boyfriend. Patty was sitting with Garrett, Frankie was next to Morgan, Darwin and brought Damian along, they had been dating for almost 6 months, Jake and finally gotten out of prison and was dating Hellcats flyer Tracy. Dan and Savannah and Lewis and Alice were still all together. But since they were all part of the wedding they were not sitting in the crowd. Travis had started dating Wanda and was walking Marti dan the isle.

Julian, Dan and Lewis were all in front in the groom's men positions. Just as the last guest took their seat soft music began to play

The bride's maids came in first at the lead was Savannah followed by Alice and Charlotte. Savannah was wearing a full leght dark purple dress while Alice and Charlotte were wearing knee lenght dresses that were slightly brighter in color. The dresses matched the groom's men black tuxedos with purple vests. And Julian's paisley designed light purple vest. As soon as Savannah took her position as the Maid of Honor the music changed and every looked down the centre of the isle. Marti was standing there in her wedding dress. An elegant white gown with a purple bow that was empire waist style. It hugged her body in all the right places without reveling too much. You could see the small baby bump that was forming. At her side was Travis. He was dressed in a black texudo with a purple tie to match the rest of the wedding Marti was glad that he was walking her down the isle. She couldn't think of anyone better. After what seemed like a life time Marti and finally reached the alter.

"Who is giving away the bride?" Asked Pastor Georage asked looking towards Travis.

"I am." Travis answered answered.

Marti looked over at Travis. She whispered "Thanks, Travis" just loud enough for him to hear and looked back towards the front.

Marti took the last step forward and Julian joined her at her side.

"We are gathered here today to witness the union of these to people into the bonds of holy matrimony. If there be anyone here who does not believe this union should take place let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

Pastor Goerge announced to formally begin the ceremony. When the crowd was silent he gave a signal with his hands for Julian and Marti to face each other.

"The rings please?" Pastor Goerge asked both Dan and Savannah. Savannah got Julim's ring and handed it to Marti as Dan retrieved Marti's ring from his breast pocket to hand to Julian. With rings in hand they both looked to the Pastor.

First looking to Julian the Pastor began again. "Do you Julian Parrish take Marti Perkins to be you lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, in happiness and sadness, in poor times and in prosperity, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?"

Julian looked into Marti's blue eyes. "I do." He said with supreme confidence in his voice.

"You may place the ring on her finger and repeat after me. " The Pastor instructed; "With this ring I thee wed…. " Julian repeated as he was told, as he completed he found himself gazing into Marti's eyes once again thankful for everything that she had given him. Marti was his soul-mate, his reason for being and now that she was his wife he knew that could not be being that could ever make him as happy as he was right then.

The justice then turned to Lois. "Do you Marti Perkins take Julian Parrish to be you lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in happiness and sadness, in poor times and in prosperity, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?"

Marti smiled as she looked up into Julian's brown eyes seeing nothing but love and want in them. "I do" she said so softly, but yet sure of what she was doing.

"You may place the ring on his finger and repeat after me. " Pastor George instructed; "With this ring I thee wed…. " ,Marti repeated as she was told. She couldn't believe she was actually her marring the man of her dreams…literally. Growing up she had only ever heard her mother talk about how bad of a guy her father was. She could never imagine finding someone like Julian. But she loved him with all her heart and she knew he felt the same way. A small tear of utter joy escaped her eye. Looking back toward the preacher once she was done.

The Pastor smiled his task nearly complete now came to his favorite part of these ceremonies."By the power vested in me by the state of Tenesse, I now pronounce you Man and Wife. You may kiss your bride."

Julian looked at Marti. The shear beauty of the women he loved and now his wife took his breath away. He gently caressed her face with his hand and pressed his lips to hers and instantly the kiss grew into something more. It became a seal; a seal of everything they felt for each other; a promise that it would never end; that as long as their hearts beat they would only love one another. They pulled apart and smiled at eachother.

"Ladies and gentlemen I now present to you Mister and Misses Julian Jason Parrish." Every stood at their seat and applauded to newly weds. Julain put out his arm for Marti to take which she did willingly and they walked back down the isle and into the beginning of their new life together.