Summary After being dumped by her boyfriend of two years, actress Lucy is hurt. Fairy Gossip- The top show for latest news, gossip, break ups, new couples and tips catches the scene of Lucy running out of her boyfriends mansion crying. Lucy rebuilds her happiness by spending more time with her friends and focusing on her career. Possibly catching a few eyes along the way now that she is single.

Pairing Slow Gray x Lucy

Disclaimer Oh I wish mann

Chapter One - Is This The End

Lucy ran out of the mansion with her hands on her face. Tears flew from her face to the ground as she went to her yellow Porsche.

She started the ignition and quickly drove out of the driveway and on to the road. Going just pass the speed limit, she didn't care though. She just wanted to get home, back to her penthouse.

Arriving at her desired parking spot she got out and locked her car. It was dark and the lamp posts had just begun to light up.

Lucy walked into the big building and pressed the button on the elevator. Pressing the very top one she waited and wiped the tears on her face. As the elevator came down she hopped in and hoped no one else needed to come in.

Lucky for her no one did, so she took it up by herself. Getting to her apartment she put the key through and opened the door.

Lucy's house was a spacious place. She had an amazing view of Tokyo from her balcony and a luxurious outdoor. Her penthouse apartment consisted of two levels. The top level being her room and most of her personal things, whilst the bottom being a place with an indoor pool, movie theatre and a place where her friends would hang out.

Being an actress she was the one who wanted the good stuff. Everything in her apartment was beautiful and very valuable. But she didn't like to have too many visitors or else things would get messed up.

Lucy made her way up to her master bedroom and put her things down before going into the master bathroom. Her bathroom was really big. She had a bath tub that could fit about five people, her shower was quite spacious as well.

Too tired to take the bath she went to the shower and let the warm water relax her. Putting on her personal candy shampoo and conditioner, she then put on her honey body wash. After the shower she went and put on a white tank top and comfortable sleeping shorts.

She pressed the button on her controller so that her shutters would go down. Lucy sighed and pulled up the comforter on her queen sized bed. She snuggled and got comfortable, sobbing a bit on what had just happened a few hours ago. She cried herself to sleep.

Lucy's alarm went off at 6. She hit it so it'd shut up, pressing the button once again so that her shutters would let the sun shine in. She didn't want to get up though. Not when she just broke up with her boyfriend just last night.

Hey! Let me tell you now. Ooh, baby. Trying to decide, trying to decide. If I really wanna go out tonight. I never used to go without ya. Not sure I remember how to-

Lucy sighed as her ringtone on her iphone went off. She picked it up from her nightstand and pressed the answer button on her screen.

"H-Hello…" She murmured.

"Lu-chan! Turn on the TV. Check out the celebrity news on Fairy Gossip!" Levy McGarden shouted on the other side.

Lucy had to pull the phone away from her ear.

"Okay! Oh wait I have another call."

"Yeah just hurry!"

"Hello?" Lucy murmured once again.

"Lucy! Lucy! The celebrity news on Fairy Gossip! You have to see it! Is it really true?" Erza Scarlet gasped.

Lucy let out another sigh. "Yes… Hold on."

Levy McGarden, one of Lucy's best friends. Lucy is an actress while Levy is an author. They met on a set when one of Levy's bestselling novels 'Loved Once Again' was being made into a movie. Lucy starred as the main female character.

They instantly connected with Lucy being a big fan of the author and Levy being a fan of Lucy's movies. That was a few years ago, so they've known each other for a long time.

Erza Scarlet, Lucy's other best friend was an actress just like Lucy. She had started her career before Lucy though. They've starred in one or two movies together. The way they met was that they starred in a television show called 'The Other Woman'.

Being best friends in the show as well, they grew a close bond throughout it. She was the protective friend, so if you mess with Lucy you'd probably be dead.

Lucy walked to her other room and turned on her HD plasma. The channel already being on the right one, because 'Fairy Gossip' is the only thing she watches.

'Fairy Gossip' is the best show for latest news, gossip, break ups and all those things. They even have magazines that come out weekly. The show comes out twice a week. The first starts on Mondays and the second is just a preview if you had missed out.

"… This is just in folks! In breaking news-" Mirajane smiled.

Mirajane, the host and reporter of 'Fairy Gossip'.

"Okay I'm watching it… Bye."

Lucy hanged up on both calls and sat down on her white velvet couch.

"Our reporters have caught Lucy Heartfilia running out of the Dragneel mansion. Yes… that's it. Running. Oh Kami! It cannot be…"

Lucy's jaw dropped. 'No Way! Damn reporters!'

"Is this the end of the relationship between our hot, charming actor Natsu Dragneel and top female actress Lucy Heartfilia? We fans just hope not!"

"Media is swarming in front of Natsu Dragneel's mansion asking if they really broke up. No sign of the actor coming out soon though."

"What about actress Lucy Heartfilia? How is she taking it? Hopefully this break up- well if it is, won't break her down to stop her career."

"In other gossip today—"

Lucy pushed down the off button and threw her remote across the room. It hit the wall and the back lid came out with the battery.

Lucy hugged a pillow to her chest tightly as she cried her eyes out. Her heart was racing so fast on what she had saw. She felt like dying…

After watching the breaking news on the hottest couple, breaking up- or so they think, Levy ran out of her big house and to her blue BMW. Putting in the key and lighting the ignition she drove quickly, staying under the speed limit to her best friend's house.

Erza did the same thing. Getting into her red Ferrari and beeping at annoying cars getting in her way. She even yelled at a car that was going at a slow speed to Hurry your asses up! I've got somewhere to be pronto!

Levy made it first to the apartment and ran up to the elevator. She pushed the top level too many times to count and started bouncing up and down in annoyance.

The door finally opened and she ran in, pressing the closed button quickly again. She kept murmuring under her breath to Hurry the fuck up.

"Wait!" Erza jumped into the elevator.

Erza held the railings as she got her breath back. "Oh Levy?"

"Erza? You saw too right?" Levy frowned.

"Yes I did. I hope she's okay." Erza sighed.

The fell silent as the annoying music in the background played. Feeling a stop come to the elevator they stormed out and headed for Lucy's apartment.



It was good that no one else lived on the two top floors because they were really loud. They would have broken the door down but it was Lucy's apartment. She'd probably scold them and have a fit for wrecking her apartment.

After minutes of knocking the door finally opened, revealing a dark scene inside. Lucy had closed the shutters. Once the door had opened the two shot towards Lucy in a tight embrace.

Lucy once again broke into tears.

They took her to her room and Erza had pushed the button so the shutters would go back up. She left it half way though, not wanting too much light to come through.

Levy gasped when she saw the state of Lucy's room. The room was literally turned upside down. Clothes covered the cream coloured carpet, tissues were spread beside the bin, papers tossed here and there.

Lucy flopped onto her bed and cried into her comforter. Erza sat beside her and patted her back. Levy lied next to her holding her hand. They whispered comforting words to her but she still kept crying.

After a long time of crying and soothing words Lucy came to sobs and sniffs. Erza wiped away the remaining tears that still held on her face.

"It's okay Lucy. You have us remember. Now you have to tell us what happened last night, so we can help you. Understand?" Erza stated.

Lucy replied with a nod and Erza hugged her again. Levy gave off a small smile.

Lucy pulled away from Erza's hold and looked to both of them. She took in a breath and let it out.

"Well it all started last night.. Natsu called me over and said he wanted to hang out. I came over at about 8. We just talked, and had some snacks. Then when I wanted to get close to him... He pulled away."

Lucy sighed and continued.

"He then said that we had to talk. I told him okay and he just told me—"