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Chapter Seven - Mr. Simple

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It was nearing 12 at Lucy's apartment, and Lucy was still in the bathroom getting ready for her date with Gray. Ah yes, the irresistible Gray Fullbuster, it wasn't surprising to their friends and it wasn't that surprising to the media. Everyone knew they had a thing for each other - the only dense people that didn't realise it were themselves.

For Lucy it felt like they had knew each other for years, but they had only been dating for a few months – and what few moths they were. Lucy never regretted being with Gray – never ever! She would even say that he was much more of a gentleman then… dare she say it…

Natsu Dragneel.

She couldn't be happier - Gray had made her life more easy and free. This would be the first time the two would be on a public date. When they were going to go on a date they would have to meet secretly – not showing they were dating to the public yet. They had to be sure first – Lucy liked it how Gray wanted to be sure first, Natsu was way different to him. He just went out and showed the world who his new girl was. He was that kind of person after all – wild and active.

Lucy now disliked Natsu, okay disliked is an understatement, she hated him, and he can just burn – seriously cheating on her – who would want to date a guy if he was cheating on you. That girl he was dating right now was probably a slut or something. Lucy didn't give a damn, nope, she hated his guts. She wanted to avoid him and never see him and his girlfriend ever again, but that she couldn't do.

The movie awards were coming up in a few weeks and obviously he was nominated and so was she, her best friend, Erza Scarlet was too – and to Lucy's surprise Gray was as well. She was amazed with her boyfriend and they went off to celebrate with their friends at a popular club.

Lucy groaned when she heard on Fairy Gossip that Natsu was taking his girlfriend Lisanna to the after party. After the movie awards at 10pm there was a party for all the nominees and award winners, you were allowed to bring one date and unfortunately Natsu was going to bring Lisanna.

A few days ago Lucy was researching on her laptop about the girl Lisanna. She had found out that Lisanna wasn't an actress but a singer in the band 'Take Over' – with her siblings, Mirajane and Elfman. Lucy was surprised to find out that she was the younger sister of Mirajane. They hadn't made any songs lately but they were quite good with their music – Lucy would admit.

Gray was currently in Lucy's room lying on the queens sized bed, the comforter was so puffy and soft. He was reading the latest Fairy Gossip magazines that he bought on the way to Lucy's place. It was just the usual in the magazine – new fashion trend, pictures of models, latest gossip, music hits and the works… but what got Gray interested was the actress profile.

This week's profile was Lucy's, he smirked, and read the profile. The picture of her was a great choice. She was wearing a green top that hanged loosely on her shoulders and black short shorts. Her hair was left down and smooth and she held a single red rose in her hand.

Gray already knew most of her profile and just skimmed through it, he paused when he got to the bottom – a smug smirk appeared on his face as he read the last fact.

While Gray looked over the other pages in the magazine, at Natsu's mansion, Natsu was on his couch eating chips and watching an action movie. His girlfriend was in the kitchen cooking up some lunch for the two.

Bored of watching the action movie, Natsu moved his hand to the drawer beside him and took out a magazine. He absently flipped through pages when he saw something that caught his eye.

He read it intently and narrowed his eyes as he got to the bottom of the page. It hadn't been that long since their break up and she had already gotten someone. Natsu glared at the last fact about Lucy Heartfilia.

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Gray Fullbuster.

He chucked the magazine at the wall and scowled. Lisanna who was in the kitchen heard and came rushing in.

"What's wrong, Natsu?" She asked, worried.

"Nothin' Lisanna."

She casted him a worried glance before nodding and going back to the kitchen, Natsu went back to watching his action movie – more like glared through the whole movie.

As Lisanna came back with a tray of food, Natsu thought, why was he acting like this? Sure Lucy was beautiful and any guy would fall for her – but he dumped her for Lisanna. Lisanna is the one he loves… but he hasn't told her that. So, does he still like Lucy?

Natsu shook his head from the emotions and feelings. Of course he loved Lisanna… He just hasn't told her yet – the timing has to be perfect. He liked Lisanna when they were young, but that was just a crush. When they got older they got a bit distant – thus Natsu finding Lucy and their relationship began, but then a couple months later Lisanna showed up out of nowhere and the drama begun as well.

He was confused, he was different, but Lisanna seemed to still love him. He didn't know if he still had those feelings for her, but after that night with her, it all changed. Memories of their young lives and the moments they spent – he remembered them all.

He was being protective. Yes, Natsu was very protective when it came to his loved ones, and Lucy was one of them (I think), but now Lucy's with that new actor guy, Gray Fullbuster and Natsu knew that he would protect her well.

So why was he still glaring at the movie?

"Hmm 'bout time, don't you think?"

Lucy huffed as she went to collect her iphone from her nightstand. Gray let out a chuckle as he got off the bed and walked towards the door.

"I'll be waiting outside," He called as he took his keys off the bench.

Lucy quickly pulled on her black gladiators and rushed towards the door, with a final look around the apartment she nodded to herself and locked the door.

"Looking good as always, Luce," Gray smirked and wrapped an arm around her waist, bringing the girl closer.

"What do you expect?" She grinned, "I'm a top actress, I have to be."

Gray rolled his eyes and laughed. He pressed the unlock button and the head lights flashed orange as the car unlocked. He opened the door for his girlfriend and closed it shut.

When he got into his seat he put the keys in and started the engine. Lucy turned on the stereo and put on her seatbelt.

"So, where are you taking me?" She asked, he told her it was a surprise, but you know Lucy, she hates surprises.

"It's a surprise babe, I thought I told you that…"

Lucy scoffed, "You did, but I told you that I hate surprises!"

He drove out of the area and onto the main street. "Well too bad…" He smirked and turned up the stereo.

Lucy once again huffed, she turned her view to her window and glared most of the way to their destination.

When they got there Lucy could only stare. It was… sweet. A simple picnic on a green hill, under a sakura tree, only Gray could think of something so simple, yet so sweet.

Gray smiled to himself, sure it wasn't much but it looked like she didn't mind. He liked having things simple – big fancy restaurants weren't his thing. They were just… big and fancy.

By the end of the day, Lucy just couldn't stop smiling. He was the best boyfriend any girl could have – and the best thing was – she was that girl. They had eaten some snacks and fruit, had some champagne, treated each other with chocolates and even danced to some music.

Lucy loved it when he took her in the air and twirled her around, she felt like she was flying. She loved how he was strong and confident and how he would do anything for her.

Lucy loved him.


"Damn it was hot in there!" Gray yelled as they walked onto the balcony.

Lucy nodded and sighed in content.

The movie awards finished a while ago and they were now at the after party. Their friends were inside partying but Gray wanted to get some fresh air. It was a real surprise to her to know that he won the 'Best male actor' and she had won 'Best female actress'.

She was really proud of him and so was he with her. Nothing could have ruined the moment for each of them. They had even won the 'Best kiss scene' in Forbidden Love.

Her joy ended when they passed Natsu and Lisanna. It was well… awkward. It was so awkward, actually. Gray had an arm around her as she stayed close to his body. Natsu and Lisanna had their hands entwined and looked quite flushed.

It seemed like time had stopped and the music had gone mute. The couples just stared at each other when Gray broke them out of their reverie with a – "Excuse us…"

Lucy didn't really notice that they had walked pass them when Natsu had called out – "Wait!"

Both Lucy and Gray stopped in their tracks and turned to the other couple. Natsu looked to Gray and was about to open his mouth when his girlfriend spoke instead.

"You must be Lucy Heartfilia! Am I right?" The short white haired girl smiled.

Lucy only managed a nod.

"I'm Lisanna. It's very nice to meet you."

"Y-You too," Lucy awkwardly smiled to the other girl.

Lisanna looked to Gray and Gray raised a brow before speaking. "Gray Fullbuster." He stated, simple and easy. He really wanted to get out of this place.

"Right," Lisanna breathed. "Well, see you guys around. Come on Natsu!"

Lucy let go a breath she didn't know she was holding and held onto Gray for support.

"Now that's what you call awkward." Gray just had to comment. She whacked his chest and walked away from him.

"What? It was."

The light breeze felt so good on her skin, after being in a room of hundreds of people you get all sticky from the heat. Lucy turned her head to Gray and saw he was staring at her intently.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

He only hummed in reply and fixed his shirt. Lucy furrowed her brows and watched him fix his shirt.


Gray turned to her and placed his hands on her hips. He stared down to her brown eyes and let out a small smile.

"Lucy," He breathed.

"Yeah, Gray?"

"I love you." He kissed her softly and sweetly.

He pulled away with his hands cupping her cheeks and gave a chaste kiss. Lucy smiled, he loved her. He said he loved her. She had only waited for so long to hear those three words.

"I love you too."

He kissed her again but with a bit more passion, but still kept it simple.

He liked things simple and easy, and she loved how the simple things could make a big difference.

He was so her Mr. Simple.

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