Mi Pinche Parasito: Desamparados

Warning: extreme loneliness, more attacks and possible suicidal thoughts and or attempts

If you no likey no f ready!:P

On with the semi sad story



Fear swam through her mind every day and night to the point where she'd lost track of time. Was she there hours? Minutes? Days? Weeks? Or was she there for eternity? All she did know was that she felt like a whore; a woman used for the sole purpase of - she couldn't even think of the word, that would at times mean causual. Her mouth felt dry and her lips were painfully cracked. What ever time or day it was she would lay there alone, scared and expecting. The thing that she now knew as Riddick, from the nearby human guards, would always enter and viciously attack her. At times she would fight, but she knew now to never again do that unless she wanted to be covered in blood, deep cuts and broken bones. Everytime when 'Riddick' finished he or it would just leave as if nothing happened. But at times some guards would enter and did with her what they pleased.

Jinx quickly crawled to a nearby wall and violently shook as 'Riddick' left. Her eyes stared at the light coming from the hall when Ridick opened the door. She pulled her knees to her chest when she saw his figure stop right in front of the door, and turn his head to her. She froze, had she done something wrong? Was he going to rape her again? Was he going to kill her? Then he turned away and left, closing her only means of escape.

"Hey girl!" Jinx looked back to the door and shrunk back; it was a guard. He walked to the center of the room and slowly put down a plate of stale bread and a cup with water, "Come and eat, you need your strength."

Jinx parted her dry, cracked lips looking at the tempting meal, but she quickly looked back to the gaurd, "Why?"

"Just eat, girl" he said.

She didn't know what to do; if she approached he would do something to her, but then again it might not be a trap. Then her stomach made the choice, and she slowly crawled to the meal keeping an eye on the gaurd. She swallowed hard when she was right infront of the meal, and cautiously her hand slid to the bread but then pulled away when the gaurd approached.

"Wo!" he said backing up, with his hands up (showing no threat), " I'm not gonna hurt you, I was just going to put a small light so you wouldn't have to eat in the dark."

Jinx sighed in relief, he wasn't going to do anything...for now.

"Why are you still here?"

He fumbled around with something " I, uh have to stay here until you uh- there we go!" Jinx looked up at him confused, where all gaurds that stupid?

"What are you-" then light brightened the cell. Jinx's eyes narrowed, trying to adjust.

"You better eat, 'cause Riddick's gonna come back soon" his voice was stern but soft. Then he positioned himself between Jinx and the door, "Sorry, but they don't lock the doors when I'm or anyone else is in here with you."

Jinx quickly wolfed the food down and swallowed the water like you would a tequilla shot, then she threw the cup aside, "How long?"

The guard pulled his gun and pointed it to her.

"Tell me!" she ordered "How fucking long have I been here?"

He bent down, picking up the plate and turned away to leave. "The girl has been here for far too short", he whispered before walking away.

Jinx swallowed, she knew that her human contact was going to be brief.

She backed up to the wall when 'Riddick' leaned in closer and locked gazes with the faceless creature. It was examining her, then it threw it's head back in disgust. Jinx swallowed, if he wasn't pleased he would take it out on her. Her eyes widened when she saw him leave and leave the door open. 'Why would he make a careless mistake like that?' But then her reflexes took over when she heard a blood currtling scream, she quickly ran owards the door and peaked out. "Oh my god" she whispered when she saw the blood spattered walls and a gaurd's body being ripped open by Riddick. She shook her head and began sprinting the other way, now was the time she was going to get her freedom.

Her battered and deprived body ran faster and faster while her eyes skimmed the run down cells as she passed them. But then a white room caught her attention and she entered. Her amber eyes lit up; there were her weapons and the best of all the gaurd's armor. She undressed and put on the tight black body suit, followed by the chest plate, the thigh plates and then the knee and lower plates.

"Hey, you!" a male voice called from the doorway.

Amber eyes widened, 'Oh crap!'

"Why are you in here?"

"I-I" Jinx deepened her voice, "I uh-"

"You're supposed to be on gaurd duty, makin sure no one gets curious and sticks there nose where it don't belong." he pointed into the hallway, "Now get, soldier." Then he left, but more screams were heard.

Jinx sighed in relief, the ass thought she was one of his 'men' , then she loaded her plasma gun and made a run for it. She continued running through the ugly and now bloodstained jail halls. When her eyes met the beautiful dawn sky she smiled, for the first time she actually smiled.

NOTE: Will fix later at the VERY end!