Welcome back, Leeches!

The night was calm. Just Jared and I were patrolling. I was bored, like always. There wasn't what to patrol, but Sam send us anyway. I have to go, Jared. I have school in a couple hours. I thought. Fine, go. Paul should phase in an hour anyway, he thought back. Bye, I thought and phased back.

Don't get me wrong, I loved being a shape-shifter. But being a freak among the freaks, sucks. I'm a shape-shifter. A girl shape-shifter. And I run in a pack of wolves, but I'm not technically one of them. The first time I phased, I was an lynx. So yeah, being the cat girl, in a pack of dog boys, it's a little different. Though I can't complain. I love the boys. My dad, Charlie is best friend with Billy Black, the Quileute tribe's leader. Charlie don't know about the shape-shifter thing, but Billy found out that apparently Charlie's family has some Quileute blood, and another tribe's too. It skiped generations, and with my luck, I'm the shape-shifter. Well, we called ourselves werewolves, until there was the girl cat. Oh, and did I mention I can phase into other animals too? I did it after two months shifting into lynx. I phased into a cheetah. So, we concluded we were shape-shifters. It's easier to phase into felines, but I can do almost anything. The guys were pissed at first, but after an year trying they're starting to shift into bears. As my blood isn't totally Quileute, I can't be a real part of the pack. I can't hear their thoughts. Just the ones we chose to share.

I jumped in the tree besides my house, and got in by my room's window. I quickly did my homework, and some food if Charlie looked for it later, and got ready for school. I went in my bike, as always. That's why I loved shape shifting. Hot body. In the temperature. I can use a motorcycle in Forks. People often ask me if I don't get cold, or if I would prefer a car, so I don't get wet, but I don't care. My classes went well, but boringly. Jessica Stanley spread a gossip about a new family in town. Yey, new classmates. Super! (100% sarcasm) I just talked a few words with a few people. Angela, Ben, Mike and sometimes Tyler and Jessica. I wasn't looking for friends. I won't get older, and they will. I would have to end any contacts when they started to get old, and I would still look like seventeen.

I walked to my motorcycle, but stopped abruptly. There was a sweet, odd, scent. It wasn't old. Maybe… A couple hours. It wasn't too bad. Just a little too sweet for me. I never smelt a human like this. Even with perfume.

"Bella? Are you okay?" Angela asked behind me.

"Yeah" I said and something clicked in my head, "What was the name of the newcomers?"

"Cullens. Though two are Hales" she said.


"I talk to you tomorrow, okay?" I said running to my bike.

I didn't wait for her answer, speeding up, away from school. The whole way to the reservation I kept glancing back to see if one of them would have seen me at school and would follow me. I was alone, and definitely paranoid. Once I reached our side of the treaty I relaxed and drove to Billy's. I jumped from the bike, let it fall in the ground. I ran to the door, and got in, without knocking.

"Bella?" Jake asked coming from the kitchen.

"Hey, Jake" I said smiling.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at school?" he asked.

"I drove from there. I need to talk to your dad" I said.

"Is something wrong?"

"No" I said, "Where is he?"

"He's in the Clearwaters' but must be back any minute"

I nodded and walked around the kitchen, too nervous to settle down. Jake was doing lunch, but kept giving me weird looks. I couldn't wait for him to phase. We were best friends, still are. But since I started phasing, we are distant, because it hurts to keep a secret from him. Billy came in a few minutes with Harry.

"Billy, we need to talk" I said without greeting.

"Sure" he said glancing at Jake.

"You too, Harry" I said.

"Can't wait?" Harry asked glancing nervously at Jake.

"No" I said.

"Maybe we should meet in an hour" Billy said and mouthed 'Sam' when Jake wasn't looking.

"Sure" I said, "See you there"

I nodded to Jake before getting out. I picked up my bike, and went to Sam's house. Thankfully, he and Jared were there already.

"We have problems" I said as walking in.

"What?" Sam asked nervous.

"We need everybody here, Billy and Harry are coming in an hour. Maybe we should get Quil Sr."

"I'll call the others" Emily said.

"What's going on?" Sam asked getting up.

"We have company" I whispered so Emily wouldn't hear.

"Company? Leeches?" Jared asked already shaking.

"I think so… I don't think there is two Cullen families, and the second is coming here too" I said.

"They're here?" Sam asked.

"How we didn't know?" Jared asked.

"I don't know. Everyone was talking in school. About the newcomers, and the 'kids' that will join us" I said.

"You have to come to the reservation's school, Bella" Sam said.

"I won't run from them Sam. They can't do anything there, it would be a risk to them too"

"It's still dangerous. I don't like you hanging around them" Sam said.

"I'm a big girl, I can handle it. Anyway, we have to see what Billy says first" I said as Emily came back.

"They're coming. I just couldn't talk to Embry. He's patrolling, right?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, Jared go find him and bring him for the meeting" Sam said.

"Should we leave the area without patrols during the meeting?" Jared asked

"Fine. Phase, and stay here, so we can keep connected with Embry while he patrols" Sam said.

"Okay" Jared said getting out.

"What's going on?" Emily asked frowning.

"Nothing for you to worry" Sam said and kissed her forehead.

"I don't believe you but I think I'll find out on the meeting, so I won't push it" she said and smiled at me.

"How's Jake?" Sam asked changing the subject.

"He seems normal. Maybe a little hotter than normal, but it's just a little, maybe because he was cooking" I said.

"I don't know if I'm happy for him not phase, or sad for not having more people in the pack to take care of things… now"

"Yeah" I said grabbing a muffin from the table.

We waited, eating in silence. When Billy and Harry came in, I almost told them everything, before the others arrived. We waited a couple more minutes and once everyone was here, I looked at Sam, who nodded, giving me permission to tell.

"The cold ones are back" I said and everyone fell silent. "Everyone around town is talking about the new family, the Cullens. And I think I got their scent on the school's parking lot"

"Are you sure?" Billy asked.

"Yes. I didn't see them. And I don't know their scent, but I got a sweet, odd smell there. It wasn't human definitely. So I thought it must be one of them" I said.

"What do we do?" Sam asked the elders.

"A bonfire, with their bodies on it" Paul said.

"Paul" Harry warned.

"We won't break the treaty. You'll go to them, and assure the treaty remains. We don't need a fight" Billy said.

"We won't be able to patrol around Forks anymore" Paul said and glanced at me.

"Charlie" I sighed, "We cant' leave him without us, Billy"

"Bella, I'm sure they wouldn't attack someone as the Chief of Police, it would bring attention. But if you insist, inform them you live in town, and if it's okay for you to phase and patrol around your house there" Billy said.

"We're asking their permission?" Paul asked annoyed.

"No, their agreement" Harry said. "We'll protect Charlie anyway, but with their agreement, we would avoid a fight"

"I think we should go now. There isn't why to wait" Sam said.

"I agree" I said.

"Here" Billy said extending a piece of paper to Sam, "The treaty"

"There's just five names here, Billy" Sam said frowning as he looked at the old, fragile paper.

"And?" Billy asked confused.

"I heard it's at least seven. Five kids, and the couple who are their 'parents'" I said.

"Make them sign, and don't come back until you hear the two new ones promise not hurt humans or come to our lands" Harry said.

"Okay" I said.

"Embry, Paul, stay back, close to the border" Sam said.

"What? Why?" Paul asked annoyed.

"Because you have a short temper, Paul. We're trying to avoid fighting" I said. Paul went out, visibly mad.

"Let's go" Sam said.

We phased in the threes close to his house, and ran to the border. Once we reached, we made a stop, looking for the scent. Again I smelt that sweet, odd scent, and I was surprised it didn't annoy me as much as the wolves. We followed the trail and got to a huge, white house. We stopped in their front yard, and immediately seven vampires got out of the house, expectantly. I saw that Sam was too mad, and didn't think it would end nice if he talked to them. Sam, let me talk. I phase back in the first sign you give me. I'm calmer than you, I thought. He growled before accepting. The two wolves stood in front of me, blocking me from the leeches' vision, so I could phase back. Once I put my clothes on, the wolves stepped back, but still beside me.

"Hello. I imagine you already know why I'm here" I said.

"The treaty" the blond man said.

He looked in his twenties, had blond short hair, and the his eyes hold a lot of acknowledgment. He could look twenties, but he was a lot older.

"I'm Carlisle Cullen" he said, "This is Esme, my mate" he said pointing to the woman beside him. "Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie" he said pointing to each one of them.

The blond woman was wrinkling her nose, and glaring at us. The other had polite smiles, but still tensed.

"I'm Isabella Swan, member of the Quileute tribe. I'm sorry, but right now, I don't have permission to say the name of the others" I said.

"Swan? As Chief Swan?" Carlisle asked amused.

"Sam Uley and Jared Cameron" the one beside Carlisle, Edward, murmured quietly, almost as if it wasn't for me to hear it.

"You're the mind reader" I said frowning at him.

"Yes" he said looking a little frustrated.

"I'll ignore your rudeness when you invaded their privacy" I said.

"Sorry" he said.

I snorted and turn back to Carlisle.

"We're here about the treaty" I said. "Do you intend to keep it?"

"Of course" Carlisle said.

"Do you wish any alterations on the original treaty?" I asked.

"No. We won't hurt any humans, and won't go to your lands, I'm assuring you" Carlisle said.

"You have two more" I said eyeing Alice and Jasper.

She looked like a pixie, bouncing in her feet. Jasper was intimidating. I could see some scars in his neck, and he had the attitude of a fighter.

"Yes, Alice and Jasper joined our family since our last visit" Carlisle said.

"Are you going to hurt a human?" I asked glaring at Alice.

"No" she answered happily.

"Are you?" I asked Jasper.

"No" he said but I could sense hesitation.

"Neither of you can enter our lands" I said.

"We understand" they both said.

"They need to sign" I said reaching for the paper in Sam's front paw.

I took it and extended it to Carlisle. He got a pen from his pocket, and gave it to Alice, who quickly signed and let Jasper sign it, too. Carlisle folded the paper a and extended it to me.

"I met your father, a good man" Carlisle said.

I tensed and the wolves growled. What the hell he was doing around my dad!

"Stay the hell away from him! I live with him, and if I need to broke the treaty to protect him, killing one of you, outside our lands… I will"

"Bitch! Don't you dare talk to him like this!" Rosalie said jumping to me.

I phased immediately, into a five foot tall lioness. Edward and Emmett, hold Rosalie, as Jasper pulled Esme and Alice away from us, and Carlisle tried to stand between us, preventing a fight.

"Rosalie!" Carlisle chastised, "Calm down, now!"

I heard Embry and Paul approaching.

"Forgive us. I didn't mean to… make you nervous about your father's security. We won't do anything to him, I assure you. To any human" Carlisle said.

I nodded, but still wasn't relaxed. You need to finish the talk, Bella, Sam thought. Fuck! My clothes!

"Alice get her some clothes" Edward said still trying to hold Rosalie.

"I… Maybe I'm being rude, but… You arrived as a lynx and you're a lioness, now" Carlisle said, "How?"

He looked like a kid seeing a candy shop. His eyes were gleaming in amazement. The wolves agreed, but thought it was a little freaky. Alice came back holding a simple dress. She extended it and I took it with my teeth, being careful not to destroy the delicate material. The wolves again stood in front of me, while I phased and dressed. Once I was okay, I took a little step forward, and took the treaty paper. Never taking my eyes of Rosalie, who was still growling and glaring at me.

"I'll appreciate if you let me phase, and patrol in your lands, around my house. To protect my father" I said.

"Of course. You can patrol around your house. Actually, all of you can patrol around town, just do not harm us in any way" Carlisle said.

"Carlisle!" Rosalie protested, "They can be dogs around our land, but we can't' set a foot on theirs? What the fuck?"

"Rosalie" Carlisle said in a warning tone.

"I think we should go. Everything is discussed" I said and looked at Alice briefly, "Thank you for the clothes, I'll… pay you back"

"Not necessary" she said smiling.

I walked back to the trees, not taking my eyes of them. I thought they seemed nice, and Carlisle seemed an trustful person. I didn't see the problem in answering his question.

"Oh, Carlisle?" I called.


"Your question… Why a lynx first and a lioness then…" I said.


"What are we?"

"Werewolves" Esme answered.

"Are you seeing full moon for us to phase?" I asked amused.

I turned back and ran with the wolves, not phasing. When we got to the border, I stopped and put the paper in Sam's paw.

"I'm going home. I'm a little uneasy knowing they know my dad" I said.

He nodded and ran to the reservation. I turned around and decided to go home as a fox.


We were totallt perplexed. First we get an unexpected visit from the Quileutes. When you live with Alice, nothing is unexpected. The surprise gets better, when two five foot tall wolves show up, with a almost five foot tall lynx. We didn't expect the Quileutes to have other wolves, but… A lynx? The lynx… Was girl. She was pretty. With mahogany hair, brown eyes, pink lips and pale skin. The most interesting thing, I couldn't read her mind. Could this day get weirder? She talked politely about the treaty, just being rude with me, when I invaded their privacy, and I deserved the rudeness. Carlisle said a simple thing about her father, associating her last name, Swan, with the Chief of Police he met earlier, and the whole mood changed.

"Stay away from him. I live with him, and if I need to broke the treaty to protect him, killing one of you, outside our lands… I will" she said glaring at Carlisle.

I didn't need Alice's gift, to know how this would end. Rose was already in the edge, not liking to endure the wolves again. But when Bella threatened us, Rose snapped, offending Bella, and jumping on her. As Emmett and I reached for Rose, Bella had phased, into a five foot tall lioness. We all were open mouthed. Except Rose who was still trying to kill Bella. Two more wolves approached, and Carlisle apologized. Once everyone calmed down, Carlisle asked about her transformation. She was a lynx, and now a lioness! One of the wolves told her she had to end the discussion, but she realized she had ruined her clothes when phasing. I told Alice to grab something, and after Bella was in Alice's dress, that was too short, and tight for her, she asked if she could patrol around her house, for her father. Carlisle let her and the wolves patrol around town, if they wouldn't harm us. Rose wasn't pleased. For her, Carlisle was going soft on the Quileutes. Bella walked back but before disappearing into the forest, she answered Carlisle's question.

"Oh, Carlisle?" she called.

"Yes?" he asked. I like her, she seems a good person, he thought

"Your question… Why a lynx first and a lioness then…" she said.

"Yeah?" Oh, right! Why is she different?

"What are we?"

"Werewolves" Esme answered.

"Are you seeing full moon for us to phase?" Bella answered grinning before running away.

"She's not a werewolf" I murmured.

"No" Carlisle said.

"Then what?" Emmett asked impatient.

"I can't see her" Alice mumbled.

"What?" we all gasped.

"I can't see anything related to them, and I can't see school too" she said.

"Try seeing someone from school" Esme said.

"I can" she said after seeing Mrs. Cope shopping after school.

"Can't you see anyone of the wolves?" Jasper asked. She shook her head.

"She can't see them. And I bet Bella is in Forks High" Emmett concluded.

"It's weird! Not seeing!" Alice said.

"I can't hear her" I murmured.

"What?" everyone gasped again.

"I can hear hear mind, when she's sharing thoughts in her… animal form, when her mind is linked with the wolves, I can hear her thoughts thru theirs. But that's it. I can't hear her thoughts" I said frustrated.

"Maybe a gift. Eleazar would be interested" Carlisle said.

"She's… definitely something. Blocking Edward, the pack blocking Alice's gift, and she changes into different animals" Esme mused, "She's quite special"

"She's a dog" Rose hissed.

"Rose!" Esme scolded as we frowned at her.

"She is! She can be in an awful, stinky, disgusting cat form, but she still is a dog. She is one of them" Rose said.

"Shut up, Rosalie!" I said annoyed.

She glared at me before going in, to her room. Carlisle sighed and rubbed his forehead, as Emmett went after her.

"Are you still going hunting?" Esme asked me.

"Yeah. Jazz, want to go?"

"Sure" he said and kissed Alice's cheek before we ran to the forest to hunt before starting school.

We separate ways, I attacked a deer, when I heard Jazz' thoughts. He was musing about drinking a fox. The fox was in a slow run, and was a little bigger than normal. But what called my attention and made me run to Jazz, was its fur. It was like Bella's hair, just a little redder. I reached Jazz as he launched forward. The fox turned suddenly with panicked brown eyes. Bella's eyes. I jumped on Jazz before he touched her, taking him to the ground. When I looked back at Bella, she was a huge lynx again. She was giving us deep growls, and I could see she was ready to attack.

"Bella, please, calm down!" I said standing up, with my hand in front of me ina gesture of surrender.

"Sorry, I didn't know it was you" Jazz said mimicking my movements.

She growled a little more, before turning away and run. We stayed there, trying to understand something.

"Are you crazy Jasper?" I asked angrily.

"How was I supposed to know?" he asked shrugging.

"It's was obvious! Her eyes, her fur, her size!" I said annoyed at him, "You could have hurt her!" I hissed.

He frowned at me before a little, mischievous smile appeared.

"Calm down, Edward. I will pay more attention, and won't touch her." He said and turned away.

I was still annoyed at him for almost hurting her. I went hunt, just coming back to the house a little before school. I hope Emmett was right, I hope Bella is in Forks High. She was a mystery and I wanted to solve.