Kim started changing the bedsheets as soon as Ron left to collect Rufus from the living room. She paused only when the front door opened and Monique's voice announced her return. The redhead cocked an ear at the quiet conversation that followed until the exclamation of, "Say what!?"

The heroine didn't bother listening to what came after; in fact she was so focused on what she was doing, she jumped when the front door slammed shut. Next thing she knew, her flatmate was tapping at her bedroom door. "I'll be out in a minute, Monique," was all Kim said as she tucked the final corner of the clean bedsheet under the mattress.

She was true to her word, and her best girl friend tracked her from the couch as she carried the dirty bedsheets from bedroom to kitchen. "You wanna talk, girl?"

Kim considered as she rammed the bedsheets into the washing machine that occupied the spot for the dishwasher. "Not so much," she decided.

"Can't decide whether to laugh or cry?"

"I'm just... coasting. Hasn't sunk in yet, I guess." Kim joined Monique on the couch, drawing up her knees and wrapping her arms around her legs. "You know, it's not so much what he did, as how he did it... which I guess is typical for Ron."

"Oh no," Monique groaned, "Don't tell me that man-child actually said..."

"A break, not a break-up," the redhead confirmed.

"And you think...?"

"So broken up," Kim huffed disconsolately, dropping her face behind her knees.

She felt rather than heard Monique slide over to wrap her own arms around her, and spent the next few minutes crying and snuffling, or screaming into her own lap as her anger came to the fore. Her flatmate didn't let go until it was all over. "That boy needs to grow up," she said once she returned with a box of tissues.

A sadly amused bark escaped Kim's throat. "That's kinda what he's trying to do."

Monique was nonplussed. "By moving to Japan."

"Yeah. And I get it, I know why he's doing it... but it doesn't make it any easier."

Her friend snorted. "Not for you."

"True," Kim sighed, "The irony is, one of the schools that accepted me was in Tokyo." She paused to blow her nose. "He'd been thinking about it for a while, but he never told me. I don't think he made up his mind until our last mission. I wish he'd said something before springing this on me..."

Sensing it was time for a change of topic, Monique asked, "So, you goin' solo for missions, from now on?" She knew Kim was cutting back on the world-save-age during their college years, but that just meant being more selective on which missions to take. Wade was to redirect villain-foiling to Global Justice and leave the more 'natural' disasters to the appropriate organisations, unless Kim's skills were absolutely required.

"You could always come with me," Kim suggested with as sincere a smile as the circumstances permitted.

Monique's eyes widened in surprise at the suggestion. "Me? Kim... I'm not sure I can..."

"No better time to give it a try. We can do stuff I never did with Ron... fitness evaluation, maybe sign you up to a martial arts class..."

"Woah, girlfriend. Look, I'm not the adrenaline junkie you are. My favourite hobby is shopping. I mean, I always figured the only way he," Monique jerked a thumb in the direction of the front door, "Was able to keep up with you was through the power of sheer ignorance."

"Monique, even climbing a high wall would make him nervous, but he always had my back when it mattered."


"We can practice all sorts of stuff at the gym," the redhead rambled on, her mouth gaining steam as the idea took root in her mind, "And the sports center... the Astoria has a thirty foot climbing wall... we could even spend a weekend on Long Island sometime, for surfing and waterskiing. It'd be fun!"

Monique considered the probability that it would take the kind of activities Kim had in mind to help her work through her current funk. "Well... fun sounds fun," she decided with a shrug, a brief smile before hurredly adding, "Not that I'm approving the sidekick thing, but... we'll see how it goes." Now'd be a bad time for missions, anyhow, she added silently, even as she was tackle-hugged by the appreciative heroine.

When they both had free time, the girls went to the New York University gym. Kim's fitness had suffered due to her recent inactivity, but she was still in better shape than Monique. It became a running joke that day, the difference between them being compared to the difference between icecream and a milkshake. It seemed apt to both of them. Kim's lithe frame was more muscle than anything, granting her a solid physical presence that made her seem more 'real' than most; while Monique's curves were both fuller and softer, a more generous mix of fat and muscle that gave her a far more svelte appearance.

That was something Kim had been noticing, lately. The shape of Monique's body reminded her of Shego. And the college cheerleaders were also more filled out than in high school. It wasn't something she had really thought about on a conscious level before, but now she was noticing all kinds of things that used to be 'under the surface.' It didn't take long to work out why; her psychology course was all about the motivations behind various behaviours, and it was teaching her to look at everything in a new, more comprehensive, way.

In retrospect, she shouldn't have been surprised to come home about a month later to find Shego lounging on the couch, filing her claws.

"What the hell are you doing here?" the redhead asked with the requisite shock.

"Visiting," Shego stated the obvious with practiced nonchalance. "Friends do that... right?"

"Friends call first," Kim huffed, "And they don't break into their friend's house."

"Oh, I didn't break a thing. Your security system was out of date long before either of us got here." The villainess tucked the nail file into the sleeve of her glove. "You should probably do something about that. Have your computer kid swing some upgrades, or whatever."

"How did you know where I lived? I asked the school to use-"

"Fake names on the paperwork don't stop someone who knows what you look like from tracking you down. I knew what you were learning and where, all I had to do was keep an eye open."

"You've been tailing me?" Kim yelled, before a thought struck her. "Um... why didn't you just walk up and say hi?"

Shego opened her mouth, paused as she thought it over, then rolled her eyes. "Habit?" she hazarded before shrugging.

"And just how long have you been stalking me?" the redhead asked in a tone of voice that most people would take as a warning.

Most people. Not Shego. "Oh, nearly since the beginning, pumpkin," she bragged with a wicked smirk. "Every time you foiled a plan or blew up a lair, I'd be outside your bedroom window that very night, making faces at you while you slept." She demonstrated by plugging her thumbs into her ears while waving her fingers, crossing her eyes and blowing a rasberry in the redhead's direction.

Now it was Kim's turn to roll her eyes. "Yeah, right." She dumped her books on the table and went to get some juice from the fridge.

"Oh yes," the green girl continued as she swivelled around and lay across the couch, "Many a night I had to resist the urge to slip into your bedroom and find some amusing way to mess with your head. You'll never know how many times you nearly woke up without your precious Pandaroo..."

The carton of juice hit the floor and started pouring its contents across the linoleum. Shego snickered as she heard her nemesis curse. She wasn't supposed to cause the world any more chaos, so she had to take the opportunity when these smaller pleasures presented themselves. The villainess waited while Kim cleaned up, poured her glass of juice, returned to the couch and frowned down at her.

Shego smirked right back. "You brought it with you, didn't you. In your bedroom right now?"

Kim loomed over her and growled, "No touchy my Pandaroo." Shego smirked and pulled her legs back for the redhead to sit, then promptly extended them back across the teenager's lap once she'd settled. "What are you even doing here?" the heroine sighed. "In New York, I mean, away from your own personal beach, and everything."

"Ran out of sunblock."

Kim snorted at that.

"And I got sick of it, to be honest," Shego admitted with a sigh. "I'd already done plenty of sunbathing during my post-alien-invasion vacation... and while having the beach to myself was an improvement, the view sucked."

"No it didn't!" Kim contradicted. It had looked like paradise when she had been there.

"I mean the men, Kimmie. I thought, at the very least, Global Justice would send some nice fit men in uniform. Only one wasn't a scientist, and he was almost as young and scrawny as you. Then Drakken and the eggheads ramped up the geekfest and... well, I just got sick of it. So I stole Agent Dufus' hoverjet and came to see how you were doing. Happy?"

Kim tapped her fingers on Shego's knee as she mulled it over before grinning. "I suppose." She watched Shego roll her eyes again before adding, "It is nice to know you were thinking about me. Thank you."

"So, uh... how are you?" the green girl asked. The question coming from her sounded unnatural compared to Kim's thanks, but the heroine went with it as sincerely as she could.

"Settled in nicely. I'm sharing this place with Monique... from Club Banana, remember? I'm learning stuff that I'm actually interested in, enjoying the college atmosphere, exploring the 'hood and, well, enjoying the new kind of adventure." She finished the juice she'd taken the opportunity to drink most of during Shego's exposition, and set the glass on the table... which was when she saw what her guest was looking at. "And you meant the burns, didn't you," she added lamely.

"Well, yeah. But it's, uh, good to hear the other stuff is going well." The villainess frowned at her own hesitancy.

"I'm fine, Shego. The skin is growing back now, but it still looks gross and splotchy. Eventually it'll all even out and just look... untanned. The only scarring will be along the edges, between the old and new skin. I've been doing all the motion exercises so it won't be a problem. I'm even planning to get back into cheerleading."

That notion raised a dark eyebrow. "What are the outfits like?"

"Less revealing around the midriff than the Middleton High uniforms, for some reason."


Kim didn't trust that tone in the slightest. "What?"

"Well... you were the captain, right?"


"So the outfit design was up to you?"

"Pretty much."

Shego stared at the redhead as she failed to get the point. "Don't you think it means something? That maybe you wanted to see girls in the skimpiest-"

"Shego!" Kim interrupted as she realised where the villainess was going. "No! No, that wasn't... I didn't even think about girls like that back then!"

So, you do now? "Maybe not on a conscious level..."

"No," the redhead insisted firmy.

"Never snuck a look in the changing room, or anything."

Kim's voice caught in her throat when she tried to reply, knew Shego had caught it, and came clean. "Yes, I'd peek, but not for that. For... comparison." Now she was starting to blush.

"Heh. Wanna know why I started calling you cupcake?"


"Look down. You've got two of 'em."

Kim had looked down, then huffed indignantly, crossing her arms and fuming silently, much to her guest's amusement. Then she made the connection. "You've been thinking about my tits for that long, have you?" she asked suddenly.

Shego didn't show her surprise at the word 'tits' passing between the lips of Miss Priss. "Your bubblebutt too, since that day on the train." Kim hadn't expected such a frank response, and felt the heat in her cheeks rising further in response to Shego's seductive tone. "Me, I'm glad I've got this hourglass figure," and the teenager couldn't help but watch as the clawed gloves caressed the green girl's curves, "But I know I'd need to bulk up if it wasn't for my extra strength; and I mean bulk, not like the hard little body you've got."

The redhead swallowed, feeling her self-control start to slip. "So, you... like my body?"

"I do." One of the legs in her lap rose up and over her, sliding down behind until the knee was exerting a soft pressure in the small of her back. "I'm sure it tastes sweet," Shego added with a devilish smile. Not a smirk, an outright smile.

That statement and smile, the confirmation of Kim's recent suspicions, sent a new flush of heat through her body, this time in the opposite direction from her face. Shego wanted her. Wanted to taste her. The notion was intoxicating, and sent a shiver through her that the green girl no doubt noticed. "I won't let you..." Kim managed to whisper.

"Why not?" Shego purred.

"Because you're evil, and rude, and mean, and-"

"And you wouldn't have me any other way." When the heroine shook her head, the villainess used the grip her legs had around the teenager to sit up, then nibbled her ear before whispering into it. "Would you rather I play nice? Join the team, be a hero again? How long before we'd be jonesing for another good fight? Don't you miss it already?" Another nip of the earlobe. "You want the bad girl, princess. Someone who will fuck you, hurt you just enough to enjoy it, call you a slut and a whore while making you come harder than you ever have before."

"I thought you didn't really want to do this," Kim managed to exhale.

"Hmm," Shego murmured, "Maybe I still feel like I owe you, and making you feel the other way will balance the scales..."

The green girl's lips and teeth moved from Kim's ear down her neck, and the redhead was finding it difficult to keep the event Shego was referring to in mind... or anything other than the sensation of Shego's mouth on her skin. The older woman's teeth bit suddenly, eliciting a gasp, that evolved into a moan as the tip of Shego's tongue explored the mark she had just made.

The increasing passion with which Shego was kissing and sucking on her neck was having its intended effect. Kim's breathing became deep and ragged as she leaned into Shego's efforts, cheek to cheek, breathing in the scent of the almost-green hair. From there, it wasn't a leap to desire the hot, wet sensation on her neck elsewhere. The villainess didn't resist as the teenager leaned against her until she was on her back once more, rotating her hips to open the green girl's legs and lay flat upon her.

Kim stared down into expectant dark green eyes until she couldn't stand the lack of contact anymore. Her lips crashed down on Shego's, forcing her tongue between them to seek the matching muscle within. She whimpered into that mouth as clawed hands squeezed her ass, before one of them made its way up into her hair, occasionally tugging at it one direction or another as the makeout intensified.

For a while, all sense of time was lost... until Kim recognised the sound of Monique's key entering the lock of the front door.