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The thermostat hit triple digits.

The clock struck one.

She never should have gone out that morning.

In the heat.

In the humidity.

The giant poof on her head showed no signs of unfrizzing.

She had tried everything. Hairspray, conditioner, prayers to both Chalchiuhtlicue and God Himself.

Nothing worked.

She needed to do something.

He had invited her out.

On a date.

An actual date.

She had waited years for this to happen.

She had dreamed of this moment forever.

She needed it to be perfect.

There was no way she was going to his house like this.

No way.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's going to be so hot where I live tomorrow. One hundred degrees. One eleven with the heat index. And we all know we just love that heat index.

This was quick and came completely out the blue for me. I love summer, but I don't love the extreme conditions that come with it. Kinda like a certain Mexican-Jewish girl we all know.

She's the Aztec goddess of love, beauty, and youth (in case anyone's wondering).

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