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Guns and Trust

"Ah. May I enquire as to why there is a gun aimed at me?" The Doctor began hesitantly.

"This building has the best security of anywhere in the world and Doctor-san somehow manage to waltz into the main investigation room with two accomplices and a large blue box. I am aware that the box claims to be associated with the police, but the NPA abandoned the Kira case long ago. No-one in this room works for them anymore." L replied. He had been faking the thought that the Doctor was an actual doctor to lure him into a more open position, to make it easier for Watari to line up his shot.

"O.K. Very clever. If you could tell…Watari, was it? To put away the gun, I would be very grateful." The Doctor could tell that his negotiation attempt was failing epically just by looking at L.

"Not unless you state your name, occupation, intention and how you got here to sufficient standards." Watari was joining the conversation now.

The Doctor, as always, was the first to comply:

"Uhh, the Doctor, traveller, investigation and via the temporal vortex in a living time/space machine."

Amy was next:

"Amy Pond, traveller, fun and whatever he said."

Then finally Rory:

"Rory Williams, husband to her," at this he pointed at Amy, "Don't know about intention. Fun I guess. And whatever he said too."

"I should have added species to the list." L said quietly. His musings were answered with two choruses of 'Human' and one 'Uhh, I can't really tell you that…' The detective easily picked up on the odd one out, but Light beat him to pointing it out.

"What can't you tell us? Seeing as you look like that, there are only really two possible answers; human (which is most likely) or shinigami."

"If those are my options, I guess shinigami is closest." The Doctor hesitantly replied.

"In that case…Watari, take him to the Death Note. Let's see if he knows any more about it than Rem supposedly does."

In the 'Death Note Room', really just an adjacent room to the main headquarters.

"Judging by the fact you brought us in here, I assume you trust us now." Stated the Doctor, after a moment to take in his surroundings. There were clean, plain, grey walls and the ceiling was embedded with rectangular fluorescent lights. The floor was reflective and, after a period of examination time, the Doctor discovered it was aluminium. Security cameras dotted the room, some vastly more obvious than others. In the centre of the small room was a large, dark grey table, on which a thin, black notebook caould be seen. Even with his intellect, the Doctor could not figure out the reason for the lasers and glass case guarding the book.

"It takes a lot to get me to trust people. It would even without the perils of my job." L replied, blatantly staring at the Doctor, silently evaluating his threat level.

"I can vouch for that." Light chimed in. Everyone turned to him expectantly. Excluding L of course. He already knew what he had done to Light.

"Ryuzaki put me in solitary confinement under constant surveillance for 50 days, got my dad to pretend to threaten to kill me (no mention of Misa, L noted) and now I'm chained to his wrist. After all that he still thinks I'm Kira." Admittedly only 4.1%, but Light didn't mention that.

"Um, stop me if I'm asking a stupid question but, what's Kira?" Rory inquired. "Only, the name was on a billboard we passed. That was what made us come here. To ask about it."

L was ignoring Rory, passing him off as an English Matsuda, and therefore of no more use other than to laugh at when he falls over. Light thought the same, but he was a good enough actor to appear nice. Nicer than L at least.

"Kira is a mass murderer who can kill with a name, a face and that notebook. He only kills criminals and people who obstruct him though. This task force was built to capture Kira." Light hated explaining (most) things to less intelligent people.

"So, you're based in the top floors of this skyscraper then?" Amy asked, not wanting to be left out.

"Haha, no. Ryuzaki had the whole thing built especially for the case. Probably only because he needed permanent accommodation in Japan, but still." Light did like saying that. It made him feel powerful, being friends with someone that rich.

Amy, Rory and the Doctor all turned to look at L, who had managed to procure a lollipop from somewhere and, as such, had to talk around it when answering.

"I am L, therefore I am easily able to pay for a top-security, high-tech skyscraper, complete with helipad, to be built on the outskirts of central Tokyo."

Silence reigned for a while, before it was broken by another question from Rory.

"Who's L?"

Light opened his mouth to answer, but this time the Doctor beat him to it.

"World's best detective. Never works personally; always hides behind cameras, computers and voice distorters."

"And Watari," L added. "He is vital to my work and I will confess to, as you say, 'hiding behind' him."

Light snorted, then shifted closer to Lso he could nudge him with his shoulder.

"Don't forget me Ryuzaki. You hide behind me too. Mostly when there are spiders or thunderstorms involved."

In response, L gave a sharp tug on the chain to show his disapproval. Amy giggled.

"We should carry on with the questioning. I need to see if you, Doctor-san, know any more about the Death Note than Rem did. Before you ask, Rem is another shinigami. You won't be able to see her until you touch the Death Note." With that, L started walking towards the table, inadvertently dragging Light behind him.

"Come on, guys," the Doctor started. "We have a killer book to investigate."

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