Short Summary: Paul screws around and the entire pack hates it. A surprise imprint makes it even worse.

Full Summary: Everyone in the pack hates that Paul is an asshole and dates around because no one wants what happened to Leah and Sam to occur between Paul and whoever the current boy/girlfriend is. So what happens when, for the first time, Paul brings out a boy to meet the pack?

WARNING! This is somewhat an AU and definitely an OOC. I'll give more explanation when it's not a spoiler. Let me know how the first chapter goes!

Chapter One

"Why do you date, Paul?" I asked my pack brother one day after he got off the phone with his current boyfriend. I have no idea why he was hanging out at my house. If anyone in the pack liked him the least, it was me. Yet here he was. Using my phone, watching my TV and eating my food.

You see, everyone in the pack doesn't date. The likeliness that we'll imprint at anytime was just too strong and no one wants to see what happened with Sam and Leah happen again. So we all pretty much refrain from romantic relationships out of a fear that in the end, we may hurt them. Even I ended my run with Bella because of this. She was hurt for a few days but she moved on to bigger and better things.

Then there's the problem with Paul. He actually dates people (girls and guys). It bothers the rest of us. Not that we know any of them, we can't stand that he would do this to anyone.

"Why not? I'm a horny teenager and I'm not going to wait for my soul mate to show up just to have sex." Everyone agreed that his kind of thinking was heartless but what could we do? So we just watch our brother have his relationships and go by without a single whisper of his imprint. Some of us were happy for that (namely Seth, Leah, Jarred and myself) More than once I found myself thinking (hoping) that maybe Paul didn't have an imprint.

He didn't talk to anyone else in the pack like he did to me. I could never really get why I dealt with it. Especially when I heard him talk about his boy/girlfriends. It just bothered me when he talked about their bodies as if he were giving an opinion on a piece of meat. It was so cold and uncaring. Half the time I didn't even know their names, if they were male or female. I felt especially sorry for his current boyfriend.

"Jake, you should his ass. Fucking firm as hell. Tight too. I can't tell you how many times I tore it up but he always comes back. Seriously dude. He's vocal as hell too. Always ready to scream for me. Though he's one of those pussies that cry after an orgasm, I don't mind. Fucking him is good enough to compensate, if you know what I mean."

I didn't know what he meant. But I didn't mention that. I just nodded in disgust, waiting for him to leave. I'm sure he knows it bothers me by now. Sure, I have the exact same teenage hormones as he does. But I could never do that to a human, even to satisfy my own needs. Though his boyfriend might not know how Paul talks about him, I felt shame for the poor boy and silently hoped that perhaps Paul wouldn't hurt him as much as some of the others.

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