My body ached upon waking. It wasn't exactly painful. I ached and I was stiff but it was just from being a dead log for too long. I glanced at the clock to discover I had been asleep for nearly 14 hours. More then half a day. The sun was just starting to go down. The only force on earth that could have gotten me out of the bed any how was the painful, hungry gurgle of my stomach. I had eaten last night but I remember yakking up my dinner too, so I felt starved.

I dragged myself out of bed and dragged myself to the bathroom first and turned the water on as hot as I could take it. If anyone saw me, they'd swear I was a zombie. I managed to sink myself under the scalding water without somehow falling. My brain and body were so slow, I'd probably slip and it would take me several moments to realize I even fell.

After a long bath, I felt a little bit better. Dragged myself to the kitchen around dinner time anyway and cooked up three eggs, half a package of bacon, four pieces of toast and a quart of orange juice as my meal. I put it away without too much problem. Or at least, I didn't think there was a problem. Until I remembered Edward. I remembered his text and his voice mail... and the fact that I left my phone in my car... which I left in front of a store on the edge of the reservation... with the drivers side door wide open.

"Shit!" I ran out and barely managed to catch the note taped to the front door. I pause only long enough to grab it and keep heading out.

You can have the next few days off-Sam. Well who ever said Sam wasn't good for anything? I crumpled up the note and shifted so running to the store wouldn't take more then a few minutes. Luckily, my rabbit was still there. Someone had shut the door and stuck a note that it would be towed soon, if someone didn't claim it. Hey, at least whoever wrote it (probably the store manager) gave me two days instead of one. I crumbled up that note too and simply got in the car and started driving. Hey, at least I knew where I was going. Port Angeles.

It didn't occur for me to call Edward in the 20 minutes it took me to get there. Record time for me really. In my head, I had plans to shorten that by at least five minutes without getting pulled over (obviously). I guess it simply didn't pop into my head that maybe, I should let him know I'd be there.

I pulled up in front of his shop and I saw him through the window. He looked surprised to see me. And somehow, he seemed... guarded. There was a tightness around his eyes as he turned from the window. All I could register for that one second was the pain I felt in response. I held my breath as I stepped out of the cold into his shop. It was just as empty as it was any other day.

"Edward..." I muttered his name, unsure of what to say. So many things passed through my head all at once. I missed him. I was so happy to see him. I'm angry at Paul. I'm worried about my mate. I missed Edward.

Edward finally turned toward me, staring down at my stomach. I searched his pretty green eyes, trying to find what was wrong. Was it Paul? Did he scare my mate so much that he couldn't even look at me? Or maybe he was angry with me rather then Paul. He said in the text message that he was trying to meet me. Perhaps he was angry that I wasn't there to keep him safe when I basically told him I would.

It wasn't until his eyes flickered up that I noticed the discoloration. Next to his left eye was a large dark circle. I hadn't seen it immediately because his left side was always faced away from the bad light in the window. Directly next to his eye brow was a few red scratches, which were surrounded by a dark bruise. I barely registered hearing myself gasp. I was behind the counter in an instant.

I wrapped an arm around his waist and pinned him against my body. He gasped and leaned back, trying to wiggle away. I merely twisted so his hips were trapped between the counter and my hips. I used my other hand to force his chin up, so I could get a good look at the bruise. I groaned when I saw how dark it really was. His eyes were more ashamed then they were scared. I loosened my hold and gently guided, rather then forced him to look at me.

"Who did that to you?" I asked, struggling to keep the growl out of my voice. Edward shrugged and raised an arm to hug me back. I relished how that felt but I couldn't ignore the terrible mar on my imprints face.

"It's nothing-" I scoffed, interrupting him. His eyes smiled in amusement but otherwise ignored me. "I walked into a door."

I simply stared at him, showing my anger disappointment and disbelief. He glared back in return and pushed off the counter, effectively shoving me off him. I dropped my arms to circle his waist but otherwise, stopped leaning on his smaller frame. Edward still leaned away, basically silently telling me to step back. I just offered my expecting gaze, waiting patiently for him to give in. And give in, he did with a sigh.

"You didn't answer you're phone so I thought it might be nice to visit you. But when I got there and knocked and no one answered at first. I was kinda leaning a little close, so when I started to turn away, the door opened and caught my eye." I frowned at this. Not just because he had gotten hurt but because someone was in my house, answering my doors?

"Who-" I started, of course. Edward shrugged and looked down.

"Paul. He didn't say anything, just stared. I went back to the cab and that was that." His eyes were back to me. The green sparkle wasn't as bright as it had been last week but he didn't seem quite so glum.

I let out a huff of breath, disliking what happened to my mate, but I knew he was safe. He was in my arms and thats all that mattered. I kissed his forehead, earning a sweet smile that fixed the dark in his eyes. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, holding himself closer. I buried my nose in his hair and simply breathed. After a week of not having him, his scent calmed my nerves. I let out a nearly sub-vocal groan as the pleasure of holding him burned through me.

"I'll be honest, Jacob, I thought you didn't want to see me any more." His voice was low and would have gone straight to my groin if his words had been any different. But instead it inspired the worst sense of dread. I felt my wolf howling within me, hating myself without a reason quite yet.

"Oh baby, why?" I gasped out, clutching his body. My left hand went up to his hair and tangled my fingers in, while my right arm just held him closer to my chest. I knew I was trying to make him feel safe and wanted at the first time.

"I just... You... *sigh* it's been a long week, thats all." I hummed my amusement at his choice of words, fully understanding. Even though he tried to clutch me just as tightly as I held him, I kissed his temple and cheek.

"I know, baby. I'm sorry I was gone for so long and I didn't call you." I glanced out the window and saw a dead street, so I boldly cupped my hands under his butt and lifted him to sit on his counter. He let out a surprised squeak but other wise, kept his arms around me. With the added height, he was now the one looking down at me. I settled between his thighs, which gripped my hips while his face turned pink.

"What kills me the most, Edward, is that I can't promise it won't happen again. My boss gave me the next few days but I don't know what is coming after that." I spoke as honestly as I could, closed my eyes as I rested my head on his chest. His chin on my head.

"I guess we should use the time we have then." I lifted back just to ask him what he meant by that and his lips were already covering mine.

I groaned before grabbing either sides of his hips. His fingers tangled themselves into my hair while his tongue flickered against my bottom lip. His boldness and warmth was really turning me on. My lips parted, inviting him to continue. I felt him suck in a surprised breath that tickled my lips. I smiled into the kiss as I leaned forward, deepening it. He hesitated with his tongue but I did not. I took his hesitation as a chance to explore and taste every inch of his mouth until his body seemed to go limp. It was only then I pulled away so he could gasp for air. I love knowing how badly I can fluster him with a kiss.

"I-I'm sorry. I d-don't know what I was thinking." Edward seemed to splutter around his words as his face turned bright red. I chuckled and pecked his lips gently.

"Don't be sorry, Edward. I liked it." And I did too. I liked it. A lot.

Edward tried smiling at me but his eyes faltered and dropped to my chest in embarrassment. I smiled and kissed him again, this time with less... force. It didn't fluster him as bad but he maintained his blush. The next few seconds were simply spent staring at each other. Even though I had been missing him painfully for a week, I had forgotten how much my heart raced when simply looking at him. He was so beautiful, so innocent. I wanted to protect as well as love him. I loved how innocent he was but there was a sick part of me that wanted to take that innocence away. Make him mine.

Too bad the moment couldn't last, as much as I wanted it too. It just felt too good, his legs half curled around my hips, keeping me against the counter. His hands resting on my shoulders even though my scalp still stung from having them pulling on my hair. One hand stayed on his hip while the other gently cupped his cheek. I could have stood there staring all day and not gotten bored just from looking at him. I didn't get it because I'm used to becoming bored easily but somehow, it felt right... in a sick and twisted way.

"Its getting pretty close to my lunch break. I have some left over pizza if you want." Edward spoke, glancing at the clock on the wall, breaking the spell that only seemed to effect me. Or at least it seemed, until Edward hopped down from the counter and swayed against me. His hand touched my chest while he steady himself. I merely kissed his temple, unable to resist how cute he looked half-dazed.

From there, I lead the way to his apartment (right after putting up his lunch sign with a smirk). On the table was half a large pepperoni from the night before. Edward immediately grabbed a plate from the cupboard and threw them all in the microwave. I located a couple glasses and a bottle of soda in the fridge. I couldn't help but note he was getting low on food. He didn't seem to think anything of it at least.

We ended up in the same positions as last time. Sitting in front of the ignored tv with empty plates on the coffee table. Edward was half in my lap as my arms held him close. He moaned into my kisses freely and had no trouble asking for more. God, my pup was as hungry as I was. But not for day old pizza.

"J-Jake." He gasped, jerking away for air. I didn't hesitate and simply started feasting on his neck, causing even louder moans. Edward's fingers twisted into my hair as his hips seemed to grind against mine. It wasn't until I felt a lump in them that I realized his scent was heavy with arousal. He wanted me. Now. My hands worked by themselves, sliding up his shirt. A shiver passed through him as he gave a shuddering moan. Mine joined his when he threw a leg over my lap and straddled me. Edward was kissing me again, tongue and all, grinding his lump against mine. I groaned at this and my hands moved to slide under his jeans, rather then his shirt. Just as I was about to cup that sweet ass, a loud buzzing noise made him jump right out of his skin.

"Oh crap." He gasped, looking at the door. He sat straight up, making me think of one of those meerkats that freeze standing straight up, looking for danger. I chuckled quietly as he realized what kind of mess we'd gotten into now.

"What?" I asked. He stood up, pulling down his shirt, which had ended up bundled under his arm pits. I got a nice view of his smooth chest and a very dark treasure trail on the lower side of his flat belly. I could barely hold back my growl of approval, holding back to a quiet rumble in my chest. Edward didn't hear it though. He was brick red as he picked up our plates and set them in the sink.

"There's customers downstairs. The buzz is to let me know." He managed, running his fingers through his messed up hair, trying to tame it. He also looked at the front of his pants with a groan and turned even redder as he tried to adjust his shirt to unsuccessfully cover the lump. It seemed to be quickly deflating anyway.

"I'll be right back." He called over his shoulder as he went downstairs. I heard his voice as he greeted whoever was there and his nervous chuckle as he explained his absence.

I looked down at myself and out right laughed. My shirt was bunched the same way his ways, exposing my entire chest. The lump in my own jeans was already sinking back down. I found myself remembering that Edward had his hand up and down my chest but all I had been able to focus on was how fiercely he was grinding down. The entire afternoon was good. Very good.

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