Bleach One Shots

The Tsukishima Chronicles.

Take One: Where it all began.

"Congratulations, Shukuro-san," the doctor greeted warmly, waving at Isshin Kurosaki standing a little ways off as well. "Your and Masaki-san's son is perfectly healthy, bit more of his mothers hair and looks than yours, but still a bit of a resemblence if you look closely enough eh?" he joked lightly.

The moderately young looking man with the scar over his left eye nodded and smiled. "May I see him?" he asked politely, not at all concerned, as if perfectly assured that the birth would go through without complications.

"Of course, of course, right this way." The doctor answered and turned around to go back down the hall. Shukuro Tsukishima followed, pausing only to call back to Isshin that he could find a way home afterwards on his own after all.

Sighing dejectedly, Isshin Kurosaki nodded back only to see his old friend wasn't even there any more, and reluctantly he departed the hospital while wondering when it would be his turn to have a wife and child.

A short time later, and Ichigo Tsukishima was being cradled in his pseudo-fathers arms, the infant looking up at him with bright and light brown eyes questioningly, as if unsure of the man.

Tsukishima smiled back down at him and spared a few moments to look at the exhausted mother as well, "We'll do great things together, you an I," he said quietly, book under one arm and looking pleasantly satisfied, "isn't that right little Ichigo?"

Ichigo cooed wearily and shut his inquisitive eyes, but the smile never left the mans face even as he offered the baby back to Masaki.

a/n: And so it begins, the legend of Tsukishima, gradually replacing one character after another in the memories and lives of those whom he had overtaken. Woe to the former Ichigo Kurosaki!