Date Night

Summary: Orihime and Ichigo have a date night together by enjoying a movie.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach at all EVER.

A/N:Yes, I ship Orihime/Ichigo. Do not read if you don't like it. Anyway this is my first dive into Bleach fanfic, as I've been itching to write one for awhile now and I recently got into Bleach and I really like it. :) And yes, the characters are most likely OOC. Like I said, first bleach fic. But I hope to write more and practice writing these characters more. Anyway, please enjoy the story!

The smell of popping corn filled the air and it made Orihime's stomach grumble. She giggled when Ichigo called, "I heard that!" She leaned back against the couch, waiting for Ichigo to come back into the living room.

She had offered to make snacks for tonight and bring them with her, but Ichigo had turned her down (most likely to save himself from food poisoning) but had been appreciative of the offer anyway.

Orihime flushed lightly when she remembered Ichigo telling her that Ichigo's dad and sisters were going to be out of the house for a few hours, which made it perfect for them to have a little date night.

They hadn't been together for long; but ever since Aizen's defeat, Ichigo's feelings for Orihime had changed. There was no logical explanation for it, but neither of the teenagers complained.

Of course at school, Ichigo held her hand occasionally and only smiled for her on a good day. But Ichigo was determined to keep up his bad-boy reputation despite the rumors Tatsuki spread that Ichigo was total putty in Orihime's hands, which was not the case...

The smell of popcorn filled her senses and Orihime realized she'd been so deep in thought that she hadn't noticed Ichigo's return, placing glasses of pop in front of the couch, and a big bowl of popcorn to snack out of. "Whatcha thinkin' about?" The orange haired male asked, a mischevious glint in his brown eyes.

"Just how much fun tonight's going to be," Orihime grinned widely at Ichigo.

Ichigo picked up the DVD cases that he'd picked up from the rental store. He knew Orihime liked a couple of romance movies, so he'd made sure to find the movies he knew she liked.

He turned on the TV, and then placed the DVD into the DVD player. The teenager swiped the DVD remote from the top of the player before he took a seat next to Orihime.

Eventually the beginning previews were over and the movie began to play. Ichigo leaned over and turned the lamp off, illuminating the room with only the light from the full moon outside and the glow from the TV.

Ichigo's arm came around Orihime's shoulders and she snuggled up against him, a contented sigh escaping her lips as she stared at the screen. Orihime looked up at Ichigo, who was staring at the screen, but his gaze shifted to his girlfriend when he noticed her staring at him.


A slow smile crossed Orihime's face. "Thank you Ichigo," She said as she leaned up to kiss him. Ichigo leaned down, capturing Orihime's lips with his, kissing her slowly, caressing her lips with his tounge slightly before withdrawing his tounge. Ichigo chuckled when Orihime whined softly at his actions as if she was annoyed he was teasing her.

"You're welcome, Princess," Ichigo whispered, placing a strand of hair behind Orihime's ear. She blushed lightly and smiled as they returned to the movie, still wrapped in Ichigo's arms.

When Isshin returned home that night with Yuzu and Karin, he found Ichigo and Orihime sleeping on the couch, still in each other's arms.

Isshin sent the girls onto bed while he grabbed a blanket and covered the sleeping teens with it. He turned the TV off, cleaning up quietly so as not to disturb the teenagers and he walked off, a smile crossing his face.