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"Listen you crazy nut job, you leave Dean out of this! You hear me?" Sam struggled uselessly with his bonds. The guy may have been crazy but he sure knew how to tie a knot.

The ruffled hunter grinned, a maniacal glint gleaming in his crazy eyes. Sam found himself trying not to twitch in terror.

"But Sammy, he's everything. This is what it's all about…Dean…" The man said his name in a delighted sigh. Sam didn't know whether to be disgusted or terrified.

"I swear if you hurt my brother I'll find you and kill you! I swear to God I will."

An answering grin was his only reply. Then the grizzled hunter just turned around and walked off.

"Hey!" Struggling again with the ropes Sam's eyes almost bulged out from the exertion of pulling on them. "Get back here!" Hearing the solid iron door clank closed, Sam cursed and gave up. "Damn it!"

Taking the time to calm his breathing Sam sighed as he looked around the room in despair. He was in some kind of basement. By the smell and state of it, someone hadn't been down here for years. Shuddering lightly, his mind focused on one thing.

What the hell was he going to do now?

One week earlier:

Sam sighed as he uselessly turned in bed. His back and head still hurt from the accident. I mean you don't come out of that type of accident unscathed. He had suffered bruised kidneys and a concussion, not to mention numerous scrapes and cuts that still adorned some of his face. He was prescribed some painkillers; the doctor had gone a step further and advised he stay in the hospital for a while.

Yeah, Sam thought sarcastically. Like that would ever happen with Dean in a coma.

That wasn't the only thing plaguing him though. Nightmares, from the mild variety of Jess dying to the recent accident plagued his nights. He wasn't going to get any sleep tonight it looked liked, not when the nightmares kept coming and Sam didn't know how to stop them.

Ones that use to be Jess burning on the ceiling now morphed into something even worse, something Sam wouldn't even write off to his worst enemy. Nightmares of 10:41 where Dean died instead of John, or of them both dying and leaving Sam alone.

Sam shivered under the thin blankets just wishing that maybe the bed would open up and eat him whole. Just let things correct themselves and bring his Dad back in sacrifice for himself. Maybe then things would be normal. Maybe Dean wouldn't hate him then.

Feeling his eyes begin to tear up again Sam gritted his teeth and yanked the blanket off. Sitting up in bed, Sam rubbed his eyes until he was sure they were dry. God no wonder Dean hates your sorry ass; you can't even compose yourself like a man.

Looking over his shoulder Sam could see the rigid line of Dean's back. Sam could tell Dean was getting as little sleep as he was. He could see it in the the way Dean sluggishly moved about or how Dean was now developing dark black bags under his eyes that rivaled Sam's. Sam just wanted to reach out to him and offer a lifeline but he didn't know how. Didn't know how to fix things, not like the way Dean had helped him all those months ago with Jess.

Sam could feel them growing farther and farther apart and Sam, for once in his life, just didn't know how to fix things. He prided himself on being smart but this just eluded even his college brain.

Standing up he slowly made his way into the bathroom to take a shower knowing that he wasn't getting back to sleep anytime soon.

Hearing the shower start up, Dean tried to block out all big brother receptors his brain tried to send him. He was not going to be concerned over his grown up brother just because the ki-man decides to wake up at God knows what hour to take a shower. Dean had so many other things to worry about. Like fixing the Impala, figuring out how to pay Bobby back for letting them stay at his house, the next hunt, the damn demon still on the loose… Gosh just thinking about it was making his head hurt.

Burrowing deeper into the pillow, Dean reminded himself he could say something about it at breakfast and if Sam didn't take his advice, then he didn't take his advice…no harm, no foul.

Walking out of the room sleepy-eyed, Dean stumbled a couple of times before righting his footing again. God what time was it? Dean asked himself as the light coming in from Bobby's dirty windows assaulted his still sensitive eyes and painfully sensitive head.

Groaning Dean cradled his head and somehow made it into the kitchen without killing himself.

Spotting Sam at the table didn't surprise him. The kid was always an early riser so it was nothing to worry about, yet something kept nagging at his brain. Like he should have remembered something but Dean was at a loss for what it was. Oh well he thought. It probably wasn't important if he had already forgotten.

"Good morning," Sam commented quietly. "I made some coffee and the aspirin is in the top shelf on the left," Sam said softly, holding his breath to see if maybe his act of kindness would get any kind of response. All he got was a grunt in reply. Don't get discouraged his mind tried to tell him…it's still early you know Dean doesn't function at this hour.

But even when it was this early Dean still acknowledged you. His evil traitorous mind also reminded him. Slumping over more in the seat Sam absently sipped his coffee as he tried hard to focus on anything else.

Dean made coffee quietly before Sam heard him open the aspirin bottle and pop some out. After that, Dean didn't even stop to sit at the table; he walked on by bumping into Bobby on the way out of the kitchen.

Bobby grumbled and Sam was sure he heard the word idgit but he was too depressed to crack a smile.

Bobby grumpily made his way to the kitchen after getting so rudely bumped into. However Bobby didn't take it personally. If Dean was anything like his father than Bobby knew that Dean didn't even know what the word manners meant.

Spotting Sam sitting at the table, Bobby's heart panged. Sam was really taking it rough, a lot rougher than Bobby thought he would.

Though he shouldn't be surprised…even if the two squabbled like dogs there was no denying they loved each other. He just wished Dean could drag his head out of his ass and see that too. That he wasn't the only one who lost someone.

Seeing a coffee cup sitting at the table already full of coffee he sat down and grasped it noting it was still warm. That durn boy…Bobby thought.

Sam was staring dejectedly at the table and it was easy to figure out the cause of the look.

"So," Bobby started. "How you feeling today boy?"

Sam gave a small shrug in reply.

"Come on I know that back has to be killing you. Bruised kidneys are a bitch."

"I'm ok," Sam stated quietly.

Bobby sighed. That was as good of an answer he was going to get. "So listen I know it might be too soon but I figured maybe a small hunt would get you guys in the groove of things." The unanswered question went unspoken. Maybe it could reunite you two.

Sam looked up with mild interest and also hesitancy. Yes he wanted to hunt again, he wanted him and Dean to be a team and maybe Dean wouldn't be so mad at him all the time. On the downside he still wasn't feeling well and he knew Dean was an emotional roller coaster at the moment. He didn't want to upset him more.

Seeing the leery look on Sam's face Bobby left it for the time being. He would give him the info later if he wanted.

"Hunt?" a voice said from the hallway.

There was no mistaking that it was Dean, obviously intrigued if the sound of his voice was any hint.

Bobby glanced to Sam with an apologetic look.

Sam gave him a look that was clearly an 'it's ok' look.

"Found you boys a hunt, a relatively simple salt and burn. Figured you guys could use a break," Bobby offered.

Dean came in and plopped down loudly, completely ignoring Sam's presence to stare at Bobby. "Simple salt and burn eh?"

"Yeah," Bobby looked to Sam who was again staring at the table. Damn it, this wasn't how this was supposed to go.

It didn't take long for Dean to decide. "We'll take it give us the info."

Soon Bobby relented all that he had found out. Although he seriously regretted ever saying anything at all.

"It's close by if you need some help though I know you won't. Just your run of the mill haunting where a construction worker died and is now exacting revenge to shut the project down."

"Those stupid dumb bastards," Dean murmured.

Bobby grunted in response.

Soon after they all sat in awkward silence. Dean was reading through some data Bobby pulled off the computer and Bobby was watching as Sam seemed to retreat further and further into himself.

The kid looked like hell on earth. His eyes were sunken in almost to the point where you couldn't see them; his face had this haggard appearance that Bobby knew all too well.

It was the look John always sported when he didn't know what the hell to do anymore. It was the look of defeat and Bobby's heart ached at seeing it on Sam's face.

Bobby left soon after and then it was just Sam and Dean.

Sam looked over to his brother, hoping to see maybe some hesitancy in taking this job but Dean's eyes shone brightly. There was no mistaking that Dean was eager to go on this hunt.


Dean sighed, stopping his scan of the information to look at his brother's face. "What Sam? Is this the part where you want me to take some more time off? Huh? Maybe talk about my feelings some; let it all out?"

Sam flinched and tried to keep the look of hurt off his face. "No…I just thought maybe this was too soon."

"Sam we've been here for three weeks and I'm sorry man, I'm itching to get out of this place and hunt. I'll do this with or without your help."

With that Dean got up, taking the papers and leaving Sam alone.

"Great…" Sam mumbled to himself. This certainly wasn't how he envisioned this day going. Not at all.

Early the next morning Dean was up and ready before Bobby even was up.

He gave Sam a few more minutes of rest and began packing their stuff into the truck bed of one of Bobby's old junker cars, since the Impala still wasn't drivable yet.

Dean stood there staring at the sky as he breathed in the early morning air. It felt so good to just get out and on the road again. Dean hated to admit it but with Sam's mother henning he was feeling trapped. As if he was going to suffocate soon. That was why he jumped on this hunt so quickly.

He felt a little guilty making that decision without Sam's consent but Sam just wasn't thinking straight lately. Dean understood all that Sam was doing was trying to help, however sadly Sam was part of the problem than the solution.

Dean just wasn't the kind of the guys who sat and talked things out. Despite Sam's best intentions, he couldn't go on another day with Sam hovering over him everywhere he went.

Thankfully maybe this would put Sam in the spin of things as well. The kid needed some fresh air and a hunt.

Hearing Bobby's screen door flap open. he turned around to see Sam fully dressed and rubbing his eyes sleepily like he did when he was a child.

"Hey…" Dean replied softly as a greeting. It was probably the most he said to Sam in these last couple of days that weren't hurtful or spiteful. Things were just so strained, and Dean didn't know how to fix it or how to at least make things better.

Sam looked a bit shell shocked that Dean had said anything to him at all, which made him feel kind of guilty. Sam's lips twitched into some semblance of a smile nevertheless, which made Dean feel good.

"Got the stuff all packed for whenever you're ready to go." Dean gestured to the packed truck.

Sam nodded his head and soon enough they were piling into the truck and heading off to their destination.

They didn't see the burly man who suddenly appeared in the wake of their dust with a manic grin on his face.


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