A/N: This is an experimental fic. Trying out the style of using cut phrases, jagged sentences, poetic intervals, etc. They're meant to be snippets of Sakura's thought processes. I'm aiming to have her thoughts eventually mature as time goes on, rather then these dreamy splotches of color every now and then. Critique welcome. Enjoy!




week 1.



don't do this

i love you

so –

so –

don't leave me.

i won't be able to take it

just stay.

i'll make you happy

i promise.




sasuke-kun please



those last words

what are they supposed to mean?


week 2.


this flower

it doesn't know

how to bloom




everything is


without you


i can only trust Naruto

he's the only one


he'll bring you back.

he has never

failed me before.


come back

i'm waiting

i'll make you happy

this time around.


week 3.

it seems as if

all that is spinning

my head

my vision

the earth


it's all gone now.

the only things

that has an axis

is the pain

revolving around

the hurt.


i have never been

a source of gravity

i've always been

a moon

one of many

just a particularly useless piece of rock.


a rock that couldn't help

but be sucked into his orbit

like all the others


but he's gone now

off chasing what used to be his sun

but collapsed into the black hole.


i can't follow.

i can't see him

i've been abandoned

by someone

who never wanted me.


so how am i supposed to spin

when my world is gone?

week 4.

it's over now.

the worst is over.

now all I can do

is help pick up the shattered shards.

Naruto –Naruto

I've relied on you too much

you're always so bright

so obnoxious

but now

you're so –

so broken

but you still smile



your strength

it is admirable.

I don't know how you stand

and laugh

but at least

I can try to copy

your example

and become stronger



Give me some time

-I know it'll take a while

but wait for a bit

so next time

you won't be alone.

I'll help bring him back.


I won't be a hindrance.