His Own Eyes

Summary: After meeting a stranger in a bar, Bella spends the night with him. When morning comes and she realizes what she's done, she runs, leaving him with no way to find her. What happens when she is left with a permanent reminder of the man she left behind? Based on the song, "All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You) by Heart.


Bella walked down the hall of her hotel. Flashes of lightning would illuminate the otherwise dim hallway occasionally from the single window at the end of the hall, followed by the loud booms of thunder, but she kept moving. Passing the elevators, she made her way towards the staircase. She wasn't as worried about making the entire eight floors down in her heels as she was the elevator stopping on her. Knowing what she was planning on doing, she didn't want to risk the chance of some sort of divine intervention stopping her.

The clicking of her heels echoed through the small space as soon as she pushed the door open to the stairs and hit the cement floor. She carefully made her way down the stairs, gripping the hand rails tightly to keep from toppling down. She pushed the door open as she reached the lobby, pulling her silk wrap tighter around her shoulders as the chill from the open entrance doors blew past her.

With her head held high and the conversation with her husband earlier this morning still fresh in her mind, she walked into the hotel lounge, smiling at the host at the podium.

"Welcome to the Starlight lounge, Miss. Will you be joining us for dinner?" he asked.

"Yes. Actually, I'll just have a seat at the bar." she replied. He smiled then, holding his arm out to escort her to the far end of the restaurant where the dimly lit bar sat. She thanked him once they reached it, giving him one last look over before taking her seat towards the center of the bar. He wouldn't do.

She ordered a drink when the bartender approached her, needing something to take the edge off and make what she was about to do a bit easier on her. Moments later the pale pink drink was placed on a napkin and slid in front of her and she quickly grabbed it in her hands, fighting hard to keep her slightly shaking hands from spilling any of the drink, and brought it to her lips. The drink was sweet on her lips but burned slightly on the way down. It was a welcome burn, a burn that promised to make this night as trouble-free as it needed to be.

Bella waved down the bartender and ordered a second drink then, taking it in her hands when it arrived and slightly turning in the bar stool, scanning the rest of the patrons at the bar. To her left was what looked like two business men, probably just finishing up with their days work and relaxing with a couple of drinks. They were both older, it was evident from the salt and pepper hair topping their heads, but not thoroughly unattractive. However, they didn't have anything that she needed tonight. The other side of the bar found pretty much the same thing and she sighed as she turned back around, sipping on her drink leisurely as her mind ran through her other options.

Bella sat there, so stuck on the ideas running rampant in her head, that she didn't even notice when the stranger took his seat a stool away from her. The sound of his voice as he ordered his drink with the bartender caused Bella to turn her head, locking her eyes on the stranger.

He was magnificent.

As if he could feel her eyes on him, he slowly turned his head, meeting her stare head on. Time slowed down for her as their eyes locked; his green gaze piercing through her very soul and causing her insides to sizzle…

He would do.

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