Outtake: Mama Bear

Esme sat at the same chair she had occupied for the past three hours, staring out the front window that looked out to the driveway, and waited. It was just after midnight and there she sat, in the darkened house watching for the car to pull up through the slats in the blinds.

"Esme! Come on, I don't think she's coming. Let's go home." Carlisle's voice came from the hallway. He was exhausted, as was she, from the day they had just had. When it was announced that the wedding was called off, they had to answer questions and make sure the bill for everything that hadn't yet been paid for, went straight to the Denali's.

Edward had paid enough.

"I've known rats like her before, Carlisle. She's coming." she answered, giving him a small smile that she hoped he saw in the dimness of the room.

"Are you sure about this, Esme. We can just call a locksmith and have them change the locks." He suggested but Esme shook her head.

"We'll call in the morning, Carlisle Go to bed if you want to... I'll be here." she said and he just sighed in response, running his hand up the back on his neck and walking towards the couch opposite her.

"What is Jacob doing?" She asked quietly, keeping her eyes on the empty street.

"I think he was making some calls. We wanted to watch the game but since you forbade it..."

"The house needs to be dark, Carlisle. If she sees lights from TVs in the window, she'll know someone is here. I want her to be surprised."


Carlisle's soft snores from the couch next to hers was the only sound in the room. It was getting later now, inching towards the early morning hours but still dark outside. Esme felt her eyes begin to droop and nearly succumbed to her tiredness just as the headlights of a car drifted across the front window. Esme Jumped up, watching as the darkened form she knew was Tanya exited the vehicle from the passenger side.

She quickly walked up the walkway and to the front door and Esme ran to the entrance, standing a few feet away from the door, waiting for her to come in. The lock clicked and the alarm beeped as the door opened. Tanya reached on the wall beside the door, looking for the light switch to illuminate the room and just as light flooded the room, Tanya let out a gasp and clutched her chest when she found Esme standing there, hands on her hips and a scowl on her face.

"Can I help you, Tanya?"

Tanya cleared the shocked, scared look from her face and rolled her eyes as she stepped forward, intent on walking past Esme and up to her room to collect her things.

"I'm not doing this with you right now, Esme. I'm just here to get my car and my clothes."

"Oh, no need. I got everything of yours right here," Esme said, walking over to the couch where Carlisle still laid, snoring away and picking up the garbage bag just behind it. "I packed for you, dear." She placed the bag at Tanya's feet and backed away.

"I have way more than this, Esme. Now if you'll excuse me..." she went to pass Esme once again, but Esme held her arm out, stopping her from going any further into Edward's house.

"This is everything you came here with. This is what you leave with. As for your car, I'm pretty sure I remember Edward saying something about you selling the car you had before to some person on Crags list. I hope you kept that information since you're so set on getting it back because there is no way in hell I'm letting you take the car in the garage that my son bought."

"Wow, Esme. You catch me off guard once and now you think you've got balls of steel, huh? What would the board think of Mrs. Cullen if they heard her now?" Tanya said with an evil smirk and her arms crossed across her chest. Esme shook her head, chuckling as she began to inch closer to Tanya.

"Sweetie, I've had balls of steel since before you were born, better yet, before you were even a thought in your mother's head. I've come across stuck up, entitled little bitches like you all my life and while in my later years nothing could be done about it, in my younger years I sure did wipe the floor with some of them and I'll tell you what, it's taking everything in me not to forget my age and show you a proper ass kicking for everything you've done."

Esme bent over, grabbing the trash bag filled with Tanya's clothes and walked to the front door. After pulling it open, she tossed the bag out onto the grass and turned around to face Tanya once again.

"If I ever see you trying to come into this house again, I will end you. Do you understand?"

Tanya didn't say a word. She just huffed and walked past Esme out the door, picking up the trash bag and making her way back to the car. Esme watched from the doorway as the car quickly backed up from the driveway and disappeared down the road before she closed the door behind her. Clicking the lock in place, she turned and smiled when she saw Carlisle wide awake on the couch with a wide grin spread across his face.

"Were you awake that whole time?" She asked, causing him to chuckle and slowly rise from the couch.

"I sure was and I have to say, that was very hot Mrs. Cullen."

"Really?" She responded with a sly smile as he stopped right in front of her, running his fingers along the buttons of her blouse.


Their lips met and passion coursed through them both fiercely. Before long they were panting messes, tangled together on the living room floor as sweat beaded on their flesh and their clothes lay scattered all along the room. All that existed in this moment was him and her...

"Carlisle!? Esme?! I'm gonna need some fucking brain bleach after this..."

Oh. And Jacob.

Thank you to everyone that has read this story and left me such kind words. You all are amazing.