Spinner Cortez's List of Elevator Pranks

1. When you board with a group of people, look around, sigh, and announce, "First day of parole."

2. Pretend you can't hear or understand someone saying hello until the end of the ride.

3. When alone in the elevator, play "Evacuate the Dance Floor" and perform its Dance Central routine (any difficulty). When the song ends, exit the elevator like it was a completely normal occurrence.

4. Superglue some coins to the floor.

5. Tap someone on the shoulder and accuse someone else.

6. When the elevator arrives, pelt in from the side screaming bloody murder, run inside, and hit the door-close button. When people ask, act like you don't know what they're talking about.

7. Whip out a camera and snap pictures of everyone in the elevator before getting off.

8. Walk in with a cardboard box containing a mosquito-sound-device. When the sound starts, deny that you know anything about it and refuse to open the box.

9. When it's quiet, look around in confusion and ask, "Did you hear that?"

10. Greet people with the wrong names. Act offended when they try to correct you.

11. Giggle psychotically.

12. Bring a bag with you. Look around furtively, open it, and whisper, "How're you doing in there?"

13. Bring in objects of your choice and proceed to juggle.

14. Halfway through the ride, take out a laser pointer and begin playing with it.

15. Mimic people.

16. Make an explosion noise whenever a button is pushed.

17. Grin like a manic. Deny that there's something up when another passenger asks.

18. Hold the door open and say you're waiting for a friend. Eventually let the doors close and commence an animated conversation with thin air.

19. Stare vacantly into space. When someone is about to leave, say in your best possessed voice, "They're here …"

20. Chatter incessantly on your cell phone. (Have an accomplice be on the other end.)

21. Have an impromptu staring contest.

22. Play an annoying song. Make sure you walk out before someone gets around to punching you.

23. Board with a cooler reading "Vandal Head" on the side.

24. When sharing the elevator with a Vandal, use ventriloquism to make them think there's someone outside the elevator, preferably on the roof.

25. Smile and wave when people get on and off the elevator.

26. Don't do anything – it keeps the other passengers on their toes.

27. Hold a bucket of water up to the ceiling with a pole-like object. Near the end of the ride, get a dim-witted passenger to take your place and leave them to their own devices.

28. Walk in with a goldfish bowl, complete with goldfish.

29. Pick a random person in the elevator. When they leave, glomp them.

30. When sharing the elevator with one other person, act as if you're deep in thought, then abruptly announce that you require a new host body.

31. Play and perform the Caramelldansen. Try to get everyone to join in. (Bring an accomplice to make it more convincing.)

32. Let your cell phone ring – don't answer it. (Make sure to have an annoying ringtone.)

33. Board with an accomplice and play patty-cake.

34. Mutter like a mad scientist.

35. Booby-trap the elevator speakers – replace the usual soundtrack with a Rickroll.

36. Take out a magnifying glass and examine the walls.



A/N: The original 37 Things was a Transformers fic written by Prowlersgirl. When 37 More Things (written by TFSuperfan), a fic based off the original, showed up in the Transformers section, I decided to make a spin-off, since this was the sort of thing Spinner would do. =D For the record, this takes place in an AU after the Season 2 finale: some members of the RS5 (excluding Krytus) will be present, along with Vandals, the Blue Sark, and a few OCs from my stories.