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Prologue: How it Begun

The Realm of Outworld: Shao Kahn's Palace

The great and mighty Emperor Shao Kahn stood in his throne. Alone he was in his throne room, his mind was focus on the Mortal Kombat tournament that was held on Shang Tsung's island. This was it this was the tenth tournament and soon earthrealm will be his at last.

Shao Kahn looked at his right hand and thought to himself 'How long has it been since I felt this way? So close to victory so close of having my revenge so close upon true victory.'

'It has been too long Kahn not since that day you defeated Madara.' A demonic voice spoke in his head as Shao Kahn hasn't spoke to the voice in a very long time.

'So you finally speak to me after all those years. Tell me what have you been doing?'

'Resting…remember you and I are no longer one yet I can peek into your thoughts you been a busy boy hadn't you…Naruto.'

'That name…yes I hadn't heard my true name in such a long time.'

'Tell me my boy what you have done while I was gone?'

'Many years went by and I've been very busy my old friend."

'Remember that day Naruto remember that day that make you who you are today.'

'I hadn't forgotten.'

Many millennia it has been since that day. The day that turned a young boy with dreams into the feared and powerful Emperor he is today.

Many Millennia ago:

Land of Fire: That Fateful Night

The fourth great ninja war that filled the lands with blood, death and pain as Naruto Uzumaki the chosen one the child of destiny the one who will be the one to break the chains of hate. And free the world from the Madara Uchiha and stop the return of the ten tailed beast the Juubi.

It was one on one Naruto against Madara Uchiha. Naruto had just defeated his best friend Sasuke Uchiha in battle although he did not kill Sasuke Uchiha he just defeated him. Naruto would not shed the blood of his friend.

But Madara Uchiha's blood he would shed tonight. It was because of Madara all of this happens the night that ended Naruto's family, the one who cause the downfall of the Uchiha clan and the one who will bring the end of the world.

"Naruto Uzumaki. You have been a pain in my side for far too long child. I should have killed you that night. Maybe then I wouldn't have had this mess." Madara glare at Naruto who was in his Kyuubi-sage mode.

"That's your own damn fault Madara! It's time to end this once and for all! You will be stop and I'll end you right here right now!" Madara soon laugh at Naruto laughing at the boy and his foolish.

"Don't believe I will be easy to beat. I'm not like Sasuke. The Juubi will be brought back and the world will be under my control there is nothing for you to do about it!" Naruto grin his teeth in anger he was ready to take Madara and finally finish this once and for all.

Naruto smash both of his fists into the ground as right below of Madara. A pair of giant golden colored Kyuubi's claws came out to reach him. Madara quickly high jump into the air and grabbed his giant fan weapon behind his back "Try again kid." Madara swing his fan down upon the chakra claws and destroyed them in one swing.

Madara soon notice Naruto was no longer on the ground. Madara was suddenly strike from behind. Sending flying down to the ground, Madara got off the ground and turned his head to Naruto surprise attack him from behind.

"You have indeed grown strong boy even more so then I thought. But it doesn't matter you cannot stop me." Madara perform four hand-sign "Grand fireball Jutsu!" Naruto dodge Madara's fireballs and counter with a powerful round-house kick to Madara's face.

The blow was powerful enough to cracked Madara's silver colored mask. Madara shook his head it was time he stop playing around and started to get serious. Madara toss his fan weapon aside and used the power of his eyes now using the power of the Rinnegan of his right eye.

"Almighty pull!" Madara aim his right hand at Naruto as suddenly Naruto felt his body become light. He felt as if there was something pulling him towards Naruto. Naruto used his Kyuubi's claws to stay far away from Madara but Madara's pull grew stronger by the second.

Soon Naruto was flying towards Madara.

Madara took out a long sword ready to impale Naruto with. Naruto knew this was going to hurt like hell but he would hope this plan would work. Once Madara was in reach of Naruto he impaled the boy with the long sword impaling Naruto in the stomach.

"It's over kid." But Madara soon grew worry as Naruto started to chuckle.

"It's over for you Madara. This is for my parents!" Naruto stabbed Madara in the chest with his right hand as Madara's eyes widen in fear he fell for it. He fell right into Naruto's trap "THIS IS FOR MY MOTHER AND MY FATHER RASENGAN!"

Naruto created a Rasengan ball from within Madara's chest as the old Uchiha scream in agony as he felt his insides being torn apart. Naruto ripped his right hand from Madara's chest after Madara's body went limb.

Naruto pulled the long sword from his stomach as his wound healed thanks to Kyuubi. Naruto sat down he had lost much energy pulling off that move. Naruto was now panting heavy he looked at Madara's body.

Seeing Madara was finally dead it was over.

Naruto got up and turned his back "It's over it's finally over. Mother, father I did I broke the chain of hate."

Unknowing to Naruto, Madara's right hand twice as the believed to be dead Uchiha rose up somehow reviving himself. Madara grab his long sword and ran towards Naruto. Naruto quickly turned around and strike Madara with a Rasengan to his chest "Why won't you die!"

Madara was send flying ten feet away until he crash into a tree. But still Madara was alive he was wounded but alive. Naruto ran over to Madara picking him by his throat "Why, why won't you die! Those blows were enough to kill a man!"

Madara's mask cracked wide open showing his face to Naruto as the old Uchiha started to laugh at the young Uzumaki "I'm immortal boy I am Madara Uchiha you cannot win this fight."

"I'll defeat you even if I have to rip you apart!"

But suddenly Naruto stop before he was about to rip Madara apart. Naruto turn to look at the moon the moon was red. It gave off violence waves Naruto could feel it from within. The Juubi was awaking up the time is almost near.

"It's almost time once it awaken the world will be mine!"

Naruto turned back to Madara. He held the Uchiha in the air and used every strength in his body as he ripped Madara in two as Madara let out a painful scream "Survive that!" Madara chuckle even though Naruto had just ripped him apart the man was chuckling.

"I am immortal. You cannot win kid the world is mine! There is nothing you can do about it."

But suddenly clouds appeared in the sky closing the view of the moon as lighting clash down twice. The color of his lighting was orange colored. Naruto was strike by the orange lighting as Naruto felt his chakra double he felt powerful too powerful.

Suddenly there was a voice that spoke to him in his mind.

'Use this power sealed the Juubi again defeat your mortal enemy.'

Naruto focus his new-found power. Naruto's golden chakra was turning into white colored chakra. Naruto had reached a new stage of power he felt powerful, godly. Naruto grabbed Madara's upper-body and toss Madara into the air as Naruto held his hands together creating a giant Rasengan ball of energy.

Naruto felt it he felt the power and present of his love ones at his side. Kushina, Minato and Jiraiya and the fellow Uzumaki clan members all at Naruto's side as Naruto blast the giant Rasengan ball at Madara destroying his whole upper-body while sending the giant Rasengan to the moon.

Once the giant Rasengan strike the moon, Naruto could hear it the sound of the Juubi crying in agony as the chakra form from the giant Rasengan was the very same sage power that defeated the Juubi so long ago.

Within seconds the seal was fixed and Juubi was silences once more.

Naruto felt greatly drained from using that Rasengan attack. Naruto's body soon start glowing white he felt him fading away from his world. He couldn't do anything about it. Naruto faded away from his world.


Naruto awaken to find himself in a strange place. A place he never seen before his whole surrounding was covered in white. He wasn't sure where he was? Was he in heaven or somewhere else?

However Naruto soon find himself in the company of six beings.

They didn't looked human they were giants their eyes were glowing white. Their bodies were transparent.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"We are the Elder Gods. We watched over the realms for many years. We are the creators of the realms." One of the five Elder Gods said to Naruto.

"Where am I?"

"We have brought you to us. We wish to thank you for saving earthrealm from the threat of the Juubi." Naruto smiled he was glad to help these Elder Gods and also he was doing what he believe was right.

"But however due to the fact you are the remaining piece of the Juubi untouched. You post as a threat to not only to earthrealm but all those around you."

"Huh? What do you mean I just save everyone I saved the world!"

"Yes we know. But if you so die the Kyuubi die as well and will be revive. Thus reawaking the Juubi and bring the end of the world. Your very existence is a threat long as you remain alive or dead you are a threat. We brought here as you were greatly weaken if we had not you would have died."

Naruto couldn't believe what these Elder Gods were telling him "So if I go back to earthrealm my home I'll die?"

"Yes. You use a large amount of energy to seal the Juubi away. But however due to your courage and will power you saved earthrealm. We will grand you new strength enough to survive. But know this you are forbidden to return to earthrealm."

"No you can't do this to me! What about everyone back home? They will believe I'm dead. Can I at least say goodbye to everyone? Come please I'm begging you just give me one day!" Naruto begged the Elder Gods.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice. We cannot risk your request. Please understand but we will send a message to your love ones." One of the Elder Gods, it was the female Elder God. Naruto sign at defeat as the young boy nod his head.

"Very well then tell your messager to tell everyone I won and I love them all and I gave it my all and also give Madara Uchiha Hell." Naruto grinned as he pumped his fists.

"It will be done."

"Where will you send me?"

Without saying a word the Elder Gods Eyes glow bright blue as they shot a beam of energy at Naruto. Naruto fell down to his knees he felt a large surge of power flowing through his body. Naruto vanish from the Elder Gods sight where he was sends was unknown.

Thus began the first step of how one boy became a powerful Emperor.

End of Prologue

There you have it of prologue of the beginning of how a boy became the emperor of Outworld.

Sorry the prologue was short everyone anyway. This is a Dark/Gray Naruto fic, reason why I put Gray Naruto in because he's truly evil nor is he truly good between the neutral spot but different.

This is something new and possibly an origin idea? I wanted to try this and see where it goes I have already plan how it will work.

Shao Kahn's Origin is unknown even in the Mortal Kombat world of both old and new timeline. All it say was during Shao Kahn's origin was he was Onaga aka The Dragon King the former ruler of Outworld former adviser.

He killed Onaga by poisoning him as during his youth Onaga was too powerful for Kahn to take him down in combat so he poison him and took his throne as ruler of Outworld.

During the young years of Shao Kahn's rulers he had meet and befriend a man from the realm of Chaos that man's name was Havik. It said that how Shao Kahn got his war-hammer made from the twisted and magic of the realm of Chaos.

Havik isn't good nor is he evil. He'll help you only if it brings Chaos. It was Havik who help Mileena, Bo-Rai-Cho and Ermac find Onaga new castle only because he believes Shao Kahn was the better Chaos bringer than Onaga and Onaga had rules and Havik hate rules and order.

And 500 years before the tenth mortal kombat began Shao Kahn met Shang Tsung.

Here how the arcs will go before the current timeline:

Adviser of the Dragon King-Arc I-next chapter

Naruto's rebirth-Second Arc

Kahn's True Plans-Third arc

And Now Naruto/Shao Kahn's Family:



Tsunade-Godmother/Grand Cousin


Skarlet-First Daughter


Mileena-Second Daughter


Pairing: I place a poll for this and now the poll is close as the votes are to be in Naruto/Kahn Harem beside Sindel are?

Sheeva-Personal Guardian and loyal ally-Eighteen votes

Jade-Personal Bodyguard-sixteen votes

Kitana-Stepdaughter and Personal Bodyguard-fifteen votes

Mileena-Daughter and Personal Bodyguard-fifteen votes

Skarlet-Daughter and Naruto's/Kahn's ultimate weapon/weapon-fifteen votes

Frost-Ally-Fifteen votes

Ashrah-Ally-ten votes

Li Mei-six votes

Nitara-slave-six votes

Tanya-slave-six votes

Sheeva and Jade are the picked to be Kahn's Harem beside Sindel. I need three more as Skarlet, Mileena and Kitana and even Frost are a tie at 15 votes.

Yes I know Skarlet, Mileena and Kitana are Kahn's daughters but Mileena is a clone of Kitana who is his stepdaughter and Skarlet was created from the blood of warriors. So no biggy everyone.

Naruto/KahnXSindelXSheevaXJade-for now

The next chapter shows more of his origin and how he became Onaga's right hand man.

That's all for now everyone later! I might put many surprises in this fic as well you never know might be surprise fights, lemon, characters or weapons bye everyone!