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Chapter 6-She Who Has My Heart Part II

Present timeline:

Shao Kahn sent Mileena and Kitana off to bed, while the Emperor entered his throne room. It was late, yet Shao Kahn couldn't sleep. His memories of his youth coming back to me.

Shao Kahn sighed. He was alone. He had enormous power and respect, yet he felt that something was missing. Of course there was something missing: there was no one he could share it with. The only person he truly trusted was Sindel, his beloved wife and Empress.

Flash back: One month after fusing Edenia with Outworld:

The people of Edenia weren't fitting completely in with the residents of Outworld, and a few fights broke out here and there, but they were all ended by Shao Kahn and his Empress Sindel.

All knew the daughter of Sindel, Princess Kitana.

All feared and respected Shao Kahn; the only person who called him by his true name was Sindel. She wasn't afraid like many as she knew Naruto and knew everything of his past. He trusted her with every bit of information about him.

The Realm of Chaos: The Tower of Chaos

"Ah it has been some time since we last met," Havik chuckled. He saw Queen Sindel, who was carrying Kitana in her arms, and beside the Emperor was Reptile.

"Havik, it has been awhile. Still creating chaos in your beloved realm?" Naruto asked.

Havik chuckled. "Ah yes indeed. What brings you to the realm of chaos?"

"To make sure my daughter is fully protected," Naruto said.

Havik looked confused. "Come again? You are Emperor of Outworld. Surely you are joking?"

Naruto laughed. "Havik, forgive me if I may confuse you. I wish for Kitana to be blessed in the light of chaos. And also other matters we need to talk about."

"Warriors of Order have once again tried to takeover our realm. I grow tired of their foolish mission to bring order to chaos," Havik growled. "Come this way, your daughter shall be blessed with the light of chaos."

The Lower Chamber:

Like the first time Naruto came to the Realm of Chaos, he was given his War Hammer. Sindel walked towards the floating gem stone as the Soul of Chaos shined upon her and her daughter. Unlike the first time for Naruto, Sindel and Kitana didn't scream in agony; however, Sindel was covered in purple flames while Kitana was covered in blue flames.

The flames disappeared as Havik spoke with delight: "Ah yes, your daughter and Empress are now blessed in the light of chaos. Their strength has been brought to a whole new level."

"What do you mean?" Sindel asked.

"My lady, you are now stronger than you were before. You know the way of combat yes? You are no longer weak in body: you and your soul are now equal to your strength. I would say maybe even stronger than Shao Kahn."

Naruto glared at Havik.

"Show us Sindel," the Emperor said. "From the soul of chaos I was given my War Hammer. What has the soul of chaos given my Empress?"

Sindel nodded as she felt a power flowing through her throat. The Empress let out a powerful sonic wave. Havik and Naruto hastily covered their ears.

"The Empress has the voice of chaos," Havik said after Sindel had finished.

Naruto smirked. "Well, Sindel always was a screamer." Sindel blushed and looked away.

"Well now Havik, why are the residents of Order so bent on controlling your realm?" Naruto asked.

"The realm of order and the realm of chaos have been at each others' throats for thousands of years," Havik explained. "They wish to force their way of order upon us, who believe chaos is the way of life. Seido guards are the peace keepers of their realm."

"I see," Naruto said. "I read from one of Onaga's dairy that he was once allied with them. Do you know why?"

Havik nodded. "Yes of course, Onaga wanted control over all. The Realm of Order was his ally because of his realm and power but if the Seido guards have been coming to your realm Shao Kahn, then they do not approve of you being Outworld's ruler."

Naruto frowned. "I made it clear that I rule Outworld. None shall take the throne from me. Onaga was no easy foe to defeat. Havik, if you ever run into trouble with Seido guards again, you and your people are always welcome in Outworld."

Havik chuckled. "Your words are kind Emperor. But the people of chaos will not give in so easily. Besides you, we have many allies as well. As you leave our realm, may chaos guide you!"

Two Years Later:

Naruto sat on his throne as he was visited by one of the warriors he had left as one of the landlords of a part of Outworld. The landlord, Drahmin, wanted a bigger piece of Outworld under his control.

Since Onaga's, defeat Naruto ruled all of Outworld, but since fusing with Edenia had made the realm bigger, Naruto had selected four warriors to be the landlords of each of the four sides of his realm.

"Drahmin I allow you to rule the part I have given you. Do not ask me again, I place as you ruler of the south for a reason. You're powers to control fire amazes me. Do not throw your title Fire Lord away." Drahmin nodded as he dares not stare at Naruto.

Drahmin left the throne as curses underneath his breath how foolish Naruto had all that power and yet. He didn't look so threaten as many claim him to be.

Naruto sighed as Reptile enters the throne room not before he walked past Drahmin.

"My lord, he issss not worthy the title you have given him," Reptile hissed.

"Reptile you know of his skills. He is a great warrior but I see greed in his eyes." Naruto frown.

"Allow me to take care of him." Reptile asked permission to assassinate Drahmin.

Naruto shook his head "No Reptile for now allowed him to live. If he screws up death will be the first he wants if he dares double crosses me."

"Of course my Emperor." Reptile bowed his head.

The doors of the throne room open once again as Empress Sindel and two year old Princess Kitana entered the throne room. Naruto smiled as he saw them, Reptile bowed his head to the Empress and Princess of Outworld.

Sindel handed Kitana over to Naruto as the young princess sat on her stepfather's lap. Kitana giggle as she saw Naruto smile. Naruto turned his attention towards his Empress "Still has not spoke her first word yet?" He asked.

"Give her time, she will speak soon enough." Sindel smirked "How goes the trouble of the south land?"

Naruto sighed "Nothing to worry. Drahmin is greedy he wants more. But he's stupid to think I'll allow him to control more of what I have already given him."

Sindel nodded "Just be careful. It's the greedy ones you need to be careful of the most."

Naruto cracked a smirk "Yes I am aware of that."

Sindel kissed her Emperor "It's not just you. I am worry of."

Naruto nodded "Of course, the people of the south has begging me to replace Drahmin with another. But I do not know who is worthy of becoming the south landlord."

"Why not leave it in the hands of the Shokan? They have proven time after time of being your favorite." Sindel loved the look on Naruto's face when nod while smiling.

"Very well tonight I will tell Drahmin he is no longer the landlord of the south."

"I love it when you listen to me." Sindel kissed Naruto on the right side of his cheek as young Kitana clapped happily. As Sindel grab Kitana and told Kitana to wave goodbye to her father. Kitana wave with both hands as the two left the throne room.

"Reptile," Naruto called his most trusted warrior.

"Yessss Emperor?"

"Do you believe I show weakness whenever I am around Sindel and Kitana?" Naruto turned his attention to the lizard warrior.

Reptile pause for a moment "Be honest, it's just a question."

Reptile nod "Sometimesss…it shows you truly care for the Empress and the Princess. But many will use this against you my lord. But you are powerful you sssshould not worry my lord."

Naruto closed his eyes as he sighed "I see, thank you for being honest Reptile. Believe it or not but I holding back whenever I am around Sindel. There moments I would send many assassins or prisoners to the pit or the arena but it is Sindel that allows them to keep their lives. Many have become my warriors, some become villagers guardians. But all share the same mind "All Hail Shao Kahn" many do not know how lucky they are because of Sindel."

"If anything happensssss to Empresssss Sssssindel I surely will know they will not escape your wrath my lord." Reptile hissed.

"I pray that day will never come."

Later that Night: Dining Hall

Naruto, Sindel, Reptile and the four landlords all sat together for dinner. While eating dinner together Naruto spoke to Drahmin.

"Drahmin I've been thinking for awhile since our last meeting." Naruto looked at his glass of Outworld wine, seeing Drahmin cracked a smile believing Naruto had given in.

Suddenly Naruto had a dead serious look in his eyes "Drahmin you are landlord of the south no longer."

Drahmin looked surprise "What do you mean? My Emperor surely you are joking? I've been chosen by you."

"Yes and I have chosen you to step down. You are the chosen fourth no more. Leave my site before I make you." Drahmin glared at Naruto for over a minute while baring his teeth. Just as Naruto was about to rise from his seat Drahmin left the dining room.

"My lord who will take Drahmin's place?" The Landlord of the west spoke.

"A Shokan will take his place. They have proven enough for me and so I will give them the chance to prove themselves to me." The Landlord of the North, West and East nod their heads agreeing with Naruto.

Suddenly a loud scream was heard that made Naruto rise from his seat. One of the maids enters the dining hall bowing her head "What has happen?' Naruto asked.

"Its Lord Drahmin he has gone mad. He murdered the guards and kidnap Princess Kitana!" Sindel's gasp when she heard the news. Naruto bare his teeth in anger he summoned his War-Hammer.

"Where did he go?" Naruto asked the maid.

"To the south land my Emperor." The maid answered.

The South Land:

Naruto found Drahmin at the edge of the south land. Drahmin smiled as he held Princess Kitana off the edge of a cliff "Move and she dies." Drahmin said.

"Don't think you will go unpunished Drahmin." Naruto heavily frowned.

"Giving my title to a Shokan? You must be joking, you picked me because of my power and now you toss me aside. What right gives you to throw me away I've done everything you ask me to do?" Drahmin yelled.

Naruto smirked "Fool, I am Shao Kahn Emperor of Outworld. I do as I please. You were too full of yourself to begin with Drahmin. The people begged me to rid of you, the people loves me the people fear me NOT YOU as I said before I am SHAO KAHN EMPEROR OF OUTWORLD!"

"You're not so high and mighty long as I have Princess Kitana." Drahmin smirked as he laughed afterwards.

"Don't think you've won." Naruto threw his War-Hammer at Drahmin, the War-Hammer bash Drahmin face breaking his nose and his jaw in one shot. Naruto ran towards Drahmin and grab Kitana before Drahmin fell over the cliff.

Naruto watched as Drahmin fell to his death. Drahmin fell on a spike that impaled his stomach as Drahmin slowly slide down on the spike. The last thing Drahmin saw before he die was Naruto's red eyes glaring down upon him.

Naruto turned away as he walked away as he rocked his stepdaughter to sleep. Telling her she was safe now.

Naruto returned to his Palace greeted by Sindel and his warriors.

"Where is Drahmin?" A Shokan asked.

"In the Netherrealm burning for his crime." Naruto answered as he'd hand over Kitana to Sindel.

"Know this here and now, I am Shao Kahn Emperor of Outworld. Lay a hand or a single hair on the Empress and Princess. You will be begging for the Netherrealm to take you." Everyone saw bloodlust glare in his red eyes as everyone but Sindel bowed their heads obeying Shao Kahn's order.

Three Months Later: Elsewhere: In the Realm of the Elder Gods

"Shao Kahn is growing stronger as the years go by."

"Yes he has. He was our champion. He defeated Onaga and now rules Outworld."

"Yes but he fuse Edenia with Outworld. That is forbidden the realms must not become one. Onaga fuse many realms with Outworld during his rule. If Shao Kahn follows in Onaga's footsteps we will be force to put him down."

"Yes he has the support of Queen Sindel."

"True but if he becomes a problem greater than Onaga and Shinnok combine we will have not only destroy him but destroy those who follow him. We cannot allow the One Being to return."

"Yes that is true, that is one thing we must never allow to happen ever again."

"We have no choice before Shao Kahn can claim another realm. Send the one to get the job done."

Outworld: Shao Kahn's Garden

Sindel was planting new flowers in the garden since the garden of Outworld wasn't as beautiful as Edenia has and since the two realms were now together. Sindel decide to this to kill time while Naruto was taking care of other matters as such strengthen his realm. Giving the villages from each side the fair shares they desire from their Emperor.

Suddenly there a powerful earthquake that shook the ground, the guards came to the Garden to see if Sindel was alright.

"Queen Sindel are you alright?" The guards asked.

Sindel nodded "Yes I am fine, but what was that quake?"

Another quake came shook the ground with a violence force. Soon a loud explosion was heard follow by the battle cries of soldiers.

Shao Kahn's Throne Room:

"What is going on?" Sindel entered the throne room with anger look.

Naruto wasn't there, only Reptile who was Kitana's bodyguard and watcher. And the Outworld's soldiers as Reptile told the soldiers to send more of their troops.

"Reptile what is going on?" Sindel asked the lizard warrior.

Reptile bowed his head "My Empressss there isss trouble. The Emperor is fighting a powerful creature we do not know itsss origin. It came from nowhere and attacked the Emperor."

Sindel gasp "Where is he take me to him." Reptile nodded without questioning Sindel's orders.

Outside of Shao Kahn's Palace:

Naruto was outside of his palace, holding his mighty War-hammer as he was battling an unknown monster. The Monster was giant in size twice the height size of Onaga. Lizard like creature it was, skin was gray colored with a long tail. The lizard creature had long nails that had blue liquid dripping from the edge of its nails.

Naruto was bleeding from his mouth as the creature was giving him a difficult time. Naruto kept his smile up as the Emperor laugh at his new foe "I don't know who you are. But you have met your match today!"

The Lizard Beast just stares at Naruto as it snarled at him. The lizard beast swings its long tail at Naruto only to have its tail blocked by Naruto's War-Hammer. The Outworld Soldiers came out to help their load and Emperor.

"MEN FIRED!" One of the Outworld Soldiers spoke. As a large row of arrows were shot at the lizard beast as the arrow did little no effect on the beast.

'Where did this thing came from?' Naruto thought.

"My load my Emperor where are you?" Naruto heard Sindel called out for him. Naruto let his guard down for a moment as he looked to see where Sindel was? The lizard beast took this chance to strike as it wrapped its long tail around Naruto crushing him slowly.

Sindel and Reptile arrive to find Naruto caught in the hands of the enemy. The lizard beast let out a furious roar at Naruto face. Naruto didn't show any sign of fear as the Emperor just smiled. The lizard beast didn't like Naruto's being so cocky so brave as the lizard beast growl for a moment.

"Let him go!" Sindel yelled.

Before Sindel and Reptile came even a foot near the beast and Naruto. The lizard beast blast a fireball right at Naruto's face as it tosses Naruto right at the two. Naruto screamed in agony as the fire from the beast wasn't just any normal fireball it was heavily magic.

The fire was put out but it left a nasty scar on Naruto face. Naruto was down on his knees covering his face with his right hand. Blood was dripping from his face as Naruto felt his healing factor kicking it but slowly.

'This…magic…I know this magic no this can't be.' Naruto thought.

"Naruto you are okay?" Sindel asked, as Naruto turn too looked at his Empress. Sindel gasp upon the damage the beast have done to Naruto's face. His hair was burned off his eyes were malice eyes; there was a nasty burn scar on his nose and forehead.

"I'll live…but the scars will not hold me back…" Naruto tried to get up but only fell down on his knees.

"No you mustn't fight. That thing is after you only you." Sindel informs him.

Naruto chuckled "What of? I figure they would try something like this. But I never thought they would act so soon. Never the less I won't be defeated so easily."

Naruto looked back, Naruto grab Sindel and quickly rolled to the left as the beast's tail misses them.

"Sindel go hide with Kitana. This battle won't last long I will end it." Naruto smiled at his empress.

"Naruto if you die I…" Sindel closed her eyes as she couldn't bear the thought.

Naruto shook his head "No I won't die Sindel. I am not so easily to kill."

Out from nowhere the beast tackle Naruto a wall that bash through into the palace's hallway. Naruto freed himself from the beast's grip and bash the beast on the head with his hammer. The beast tailed whipped Naruto through a wall into another room.

Upper floor: Shao Kahn's Trophy Room

Naruto felt himself weaken with his fight with the Beast. Naruto wasn't sure why but he felt his strength weaken by each blow the beast delivers. But the chaotic powers that flow through his hammer into him, is what kept Naruto's strength up for now.

The beast launches at Naruto and slash him on the chest as Naruto's chest burns. Seeing the blue liquid dripping from the beast's nails seeing it was acid rather than poison. Naruto chuckled as he kept on smiling.

"So they gave you a few boosts huh? That alone won't help you. I don't care why they send or your reason for living. No one will take this world from me as long as I draw breath! I RULE THIS WORLD!" Naruto shouted.

The beast ran towards Naruto ready to end this in one blow. Naruto tricked the beast as Naruto slide underneath the beast and toss his hammer at the back of the beast head. While it was stun Naruto jumped on its back and jam his fists into its eyes as he ripped them out.

The beast let out a death cry as it fell down.

Naruto felt his hands burn as the beast's blood was acid as well. The acid wasn't strong enough to melt away Naruto's hands only gave a burning feeling.

"Naruto!" Naruto looked behind to see Sindel who had Kitana in her arms.

"Is it done I win." Naruto laughed cheerfully.

Sindel ran towards Naruto to hug her emperor as Sindel gave Naruto Kitana, as Kitana smiled at her stepfather.

"No beast or God will strip me from my title or my rule of this realm. I am Outworld's true ruler and all shall know it." Naruto smirked.

"Today I believe the realms themselves will remember my Emperor." Sindel smiled at her love, Sindel kissed Naruto on the lips although he was badly burn she still loved him. Naruto turned his back and began to walked away from the beast's corpse as Sindel walk beside her Emperor.

Suddenly a voice was heard which came behind the Emperor and Empress of Outworld.

"Your rule will come to a end Shao Kahn. You post a threat to every realm even to Outworld. Today your rule ends here and now!" Naruto and Sindel turned around to see the beast's body glow bright blue as it transform into what appearance to be a soul sword.


Naruto reacted too late as the sword was ten inches away him. Sindel pushed Naruto out of the way as the soul sword impale Sindel in the chest. Large amount of blood bust from Sindel's mouth as the Empress of Outworld fell down to her knees as the soul sword became solid.

Naruto's eyes widen in fear and anger "No…No…No…NO!"

Sindel looked at her Emperor as Naruto took the blade out from Sindel's chest. Naruto lay Sindel down on the floor as he used his magic to heal Sindel's wound. The wound wasn't closing, Sindel was bleeding to death.

"Sindel, don't die! Don't die! I need you! I love you! I can't leave me!" Sindel smiled at her emperor.

"Naruto…take care of Kitana. Please she is very important. She is strong if she is raise well she can bring you great victory. She can help you…please. She needs you she needs a father." Sindel cough as more blood came from her mouth.

Naruto shook his head "But she also needs her mother. Sindel you can't die! You can't leave us I won't allow it. I won't let them to have your soul!" All Sindel could do is just smile, she saw how much she truly mean to Naruto. She knew Kitana would be well protected and she will be loved.

Sindel looked at her beloved daughter who looked sadden. Kitana saw the blood of the mother on the floor it was everywhere. Sindel kissed Kitana on the forehead as Sindel whisper to Kitana, Naruto couldn't hear what Sindel said to Kitana.

Kitana nod her head as Sindel closed her eyes as death overcame Sindel.

There was a long pause of silence. Kitana looked at her stepfather. Kitana saw nothing but completely fury in Naruto's eyes. Naruto looked at the sword that took Sindel's life. The door of the trhopy open as the Outworld and Edenian Soldiers entered the room to glaze upon the sight.

Queen Sindel was dead and Naruto was covered in her blood. He was holding the blade that took her life and Kitana was at her mother side crying.

"This…can't be." One of the soldiers spoke.

"Shao Kahn killed Queen Sindel!"

Just when everything seems going well for him even in his second life. Like everything in his old life all of everything he worked so hard for was easily taken away from him. Naruto wanted to scream he wanted to let out his unbearable fury.

But he just remains there glazing upon Sindel's corpse. Naruto stood up as he took a deep breath as he closed his eyes but soon reopen them. Naruto's eyes were filled nothing but fury.

'I was their champion at first, now they seek after my life. They took her from me. They won't take Kitana from me. I will make sure of that. Elder Gods and all those serve them. Know this, today you have mark the birth of your most dangerous enemy me.'

From that day I promise Sindel, Kitana would not be harm. I made sure for ten thousand years I made sure. Sindel my Empress, my wife, my queen she who has my heart.

End of Chapter Six

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